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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    They were not deleted, just moved here:
    Feel free to carry on on that thread.
  2. Anonymous Member

    I was having the conversation with Cryistall7 and I personally feel that (re)moving her posts was uncalled for. But whatever. Cryistall7, can I suggest you post you answer to instead? It's a bit of a lion's den as well, but at least the moderator there will show common decency so you'll have an honest opportunity to put forward your viewpoint.
  3. Anonymous Member

    And this is probably best moved to the derail thread as well, but: I know I post as Anonymous myself most of the time, so pot kettle etc, but I disagree with a moderator posting his/her decisions as Anonymous.
  4. Oke
  5. Thank you
  6. Where should I write my posts then there?
    To whom?
    Is not clear to me.
    When I opened the link....I saw "the dutch narconon debate"..

    Can you be more specific?
  7. Anonymous Member

    It 's a blog post with a comment section. You may have to wait a bit, but the comments should be appearing after 5-10 seconds at the bottom of the page.

    I'll be posting my question to you over there, so you'll have something to respond to. Just gimme a minute.

    It should work really, though you might have to make another account to be able to post and I suppose that Jonny (who is the moderator and posting as Albion here) may have to approve your comments before they actually appear. Let me know if it doesn't work.
  8. Your mum sells them her babies cock
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  9. Hmmm yes that Roland guy does sound like a cock doesn't he? Maybe he doesn't realise people can be easily led with false hopes when their lives are in crisis. Maybe he is searching for approval in the wrong way, targetingthe already targeted to get his yuks.
  10. Enturbuleak Member

    Bon Scott, AC/DC, RIP
  11. Wow too many hits
  12. Stop sucking the crack pipe.
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  13. I like to do a Megaupload up where the sun don't shine with you
  14. I haar u liek bearz
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Animanymous Member

  17. Animanymous Member

  18. I couldn't find it.
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  19. The main problem at the Fort Harrison is the lie infestation brought about by Mike Rinder when he got married close by the place.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Awww, so glad to have you back. We've missed your lame ass trolling around here.

    NO. No we haven't. NOt at all.
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  21. Fuck you. I am not in the RPF, I was in the Hole.
  22. Bullshit, troll. He only brought some STD from his affair with Betsy!
  23. Mike Rinder is a faggot
    Marty Rathbun is a faggot
    Karen de la Carriere is a faggot ...err ... a dike
    You are a faggot too
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  24. Class XII Auditor and C/S

    Now delivering the L’s and the entire Bridge

    Karen de la Carriere

    Class XII Auditor trained by LRH

    • Crew member with LRH aboard the Apollo
    • One of only 7 Class XII C/Ses ever made
    • NOTs auditor and C/S
    • Advanced Courses Solo NOTS C/S
    • Specialist in fixing bogged cases and reviews

    At Flag a "Field Class VIII" had to prove themselves as a Flag interned Class VIII, so Karen started from the bottom up doing every Internship all over again. After passing her Class IX internship, she went straight on to Class X, XII and XII and graduated the courses and internships. Her certificates earned on board the Apollo were personally signed by LRH.

    “I will tell you that Flag internships are grueling. It was a 16 hour-a-day schedule, and passes were only given after consistent VWD at minimum 40 hours in the chair. LRH said "there are no absolutes in this universe,” but a Flag auditor is an ABSOLUTE.”

    Her TRs were passed by LRH. As an auditor, her folders went to LRH almost daily although David Mayo, LRH’s auditor, (later to be vilified and kicked out of the CoS by David Miscavige) was her direct C/S. The auditing day began at 8:30 AM in the Flag Internship. After roll call by the Intern Sup, Jeff Walker, they all studied the latest LRH C/Ses done the night before.

    As the Old Man rolled out C/S after C/S, the ink barely dry, the world’s top technical hierarchy learned how LRH C/Sed every case. As Karen says, “Those were the days! I can state that my Apollo days were THE happiest, the most adventurous, the most challenging and exhilarating days of my life.”

    Today, Karen is proud to be uncontaminated with David Miscavige’s Out-Tech perversions ala, the "Golden Age of Tech" that have even changed the definition of a floating needle. In one of the most suppressive actions ever known, Miscavige cancelled the certificates of all auditors personally trained by L. Ron Hubbard — Class XIIs, Class VIIIs, and Class VIs, labeling their method of training as “THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND.” Then he attempted to retrain them his way.

