"The Auditor News - a theta comm for Auditors" (April 09)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by SeenTheLight, Apr 5, 2009.

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    I ignorantly said US when she's based in Australia, sorry. Anyway, this is obviously nothing new - another good example from the thread Wendy Honnor cures cancer:
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    What about the event?

    This coming Friday, September 9 at 7:00 PM at the Universal Hilton we will celebrate the
    50 year Anniversary of the Briefing Course
    Please click reply that you will be attending and
    who you are bringing!

    (is that a question?^)
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    Hello Everyone

    I am now living in my home state - Tasmania - and it's heaven. I have a wonderful life here, auditing every day in my darling cottage high on a hill, overlooking the valley, in the most beautiful place on earth. Gorgeous country villages, lovely rolling fields and beautiful trees and clean rivers and lakes. Cosy cafes and great coffee and delicious breakfasts and friendly bed and breakfast accommodation for my visiting PCs and friends, in historical houses that are tucked in the elegant streets of Launceston close to the town centre. Come and visit me - you will love it here.

    For many years now, I have been saving lives - very dramatically using basic ethics tech of overts and motivators.

    I wanted to remind you all of a very important datum from our religion:

    "And we of the Church believe: That the spirit alone may save or heal the body."

    The Creed of the Church of Scientology, LRH, 1954

    Don't be afraid to save lives with Scientology. I regularly bring people from death's door. They are in a terrible condition, dying, in pain, sick and beyond the help of medicine. In fact often, Doctors have given up. Often they are given day's to live, even hours. And I save their lives by bringing spiritual peace. They get well, get up, get discharged from hospital and all trace of their sickness is gone. And usually its very fast!!

    You can do it to. Anybody using LRH tech can do it. And don't be afraid to say it. It is all there in the quote above and we do not have to hide this datum from anybody. We should be shouting it from the roof tops. The spirit alone can heal the body.

    People who respond to their medical treatment are spiritually in better shape than people who don't respond to their medical treatment.

    It's the spiritual well being that is the deciding factor.

    If you are not sure how to save somebody's life, email me. I can help you to understand. It's very easy.

    All you need is a being who wants to be helped and an auditor, who wants to help them. So there is the first lesson to be learned. Some people may not want to be helped or may not see that you can help them. Move on to the next person who does want you to help. Don't just stop trying to help.

    If you are auditor trained on any auditor course, you will get amazing results. If you are not auditor trained, get trained asap. The HDA is a wonderful course and really hats you on how the mind works and how to audit people and get stellar results every time. Every book in the Basics is also incredible hatting for Auditors. If you do the Basics courses you will learn a lot that you can apply. If you don't apply it you might forget it!

    If you were auditor trained many years ago and have not used it, then it might be a good idea to do the HDA and refresh your understanding of the reactive mind. The Dianetics Professional Lectures, released for the first time a year or so ago are brilliant lectures and will really help you to confront life and know what to do when somebody needs help.

    The only opposition you will get or stops on your lines or barriers to jumping in and saving lives will be from PTS people or SP's - and gosh that's only a few people - so don't worry about them - just keep going, and save lives. Remember to recognise stops and barriers for what they are. If somebody advises you to be cautious or to not offer help, recognise that this person is PTS or suppressive.

    It's the best thing in the world for you and all your 8 Dynamics to be "doing" Scientology rather than complaining about the way the world is and doing nothing.

    On Saturday 4th June I am doing a one day seminar here in Launceston called "Understanding the Spiritual Cause of Cancer" for general public. If you or your friends would like to attend email me and my personal assistant Katrina can send you some information about it.


  4. Good luck getting someone b& or v& for quackery in the US or UK. Even after all this time, homeopaths can still peddle their shit freely.
  5. SeenTheLight Member

    "A lovely story"

  6. Anonymous Member

    Good Lord, what an odd disclaimer.

    Could it be that someone so infinitely at-cause is being enturbulated by something as simple as people sharing her success stories online?
  7. SeenTheLight Member

    "A Special Theta Story About Two Guys Who Made a Big Successful Group"
  8. SeenTheLight Member

    "The September Auditor News"
  9. SeenTheLight Member


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  12. SeenTheLight Member


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    aagh, the stupid. it burns.
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    Again with the cancer cure stories.

    Where are the Oz equivalent of Advertising Standards?
  15. ravenanon Member

    Every time I read these I feel sad I don't need the moon bat translated.
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  16. SeenTheLight Member

    "The November Auditor News"

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    Anonymous Notice:

    Thank you.
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    uh, I used that command all the time in the 80s. As I recall, it was in an older version of the Dianetics book.

  22. SeenTheLight Member

    "Suicide - what can you do?"
  23. Sponge Member

    ^Wendy Moonbat always reminds me of this....

    It would be funny if she wasn't fucking around with people's lives. First she can sort cancer out, now suicide. I can't wait for the next one.
  24. SeenTheLight Member

    "My favourite LRH references about cancer"
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    Sounds like practising medicine without a licence. Arrest her.
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    Wendy Honor should get together with Chill E.B. and make an IAS rap video about curing cancer

    Scientology Hip Hip Video By Chill E.B.: 'Dauntless, Defiant, Resolute' (VIDEO)

    Village Voice: Scientology Chillin' With Hip Hop! A Video That Cannot Be Unseen
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  27. Wendy, Twat an Honnor......

    To hear from an award winning IAS Freedom Medal Winner, a life-saving Cancer CURER, OMG......

    Like Tom Cruise says:
    "It's like...Pwhoooohhh... You KNOW you're the only one that can really help. This is IT.......This is Exactly IT.... Pwhoooohhh.....To LRH....Hip, hip......"

    Ty LRH for finding the 'CURE' for this horrible disease.......

    Let's get crackin' regging cancer victims for the money they would otherwise spend on lowly wog treatments and medicines.........
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    This cunt needs locking away.
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  29. Zhent Member

    Holy shit! This is fucking gold!! My brain is nearly exploding at what an epic admission this is.

    Whats that Wendy? The tech only occasionally works? And of course, when people survive cancer it MUST HAVE BEEN BECAUSE OF LRH TECH AND WENDY HONNOR SUPER AUDITOR.


    This women needs to be stopped, she is messing with things that are to be left to QUALIFIED MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS.


    Absolutely disgusted with this women, who thinks suicidal people should just do some word clearing and other LRH bullshit.

  30. telomere Member

    The Tech always works, but some some people just decide to get a new body
    because Scientology gives them the Freedom to choose.
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    Check out the "Bring Back to Life" assist, its floating around WWP, I think Pooks posted it somewhere.

    Also check out "doing a bunk", it should be in the tech dictionary.
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  33. SeenTheLight Member

    "My successful actions to get PCs for my practice"
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    "Some theta Christmas News"
  35. SeenTheLight Member

    "A Handy Tip - how to help people at Christmas"
  36. telomere Member

    "A Handy Tip - how to help people at Christmas"

    Thanks for the help, Wendy!
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    Incidentally, MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging and it's not a kind X-Ray.
  38. Anonymous Member

    But will smoking moar run out MRI radiation, too?
  39. Anonymous Member

    MRIs don't use ionizing radiation. It's basically radio waves and magnets.

    Of course, no one knows how magnets work.
  40. Zhent Member

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