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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Hi there

    I am Iranian. I have just watched a program in BBC Persian TV which showed that Pirate BAy has changed its logo and set up a forum to help Iranian people to overcome internet censorship and filtering.

    I am so impressed with the excellent job that you are doing. Thank you so much and please accept my sincere appreciation for your sympathy and kindness.

    Keep it up please .. We need your help

    Be blessed
  2. Sol Mann Member

    Please be safe, our thoughts are with you.

    (I'll be moving this thread to general discussion shortly)
  3. USA is with you!

    USA is watching and supports you! Best of luck! Keep fighting until you win so it will not be in vain!
  4. atmasabr Member



    The mainstream media mentioned this site?

    This is a good thing, right?
  5. Everything i've seen suggests the Iranian Government already knows about this site and has been trying to filter propaganda through it. So its not like the site is being given away or anything. So yeah, i'm going with "good thing".
  6. odysseus19 Member

    PLEASE, Babak, "Keep your head down and your gunpowder dry"

    Babak, please do heed the warning in the subject line of this message... You will need it.

    Keep alive, keep fighting, keep going -- for Neda.

    To the father of Neda [and to all fathers everywhere]: I have young daughters of my own. I cannot imagine the grief you are feeling.

    Know this, however: your agony is not suffered alone. Tens-of-Millions of people around the world are crying for you and your child. She has become the very symbol of the Iranian resistance and for the cause of freedom all across the globe. She has become a martyr far beyond Iran; her loss holds the promise of inciting humanity to dismantle and destroy tyrannical regimes in all nations.

    I hope that the awful crime against humanity that her cold-blooded killing amounted to will spark the conflagration that is needed to cleanse humanity of the stain of such unspeakable evil.

    Let none of us EVER surrender our fundamental human rights to any tyrant ever again.

    I, and many millions of others like me, are crying with you. May you find justice, peace, and solace.


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