    David Miscavige called L. Ron Hubbard “blind.”

    In September 1975 the Sea Org landed in Daytona, Florida and moved into a hotel while a permanent base was being located. 

    From 1975 to 1979 Karen audited the Ls Rundowns morning, noon and night. She also traveled all over the world with the famous Flag World Tours speaking to people about the Ls and recounting her stories and experiences with LRH.

    Karen traveled to a new city every month where she conducted “flub-catch” reviews of all tough, bogged or "failed” cases — getting each one on the rails.

    Karen is a kind but tough Sea Org veteran of some 30 Sea Org Missions, most of which were assigned Affluence.

    In 1978 Karen married Heber Jentzsch in the FSO chapel. Heber was sent out to work in Los Angeles so in 1979, Karen traded posts with Ray Mithoff and became Senior C/S Celebrity Center LA which subsequently became CC INT.

    In 1980 Karen went for NOTS training as both auditor and C/S and trained up to Class XII C/S. At the peak, she had some 19 Ls auditors. 30 years later only nine Ls auditors exist. She has audited, C/Sed and Solo’ed thousands of hours of NOTS.

    From 1982 to 1987 she worked at OSA — the new name for the old Guardian's Office.

    Forced to divorce Heber, President of the Church, after 6 months of hell at the Int Base courtesy of David Miscavige, Karen was then sent to audit NOTS at AOLA. Due to the direct suppression from David Miscavige, she routed out of the Sea Org in 1990.

    In 2010, Karen declared her independence from David Miscavige and his corrupt organization and is now delivering auditing and C/Sing in California.

    To learn more, visit her website here.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    ...and yet she has the cult shit bricks.

    This message by Karen#21312312 has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  27. No she doesn't.
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  28. Yͣ͋̓̄̉eͪs̃̄̔̾̔̅̋ͨ͘͏ ̸̍ͮ̉̊͗͗̍́̚͜s̃͋̆͋̊͜҉h̑e̸̢̒̊̓ͭ̽̂͡ ̵̋́ď͐̈́ͬ̆̃ͦ̇ͦo̴̡̔͒͆̊͒e̸̋͒̉̂͋͗͋͋̐̕͠s
  29. dox
  30. [IMG]On Monday I told you about the Church of Scientology Cross Necklace that Michelle Parker was wearing, see UPDATE Another “Young Pretty Woman” Has Been Abducted, Michelle Parker, 33, Last Seen November 17th 2011 Orlando FL.
    A man who worked security at the Church of Scientology called me on Monday and informed me that in the photo above Michelle Parker is wearing a eight point Church of Scientology Cross, see link to trademarked Church of Scientology jewelry
    The Church of Scientology in Orlando is at 1830 E Colonial Dr which is right in the middle of where Michelle Parker’s vehicle was found and where her cell phone was last used and all the other activity.
    Could Michelle Parker have sought refuge with the Church of Scientology in Orlando after she felt humiliated by the episode of the People’s Court that she appeared in and that aired on the same day she disappeared?
    NUMBER IS 800-23-8477
    Bill Warner Sarasota Private Investigator, SEX, CRIME, CHEATERS & TERRORISM

    Posted by BILL WARNER at 2:27 PM
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. The day Mike Rinder runs the Church and takes over it the SO Members will be living in 5 Stars Hotels and drink champagne and eat grapes for snacks every day. And then, when they die, they will go to Scilon Heaven and have 52 virgins ... wait.
  33. Karen de la Carriere is beyond DIAF. This plastic woman would melt in the heat. Her house will be eaten by roaches and the rats and feces in her place are heaven for birds and illegal aliens.
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  34. Fuck Off, KKS. Stay off my woman. And go back to Marty's blog. Tell him your OP here is fail
  35. Anonymous Member

    DOME in 3 .. 2 .. 1 ...
  36. It is NOT true that Mike Rinder and Karen de la Carriere had an affair with me and a threesome - Jefferey Augustine was there too so it would qualify to some degree as a swapping
  37. Anonymous Member

    You ready to defend that statement in a court of law?
  38. The cancer that is killing the FH is Marty Rathbun. He came close to the Hotel and his Fail and AIDS corroded the walls. The Mike Rinder came over and spread some of the STD he got from Betsy Steg and their affair.
    This message by faggottree has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  39. The same post as yesterday.
    Glad you included the letter h in the appropriate place this time.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Every once in a while you can teach them something.
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