The Art of Revolution

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by User Name Change, Dec 6, 2011.

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    does this count as art?
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    Occupy Broadway Revives Wall Street Protests With ‘Creative Resistance’

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  16. Very nice thread, OP! I <3 it!
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    art imitating revolution

    When the ersatz police begin to charge at them with faux pepper-spray,
    will it then be an authentic vegetable?
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    More performance art
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    I'd fuck those girls.
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    The proper phrase is "I'd hit that".
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  26. Hallelujah Chorus for the 21st Century

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    I like this 9000
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  28. You know, a man I look up to once, in order to fight Pollution, got a group of people together to padlock the doors of a high pollution foundry. The doors could not be opened and they had to shut the place down.

    Watching those people with the police tape makes me wonder if we could do something similar. I've been told people have done so, but a large group, different parts of the country, all at once.
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    Uhh...who do you mean we, pale-face?
  30. Anyone crazy enough to do it.
  31. telomere Member

    Then, that would be you, and not us.

    please keep your fantasies about illegal / anarky attacks out of our good clean forum, and stop misusing pronouns.
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    I think the problem with Creeping's "vague idea" is that he's having trouble distinguishing yellow tape with a printed message, from padlocks.

    Between "legal" and "illegal" there's a fine line, which is sometimes bright and sometimes murky,
    but social "action" that potentially puts others in danger of life and limb- isn't even near that line.

    Some of the pictures ITT fall under that criteria too, imo. :(
  34. Pique Member

    Good point. Thanks for making it.
    Another factor is that posting news/videos/pictures of an illegal act is not the same as suggesting/encouraging/supporting that act...which also can be a fine line of differentiation, especially for newcomers to the site.
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    Thanks to RockyJ
  36. Anonymous Member

    Do you mean that RockyJ made this video? or that he posted it on a different thread before you did?
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    This might belong in the MUSIC thread but I think its a fun example of the Art of Revolution, albeit a somewhat outdated one.
    Plus its great lulz.
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    No, that's natural beauty.
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    English plox.

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