The 99 Cent Outline: Narconon 101 For Dummies

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by anon walker, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. anon walker Moderator

    Every anon with a Narconon in their county, prefect, kingdom is in a position to help take them down. If you're associated with a church or civic group, you can offer to give a talk about the facts on this dangerous fraud. I think a presentation and handouts would be easy enough to put together.
    Feel free to add your ideas.

    1. Narconon and Scientology
    (Printouts: Bridge to the Bridge, Scn's graphic showing NN's relationship, Corporate Chart from NN-exposed.)
    Explain how NN denies relationship with Scn and uses the "based on the teachings of" tactic.
    Explain the corporate chart, role of CST and RTC, and how Narconon shares space with other Scn front groups under the ABLE umbrella. (you should know these acronyms)
    Reinforce the fact that this is the first of many lies a prospective client will encounter.
    They lie. Here's proof. Moving on.

    Brief history of NN; concocted by a junkie and a pulp fiction writer, neither of whom had any medical training.

    Program: 3 parts after cold turkey detox
    1. sauna: FDA recommendations vs NN use: debunk
    a. drinking cooking oil to "replace fats"
    b. sweating does not detox the body
    c. heat and length of sessions dangerous
    d. exercising and sauna hazard

    2. vitamins: FDA recommendations vs NN use
    a. dangers of niacin
    b. niacin flush is not "running out radiation" as NN claims
    c. substance abusers, liver damage and niacin
    (David Love's pic of his heap o vitamins)

    3. Coursework
    a. green vols
    b. Scientology courses modified for NN
    c. Material does not address substance abuse or addiction.
    d. Same material was rejected by Cali public school system
    (include print of report)

    Complaints and Issues
    Counselors are newly graduated addicts
    No medical staff (emergency rooms are used)
    Withholding client's prescription drugs (evans vs Narconon)
    Criminal incidents and health emergencies covered up
    Deaths in Narconon (news clips)
    Drug use in Narconon
    Criminal behavior (rape, assault, theft, kidnaping) associated with NN facilities
    Lying for Clients (bogus referral websites possible RICO, lying about insurance companies covering their program, fake certification board created by Scn to certify their "drug counselors" the list goes on)
    Cost up front: no refunds

    Fraudulent and dangerous quackery conducted by unqualified persons playing doctor because they KNOW they are the only ones who can help!

    The program cannot withstand scrutiny: NN Trois Rivieres, NN Arrowhead, NN UK.
    (suggested links for further study)
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  2. anonamus Member

    Very nice summary.
    Maybe it should be added that a good portion of the "treatment" cost ends up in scientology's piggy bank?
    Or isn't that doxable?
  3. I really like this. You've covered everything I can think of but if I can elaborate on a few points that I think are important:

    The hard thing is to make people feel sympathetic towards drug addicts. I think it's important for people to understand these are not all homeless junkies. It affects housewives with valium habits and fathers with alcohol problems and all sorts of people from all walks of life. Ask people to consider what they would do if their mum, sister, etc needed help?

    The liver thing is really important. Elaborate on drug addicts with existing liver damage., ie state % of IV drug users that already have Hep C in your area, alcoholics etc., to make people understand that they are messing with the long term health of the majority of patients there. Many have shot livers already and pushing it to the limits with niacin od can have disastrous results that may not be felt for years to come. Many are probably destined for liver transplants in the future, long after Narconon could be held responsible.

    Heroin addicts also might not feel the ill effects of the sauna as quickly as another addict, so they may spend longer than they should leading to dehydration.

    Scientific studies are proven to be bogus, have been written by scientologists in other front groups to try to legitimise the treatment. They can't get legit credit because it is universally panned by medicos as being unsound.

    Ask if you're going to pay for private rehab, why would you choose a group with no medical training over a private hospital, with real doctors and nurses, where you can claim on your health insurance?

    Nothing brings the crazy home like yelling at ashtrays. Explain the TRs, they are part of the treatment.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    There are also quite specific blood tests for Liver Toxicity/Damage that would need to be performed and evaluated by a medical professional prior to administering high dose Niacin regimens. To the best of my knowledge this does not occur with NN. For just an example ALT (SGPT) normal range is 5-35 IU/L alanine aminotransferase or serum glutamic pyruvic transaminase. There are also numerous other tests, ranges and normal values via Specific laboratory work that any licensed MD would perform prior to commencement of any drug or vitamin protocol especially Niacin at such a high dose.
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  5. In the 'Narconon UK closes down' thread, Mr Fish (Hastings ED) claimed you are checked over by a Dr, which includes an LFT, before commencing the program. I think I read somewhere that there's a comparison LFT done afterwards too but I can't see it written there. Regardless, it's asking for trouble when you've got a damaged liver and when you know the body doesn't use one toxin to push another one out.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Well I suppose a former client/victim could make us aware of when and how many Blood/lab draws they had during the program. Unless blood/labs are requested to be done Stat/fast there normally is at least a 2-3 day lag before results would be available that is pretty standard in the USA at least.
  7. Anonymous Member

    The private doctor is a scientologist - people are told they must see him and not their own (independent and NHS) doctor - would love to see if he gets a commission from Narconon
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Unlikely the MD did it all for nothing...
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  9. Yep true. They send you to a scilon because most doctors would never refer anyone to Narconon. I think my GP would send me down an alley way to buy smack before he suggested scientology.

    The other thing is, they claim to give you an LFT and maybe after, (and who knows if the scilon doctor tells you the truth about the results), but when exactly is before and after? When you begin and when leave 6-12 months later, or every time you do the purification rundown? There's a huge difference.
  10. RightOn Member

    you know when you type in a questions in a search and you get Yahoo answers?
    Maybe people can ask a bunch of questions liek...
    Does Narconon Have a Good Success Rate?
    Does Narconon Have anything to do with Scientology?
    and then have different people fill in answers? And provide links to send people for info?
    prolly has been thought of already?
    Can also be done for other questions on other front groups, especially Applied Scholastics?
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