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    The following commentary is aimed to provoke creative and directed thought toward shaping an open and transparent society that may well day govern itself. The key areas of discussion in this topic are a decentralised DHT based voting system and a DHT based search engine.

    The goal of such systems (should they be feasible) are as follows:

    Community centric governance - a means to cultivate personal accountability in ones own community
    Re-education in values - that which is intrinsically valuable versus that which is superficially valuable
    Community centric self regulation - through regular DHT voting polls on every issue affecting the local community



    by a. seer

    A rich man will say money makes the world go around.
    A wise man will say the food of the world is corruption.


    I will give you a picture of the world in which we live and as I tell it, the ring of truth my begin to echo in your ears.

    We live in what we call the year 2014. At this present moment the American Government has hit its debt ceiling and is on the verge of collapse. The current president of the United States of America has begun his second term, and if history has anything to say about it, he needs to declare war on some or other country to resurrect the American economy. Syria is still embroiled in a two year civil war which may well be the pen-ultimate trigger to a global thermonuclear war while Europe and the economies of the world have passed the point of a recession and are now in a global depression fed by a broken and flailing economic system perpetuated under the false ideal of constant economic growth based on an exploitative and murdering financial system crafted in subterfuge by a few wealthy families who are infected by that age old disease of hubrous. All the while every person on the face of the planet who has either a computer or a mobile phone is being constantly surveiled by the American government, their own government or some other government through their social networking habits without their permission, and that is the only the beginning of it.

    To add to this scenario, we have entered the age of assymetric warfare and the rise of the drone, where the rules of war have all but been forgotten by the developed nations of the world who have access to this new industry. In their lack of foresight these decision makers have guaranteed our mutual and total self destruction by failing to remember one key principle of war, the age old counter measure. By the West setting the standard of the drone in the battlefield, they have encouraged innovation by neighbouring/conflicting countries in counter measures to the drone that have far greater consequences beyond the theatre of war. As we know, such has always been their stunted mentality. It is far easier for such men to break down a wall than it is to build one, it is far easier for such men to murder women and children by remote control than it is for them to be found nursing the victims of war in the area of conflict. Already we have many leaked videos of apache helicopter attacks from Iraq, drone attacks, and the one consistent thread in each of them, is the cold blooded murderers piloting these craft, as they throw out quips such as "smoke em", "light em up" and bellow out their uproarious laughter at the expense of someone they suspect might have a weapon in their hand.

    To add further perspective to this scenario there are some strong hints that our world operates via a double proxy system, meaning that the USA government and their ruling elite are playing proxy for the British ruling class, and again the British ruling class are proxy once again for the Roman Catholic Church, aka The "Holy" Roman Empire, the current seat of the worlds power, wealth and corruption. But they have a problem they cannot see. They have a new kid on the block, the Cabal or Banking Elite, who are not married to the idea of religious conquest in the same vein as the Roman Catholic Church is, but rather economic and scientific conquest, and who for their own reasons seek to dethrone the current despot system and replace it with their own. This cabal or "thorn", has been exercising its hand far before the worlds first reserve bank, and they have encouraged and incentivized immoral behaviour on a global scale through the projects and ventures they have deliberately funded but more importantly they have severely and insidiously infiltrated the existing double proxy system.

    The "new" despots on the block have always come and gone. As far back as 4000BC the Babylonean Empire had their pincer grip on the world and they believed they would rule forever, yet under their noses the Medo-Persians were setting their sights on that very throne. As we know the Babylonean Empire fell to the Medo-Persians, and they too ruled for a short time, whilst believing that they too would rule forever. Yet again under their noses another empire emerged who lusted after their throne, and so the Roman Empire (without the "Holy" part attached) came into its first incarnation.

    Through all these thousands of years every despot and self proclaimed demi-god had made use of military force to subdue the world, but they all eventually fell to another who possessed a greater hunger lust for the worlds "forbidden" throne. Other movements rose up to address this question, and one in particular decided it was time for reinvention, they would conquer the world through "belief" or rather religion, aka the "Holy" Roman Empire, the modern yet very old Roman Empire or as we know it today, the Roman Catholic Church.

    As we know, history is our best teacher, and proves that despots must and always will fail, no matter what measures they concoct, because at the root of the matter they suffer from hubrous, and as history tells, hubrous is the prerequisite for self-destruction. The tie between hubrous and self-destruction is immutable. These two are intimately connected, even though the ruling elite may not see the connection themselves. In truth they are unable to see their destruction for theirs has and will always be a vain, peurile and nihilistic cause. They are bound to self destruct. This is the one natural law that must always be fulfilled, as it has time and time again. They may rule for a brief time, like a weed popping up in well tended garden, they may choke humanity for a while, but then they are gone.

