that Is nice: The Devious Truth About Scientology

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Triumph, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Triumph Member

    That Is Nice

    Episode 6:

    Puuncovering the devious truth about Scientology. Hear first hand, our off putting experience with the church of Scientology. Along with analyzing the strange foundation of Scientologist principles and beliefs. The secretive, unethical practices and hierarchy of Scientology has been at the forefront of countless controversies. Renowned as being inherently devious, my guest and I decided to find out for ourselves if Scientology isn't what media cracked it up to be, by giving a visit to the church. Evaluate the psychology of those who participate in Scientology, religions and cults. The motives behind the controversies and scandals. Even Tom Cruise's experience with trying to break free from the church. Is he having difficulty leaving Scientology because he could be Blackmailed? What makes people join Scientology? Why is it so hard to leave? What are their beliefs? Is it a cult or a religion? Who is Xenu?! All of that answered and more from That is Nice!blished on Apr 22, 2018
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  2. WTF is all that shit in your profile ?
    Cockleweights and Inna bridewell?
    WTF does it all mean?
  3. Winklepickers are what?
    Isn't English your first language?
  4. RU a retard?
  5. Triumph Member

    Worse.. I'm from Liverpool ..tis Scouse,. stupid get

    winkerpickers are fer kicking/picking winkles...
    cockweights a fer kicking too..

    Be more dat made-up ter graft yous a demonstration ed wa' a kick in de cockweights is.
    wi' me winklepickers

    If yer will'n lah,Yous won't quick sticks forget it.

    bet yous 'uv takun a few shots ter de cockweights

    Inna bridewell is in your future

    there Is not a Man woman or Child in the UK (that's ENGLAND)
    that doesn't know what a cockweight,winkerpickers or a bridewell IS

    and their as English as it gets..

    Yer English isn't all dat sound as a pound tis it

    Learn to google..And yous wul avoid blt questions next time. .and piss off wanker

    end of the English Lesson.

    Only Scientology can help you with your Misunderstood Words .. word clear cockweights
    and go make cockweights with your lump a clay
  6. Liverpool finals champions league
  7. Scientology can suck my balls ya SKallyWank
  8. These mates are bloody brilliant
  9. Listen these are all false accusations Scientology is not a cult! It is a true religion
  10. L Ron Hubbard will go down in the history books
  11. This Website, is all bullshit! none of you know the secrets that the church teaches! Your a fucking idiot you clown pussy!
  12. Finally someone with a brain!
  13. @pro Scientology
    We are better than these mortal theatens
  14. HAHA right?!
  15. White Tara Global Moderator

    Good lord nothing changes does it :rolleyes:
  16. What are you talking about?

    The people in the video are not being reasonable? They make Scientology look like it's so bad! I could never understand all of the hate towards it because it has good intentions it's just people get dramatic because it's not like other religions.
  17. White Tara Global Moderator

    Without a doubt there are hopelessly naive people of good intentions affiliated with scientology, just as with many nefarious cult ideologies. However, undeniably there are people with full knowledge of the damages rendered to innocent parties, and those who sit at the top of the tree raking in blood money. They are bad enough, but I find those that have doubts but refuse to look closer equally repugnant ymmv. Now orf with you troll :p

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