the assymetry of interference

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. "Leave Iran to the Iranians - do not interfere" and similar
    slogans have been bombarded all over activist media, some
    of it by the Islamic Regime as a warning to the meddling West,
    and some of it by nationalistic protesters and reformists on
    the streets.

    The real question is, to what extent is there foreign
    intervention, by whom, and should there be more of it?
    what is the difference between intervention and support?

    certainly foreign powers have had a hand in shaping Iran's
    destiny, but this call to inaction, or laissez-faire seems
    misguided to me.

    Now, totalitarian regimes such as the theocracy, because they
    represent a monopoly of authority, have a real problem seeing
    the difference between official foreign state actions and any
    action from the other estates, be it commerce, media, or private

    When a journalist writes a column lambasting the Ayatollah,
    this is not a foreign state intervention. when a company cancels
    its siemens or nokia contract, this is not a destabilization attack.
    when individuals take a moral act of conscience and decry their
    solidarity for the wave of protesters in Iran, this is not an organized
    zionist conspiracy.

    since Martin Luth King jr's civil rights movement, Mahatma Gandhi's
    Civil Disobedience, and Bernard Kouchner's Droit d'Ingérence have
    been redefinig the role of private conscience acting on the public.
    the public here, means without respect for borders, sovereignty,
    or any of the artifical boundaries that are being pulled up.

    Conscience is a universal and human virtue which does not stop at a
    frontier line in the desert. It is for these reasons, as an excercise
    of private acts of conscience, that a journalist writes, a ceo blockades,
    a pop star denounces, and a citizen tweets or joins a hunger strike.

    So while "Western" states operating on the political should stay away,
    their citizens have every right to express their support, lend out a hand.
    this is what a democracy really means. the right to direct action.

    This action can be subtle or severe, simply a show of faith,
    a transmittal and publication of censored information, or
    counsel in strategies and courses of action to help iranians
    on the ground.

    Here I would like to adress the hypocrisy of all these wretched Islamist
    states when it comes to this discourse. Under the virtue of so-called
    islamic charity and muslim brotherhood states like Iran and Syria
    continue to support violent extremist factions abroad. This relationship
    is so direct that Iran is now trucking back and flying back hundreds
    of armed militias, from lebanon, azerbaijan, afghanistan, wherever.

    Make no mistake, these are not here for free. They were directly
    financed, supported, aided and abetted and have come back to help
    the iron hand that feeds them. Even if the fighters are not paid directly
    in cash, an exchange of favours, of future aid in their own domestic
    jihads are tacitly on the table. These are not noble freedom fighters.
    These are mercenaries, jackals of teh worst kind.

    Which is the greater interference: pro-democracy activists exercising
    private conscience and showing their solidarity, or essentially organized
    armies of foreign zealot vigilantes, paid to come here and enforce the
    tyranny of a failed state in its last spiteful breath?

    I can honestly say I don't think western media opinion is a licensed
    state propaganda effort. there's enough of a divergence of opinion
    to show this. I can truly say that foreign bassij militias ARE a licensed
    act of inter-state repression on the part of Iran and its less stable
    and democratic neighbours

    Forget the slogans.

    Free your conscience.

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