    The challenge we face with such short sighted decisions made by this bunch of corrupt ruling elite all vying for the worlds "forbidden" throne, are not that we are unaware of what is happening, it is rather that we are waking up and becoming aware of our true world and still have to put up with the system the way it is as we awaken our god given minds and begin to create ways out of the present system. On one hand we are forced to tolerate the truth of these disclosures and on the other we are programmed to believe we have very little means to change it. We have been fed a clever diet of corrupt law, inflated media, contaminated food, pollution on a global scale, hollow consumerism and unnatural economic expansion which has divorced our minds from the obvious ways in which the real world exists and operates, the law of nature. As long as we follow their infected law, we are headed for our own suicide.

    At the same time we must be very wary that these disclosures that reveal the immoral and debased global system we live in may be used by the next aspiring despot to steer our world into a socialist state, into yet again another "new world order".

    Already we can see that globalization is not the cure-all it is promised to be. The more we abstract away from community centric living and community centric governance the more we add to the complexity of governance, the addition of exploitative taxes, the emergence of fat cats, the suppression of the honest by subterfuge, false agendas, bridery and backstabbing, corruption, greed and murder. So an apt question is what do we replace this globally diseased system with? The solution may well be community-council based governance. but the challenge is how to weed out the hypocrites, since they have been the "worm" of nature, the "parasite" in our modern world.

    Ask yourself how connected you are with your community compared to your connection with facebook, twitter, youtube, and websites that keep you entertained? We spend more time on American servers than we do in front of our real friends. For the naive, they really believe they can have more than 3 or 4 close friends, all the while the very founders of the social sites they visit have sold their data to the highest bidder without their consent and most users simply reply that they do not care. They are unable to see the chains of their own slavery and the path of their own slaughter.

    We are shown vivid images of how far the world has already been destroyed by the careless devastation of the Amazon, to the plastic contamination of the Pacific Ocean, the gigantic oil spills, the factories that pollute our lands and waters, the Government led eradication of indigenous people off their land for the sake of mineral rights, and yet, with all these warning signs the financial few declare it a good day to do more business, more harm, more corruption, more subterfuge, more murder all for the sake of a handful of greenbacks.

    There may come a time when the "true world order" will emerge and every person, company, corporation and government body responsible for extreme exploitation of humanity will be charged with crimes against humanity. Their names will be looked down upon, and their stories will be taken as life lessons to avoid at all costs. There are many who have been portayed as leaders but have shackled the world with their products and services. Will the historic record recall the shame on the name of those who oppressed the world willingly, who violated the privacy rights of the worlds people for self gain? Will the historic record make a new accounting of the worlds bogus history and rid the world once and for all of the "Victors History"?

    However despite the mass corruption, there are productive men and woman in this world who strive to live moral lives, and who possess such attributes and ability to do good, or rather what is equitable, but when the rich and privileged make the presumption that a poor mans law is a rich mans liberty, this leaves us with an inequitable and self destructive future. Destructive in the sense that the rich man does not realise he destroys himself by wrongly assuming he is somehow separate from the common gene pool of humanity, no matter how many hundreds of years of "breeding" his lineage has had. Now that very same rich man is the one gnawing his own hand off, as he belittles his fellow humanity, his fellow human race. Such a wretch is unsalvagable.

    The longer the ruling classes uphold the current modus operandi, the longer they violate the very premise of freedom (which is also a right to privacy), the stronger the message they send to every other low class criminal, dictator state and oppressive regime and in effect they condone deception, corruption and the violation of human rights. They have provided humanity with the "Path of Least Resistance". If it is easier to be immoral and to profit from it, than it is to be moral, the masses will notice that and take the "path of least resistance". There is simply no incentive to be moral anymore, bar for one sweeping change which is the growing transparency of the internet.


    Although the internet is already overtly controlled by a small sphere of people, it has become the only mechanism for the entire human population of the world to express themselves and to see this world for what it truly is, that is, as long as censorship does not become absolute (yes the internet is censored but we have ways around that). Some may argue that political dissidents, pornography, drugs, violence and other non-desireable activities should be removed, but that would be in essence covering up the gaping festering wound of humanity with a clean dressing without treating the festering wound first. No, the ugly must stay, because it gives us a close idea of what is really happening in the world. It is in essence the "real news" of the world and not the bastardized and prostituted global media engine we have today. Every time you see some website promoting some undesirable activity, be very thankful that at least we are able to see its existence, otherwise it would happen behind your back without you knowing about it, and that alone would be far worse. That would be akin to living in the dark ages. If one thinks back to the day the internet went public in the late 1980's, that is the day we entered into the potential for an age of transparency, an age of light. Before that day, we were living in the dark ages.

    We have entered an age of transparency only because there are groups of non-affiliated people around the world who have found ways and means to keep the internet transparent and relatively free. The day we lose that transparency and freedom is the day we plunge back into the dark ages, and where we are now, the "transparent internet" sits on a knife edge, ready to plunge back into the dark ages at any moment if we allow it.

    It is not only vital to keep the internet transparent but also decentralized. We already know how the web is being over exploited, how we are being surveiled by the worlds governments, how we are promised security, but instead each one of us is being socially and behaviorally profiled by an unseen digital hand. In our web products we are offered security and safety, but the truth is the exact opposite. We have governments rushing headlong into Cyberwarfare and professional malware and we know we have already crossed the line of Cyberwarfare being a benign tool when Israel and America launched stuxnet against Iran. The first Cyberwar began the day stuxnet was launched on Iran because it was the first digital assault that its creators knew could in all probability cause loss of human life through the malfunction of Irans uranium centrifuges.

    In their ignorance, government have given every paranoic, greedy, despotic regime on the face of this planet clear license to do the same. We must remember that precedence guides humanity, and that precedence has been set many times by an over-eager corrupt and pawned ruling class that has been too eager to use drone technology, cyberwarfare, chemical and nuclear weapons, gross violation of human rights, murder of civilians, women and children. And as history tells, if America does it, the world is soon to follow. Let us hope the American people wake up en masse and dethrone the puppets and expose the puppeteers. If they do not, the mental contagion of this current system may well take the world in its icy grip.

    Let us hope the historic record will keep account of the barbarity and blindness of the worlds ruling elite and give credit where credit is due, but likewise give shame where shame is due.

    The only reason why we know of all this is due to the internet, even though it has been shutdown, censored and controlled in localized regions by the very governments who were supposed to be listening to their people. Still the sole reason why this knowledge has come out into the light of day is because of the internet, the one true representative of our collective human consciousness.


    If we look into the future and attempt to forecast what this world could be, it may be a worthy exercise to hypothesize that we need a decentralized global voting system that is open source, anonymous and secure. A voting system owned and operated by the people. A voting system that is not outsourced to some company who has hidden ties to government or elite private funding. A current backbone technology for this exists now in the DHT (distributed hash table) algorithm. The benefits of such a system would allow the people of the earth to express their leanings and inclinations through an anonymous and fast voting structure, from community based polls, to regional, national and global affairs.

    A DHT voting system would in essence become the combined human consciousness of the world, a representation of our combined human will, expressing the global will and desire of the people of the earth. It is important to distinguish between AI and DHT voting at this point, since the use of AI (artificial intelligence) could be easily controlled by the few. There is no need for AI if people are raised on a system that promotes and encourages social accountability and responsibility through their active votes. The American way has been deliberately crafted to individualize and divide humanity, so that we may be easily controlled and led. A DHT voting system may well bring about a revolution in human evolution. Such a system may well take back the control we have given away, and yet allow each person to remain anonymous, yet still have the opportunity to add their say to important issues affecting their smaller and larger worlds of influence.

    But as history is always wiser than the listener, such a DHT voting system should always publicly display the error rate in the vote, so that people may begin to think with rational minds, and start to look beyond the blind and false "absolutes" our economic elite have indoctrinated into us with their malicious advertising mechanisms, with their false absolutes such as "Coke is Life", and such obvious banalities. When governments endorse their flawed voting systems as flawless and trustworthy, we cannot expect the people to wake up. But when the error rate in any vote be made public knowledge as an intrinsic part of the voting results, we begin to send a new message to the people of the world. We begin to educate them in a new way. We begin to raise the intellectual standard of the masses. We begin to encourage them to think, and to think for themselves.

    When the people have a platform for their communal voice, it would be very interesting indeed to see what humanity as a whole has to say, and the decisions we will make. But that may be far off, until such a DHT voting system can be tested on a small scale in a given community to evaluate if such a system is able to grow into a usable system to represent the collective will of humanity.

    To date our voting systems have been absolute, never distributive. This must change, since it is an inherent flaw designed into it by the elite. For example, if there is a vote to stop imports from a certain country, in the existing system a majority vote would determine the absolute outcome. In a DHT voting system, the result would be distributive, meaning that the ratio of imports would be adjusted to the vote. Since such votes would be held at certain intervals, the distributive nature of the regular votes would be a type of regulative influence on the given subject of imports. Now if one compound this with the idea that a Community may vote on the issues pertaining to its own geographic health and wellbeing, one can easily see that Communities are given a chance to regulate themselves as the system evolves. A given community will then begin to govern itself to the degree that community votes are held, those that vote more frequently on the same issues will obviously govern themselves better than those who do not. The fortuitous side effect of such voting is that as people begin to think more about the issues that affect their community, this habit will gradually develop into a counterweight to help wean a community off excessive fictionalized media as they slowly begin to see for themselves how their votes shape their own community. Imagine your community voting on whether another Wallmart should be built in your town or city. A DHT voting system could give the people the chance to veto such ventures that strip-mine communities of their wealth.

    We all know that we cannot empower people too soon, for they may well abuse the system, but start small with examples that will engage them, that will create enthusiasm about taking part in Community centric voting, and in time that very Community may very well govern itself without the burdensome system plaguing the world today, and in short course, perhaps a few generations, a global yet focussed consciousness will truly emerge.


    This raises up another issue about how the web is structured. It is borderless in essence, and although this is essential it promotes social disconnection with ones own community. This is a cause for concern and could be addressed by an uncensored DHT search engine similar to Yacy, but might have four public tiers of search, namely Community, Regional, National and Global. By clicking the Community context of the search, a user would be able to find what offerings exist in his own immediate physical community, which would ultimately foster greater local wealth generation and promote keeping wealth inside a given community. As we know this is not the case in our globalized world of borderless shipping. It is too easy to source a product overseas and have it shipped in, at the expense to ones own community having to shut down its local factories, lay-off workers, and rob the community of its own wealth.

    A community search engine should have layers like an onion, each layer possessing a certain priority on search links, etc. The first and highest priority layer of this tiered system is the community layer, followed by regional, national and global. If a user searches for an item or service, he would find search results from people and businesses in his community first, followed by regional, national and finally global. He may choose to enable, disable and sort each layer according to his needs and what he is looking for an a per search basis.

    It is vital that we find ways to encourage moral behavior. The ruling class has indoctrinated the people of the world with the ethos of "anything goes" as the financial elite gnaw their own limbs off in ignorance. One must concede that if the elite were truly wise, they would have cultivated a different world, and used their gains to steer humanity toward incentivized moral behavior and sustainable living. It would make the elite richer still, and as a result, the economies of the world as we know it would be pristine, clean, healthy, stable, sustainable and at peace. As we know that is not the case. Corruption and deceit are the currency of our times because they have been promoted as such, and it is truly sad and sickening that true justice never did and never will truly exist, as long as it co-exists in a monetary driven society devoid of morality and ethics.


    What we now know is as follows:

    The majority of the financial elite are corrupt.
    The majority of the financial elite orchestrate the over exploitation of poorer countries for the sake of their own families wealth and prestige.
    The majority of the financial elite encourage corruption in poorer countries for the sake of their own personal and corporate wellbeing.
    The majority of the financial elite create large scale social programming and brainwashing doctrines to steer humanity toward a futile commerce system that only makes the elite more wealthy.
    The majority of the financial elite have perfected the art of double talking.
    The majority of the financial elite are prepared to destroy the very world they live in for the sake of more money, power, wealth and prestige.
    The majority of the financial elite have never been trustworthy, are not trustworthy and will never be trustworthy.
    The majority of the financial elite know how to portray honesty to an honest man, long enough until they can exploit him and will keep him bound to their hollow lies so that he and his family will follow them the duration of their lives.

    The majority of the elite could have used their wealth for good, they could have incentivized excellent moral behavior, they could have created a system that self perpetuates, that nurtures truth, that limits media and promotes true education. But for some psychopathic reason they are convinced that they must first destroy the world to rebuild it.

    It is the elite who have destroyed this world, who have polluted it, who have corrupted it, and poisoned it. No venture starts without venture capital, loans and funding, and for every exploitative venture that has stripped wealth from the people, there has been some elitist bank behind the scenes, condoning, promoting, encouraging and fostering such ignorant and self destructive behavior through their investment schemes and bank loans.

    In their hubrous they have contributed to the destruction of our global economy, ecology and humanity. In their hubrous they attempt to make us believe that it is our fault, when they have been the rudder to steer this ship of humanity into this debased mentality of individualism, extreme capitalism, bought justice, and this new assymetric military engine. They know full well how humanity may be steered, and knowing this they still made the conscious choice to steer us into this anyway. The blame for the error in choice will always be theirs, because knowing that we could be steered, they still chose to lead us into destruction for the sake of wood pulp and ink, for the sake of shiny rock and metal, for the sake of the applause and admiration of immoral admirers in well tailored suits in self aggrandized positions of power.

    Let the historic record show this.


    So here we are, closer to a third global war than we have ever been for the sake of making the elite richer still. It is odd to think that when the elite have cut down every tree, and ground it down to make money, they will eventually kill themselves through suffocation and carbon dioxide poisoning because there will be no oxygen left on the planet for them to breath. For all the money printed, a rich man sees a bank note in his hand, a wise man sees a tree in a forest that no longer exists.

    If the plan of the elite is social regime change through a cascade of three world wars, one has to wonder how sane the elite truly are. Who in their right mind would bite the hand that feeds it? Here we have a "new" technocratic system headed straight for a possible global war with weapons the worlds nations have not used on such a scale before in our documented history. If the mentality is anything to go by, it is not that these elite are hoping for thermonuclear war, they are rather deliberately orchestrating and masterminding a thermonuclear war for the sake of regime change, their "last peg" so that the cabal, the "new" kids on the block, may ursurp the current double proxy system and be "crowned" its victors.

    The victors of what? The victors of a poisoned planet? The victors of a scorched landscape? The victors of barren and sterile land? This is ludicrous, madness and insanity. Any sane mind with a little education will know that fostering and nurturing is far more powerful than oppression, exploitation and destruction.


    Some people believe we have a duty to evolve beyond this earth, but fail to see the human powers that resist this. If our history was an ethical one, we would have colonized the Moon already and be half way to Mars by now, but as we know the elite can't have their "product" slipping out of their hands. If there is one major force that inhibits humanity leaving earth, it is this current system, no matter who claims otherwise. Too often we are promised the glowing-orange-carrot at the end of a stick, of some or other space program to direct our energy into, when those who are in the know, know full well that space program will be shut down in less than one term of one US president. We have been fed the words that we want to hear for the sake of someones election result.

    Will we colonize another planet one day? This would be foolish especially if we have not curbed our desire for bloodshed and war. Will we simply make new weapons to take into space, to keep on our space stations, to use if we are ordered to? It is clear that any expansion beyond this sphere must intrinsically be a non-violent one, otherwise we give rise to the possibilities of factions and feuding in space. With the potential loss of finite infrastructure in space, that risk is far too high to give to mere mortals who have not learnt to quell their bloodlust and to halt the growth of the global industrial military complex.

    As we stand, we have the greatest tool in our hands that has the sole potential to steer and correct the immoral path of humanity. That tool is the internet but not in its current incarnation. The internet must be free to all, at no or little cost, accessible to all, and provide anonymity to all, but it must also encourage community-centric self governance, community centric wealth generation, and community centric voting that ties in to a global perspective through an anonymous decentralised voting system.

    Any other system will simply not do for such systems are controlled by despots.

    Perhaps one day the six o clock news will highlight the current DHT votes of the nation as eagerly as they punt the latest war, the stock market statistics, the weather and the quirky story at the end of the news report about how old mother hubbard got her cat stuck up a tree. After all such a DHT system would be a representation of our communal voice, our communal will. Why would the local news report not report about that?

    When democracy fails, socialism fails, communism fails, and every other political system fails, it takes little effort to reason that a system of transparency that is neither bound by the limits of political ideals, nor limited by lack of technology is the only system that has the potential to teach humanity to govern itself. Such a system begins with an Anonymous, Free and Transparent Internet.

    a. seer
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    Protip: it's 2014, already.
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    fixed, thanks
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    Based on a first reading, it appears to me that your ideas are specific to America. Is this the case?
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    Wall-o-text. Boredom.
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    more people might read this manifesto if it had a good two sentence summary, not just an introduction
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    Hey OP - Serious question:
    You just posted an enormous wall of text - Did you actually expect anyone to read it?
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    I kind of like your last paragraph, but ^^^^^^^^ what they all said.
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    'We the weebles, for the weebles.....'
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    Dox on these strong hints.
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    That New Moon this week appears to have delivered a freaking flock of Newmoonbats!

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    I liked it better when kooks had to stick to less than 10 minutes of YouTube dribble.
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    Why is that, even though I agree that they are indeed kooks, I took the time to read their argument before coming to that conclusion. If you enjoy your freedom to post here, anyone should, even the moonbats.
    As it is our right to mock them extensively if we choose to do so. Ah the beauty that is freedom of speech.
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    At least there was a chance of a five minute summary before diving into a nine hour marathon.
  17. It's impossible to hide things, and the best way to deal with the world, it know how to handle transparency.

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