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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Maybe.
    Although I just looked at faggotree's post again.
    And lol, that stupid cunt forgot to put the letter n in the appropriate place in the post.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Maybe he calls him "The Mike Rinder". Some clammy form of respect or TR? Tell The Mike Rinder to move. Tell The Mike Rinder thank you.
  3. Aren't you the Derek that was kicked out of ESMB for whining like a bitch all the time trying to get sympathy? Now you come over here crying and saying you were this and that. Fuck you, you joined the SO, you PUSHED their agenda, so go fuck yourself, brainwashed asshole. Anonymous is not your friend.
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  4. Random guy Member

    Some of course are even less hugboxy than others.
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  5. DOX or STFU
  6. Jesus Fucking Christ man, stop the god damn bawwwing and get a life dude. YOU stayed there, YOU are responsible for not leaving sooner. Don't come here whining and bitching. Go back to your blog and write some more.

    Or get some auditing by Marty Rathbun or Karen de la Carriere - they have obviously moved on up a little higher and are not 100% brainwashed anymore.
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  7. Marty said he doesn’t keep "PC folders", yet I know for a fact he writes down what happened after the sessions to be able to refer to it – this is really not covered under priest-penitent articles and all his PCs should be aware of that and be careful what they tell him.
    Marty' Folders
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  8. dbloch7986 Member

    No wrong Derek. I post on ESMB all the time. They're a great bunch of people.
  9. Niels is a faggot; prove me wrong.

    Also a Marty Lover.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Both are acceptable here.

    Drives you nuts, don't it?
  11. My Lord, this place is going down the drain fast!
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  12. What a fucking waste of time and space you all are. Sir, you are a loser.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    So says the chicken shit hiding behind a guest account.

    LOLing at the irony.
  14. Anonymous Member

    damn mods, nice moving! and fast too!
  15. It's raining troll haleluja
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Still something a client should consider, as he hasn't taken the usual hippocratic vows of the profession.
  17. Anonymous Member

    So much derail, All those churches "backing"abortion
  18. Therapist is not a protected title, I can bne a toadlick therapist if I wanted too
  19. Anonymous Member

    Dear respected comrades,

    As we are all in this closely knit community, Anonymous, based off of the fundamental principles of Truth and Freedom. I herby humbly will call out to ALL my Anonymous, and give them yet another opportunity to embrace these values in a practical sense, and truly defend people in dire need and help for those values.

    My fellow members, the people of Egypt, alongside their Arab brethren stood up about 2 years ago, to stand for the very same values we are promoting, Truth and Freedom. Alongside their comrades on the streets, they peacefully protested against the authoritarian, barbaric regimes, and successfully toppled them with enough collective effort. This massive awakening is what we know as the "Arab Spring".

    Our position to help our fellow brethren in their commitment to freedom is absolutely NECESSARY, and can only show to us how much of commitment we have to these values.

    As you may have already seen, our brothers in Egypt recently elected their first democratically elected president, a major win for freedom.

    However, since the revolution did nothing but topple the figurehead of the poisonous and filthy regime that existed in Egypt, the infrastructure of the country was left in the same exact state. National security, police, ministries, and most of all, the military, remain rife with corruption and act as the cancer of the just and free society we hope our brothers in humanity can reach.

    Nonetheless, the elected government wouldn't last long, as it opposed the widespread cancerous, corrupted "inner-state" of thugs, billionaires and corrupt officials, and we saw yet another horrendous demonstration of a complete OPEN and HONEST COUP and ouster of democracy and the voice of the people.

    The military went on to dismantle the democratically elected institutions, and even the CONSTITUTION.

    What's left you may wonder? Well, they placed all the corrupt officials back in place, but since this isn't the 60's and the people are "awakened", we have seen literally millions of people in Rab'aa Square and other squares across the country, that have demonstrated for us the true meaning of patient protest in the face of oppression, all in an amazing sense of brotherhood an unity, without violence, for the cause of Truth and Freedom.

    My dear comrades, if this isn't enough reason to entice us to help take a strong stance, you need to know that's not where it stops.

    The government did not make any clear intention on dispersing the protests violently, however ...

    Ever since the protests began, police and MILITARY crackdown has occurred, killing 500 people in previous occasions, and finally ....

    Today being the worst, mass police and military attack on the peaceful protests make the street a war zone, resulting in THOUSANDS dead, many of them had their brains blown to bits and many were burned.


    In order for us to truly be honest to ourselves and our virtues, it is in my opinion that a MAJOR OPERATION MUST BE DONE AGAINST THE EGYPTIAN MILITARY AND GOVERNMENT FOR ITS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and so I call all of you to ACTION.

    Your support and feedback and well appreciated
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Dear World Revolution,

    Fuck Off.

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  21. So says the one hiding behind an ANONYMOUS posting. LOLing at the fucking irony!
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  22. Mike Rinder run OSA for years. He was the guy behind all the black Ops on ex culties for years. He has not come clean yet. Marty Rathbun was above him and running his ass to get more black ops running. Now the want to make it look like they are fucking Saints.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like a very spiritual church there.
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  24. vous anglais va pas per culotus
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  25. Hello fake me.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Best way to distract from the current sad state of affairs the church finds itself in is to do something big. This is it.
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  27. BigBeard Member

    What are they planning to do, fly every $cientologist in the world in???

    That's the only way I see them coming even close to that many people attending. Or will there only be 10,000 people in the PR pictures they release??

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  28. anonamus Member

    Hence the expression "draw 10,000 scientologists".
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  29. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    when we protested at the Shrine Auditorium in LA one time a homeless guy said he was bused to the place to attend the event. Don't know if that was true or a normal procedure to fill seats.
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  30. RightOn Member

    they must mean "draw" like an artists rendering LOL!!!
    Wonder what medium they will pick? Chalk or colored pencils?
    shoop please!
  32. Random guy Member

    So, they'll open the beast at last. Now it's AmaX and crews' time to shine!
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  33. You are the fake one. Bye fake.
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  34. Where are you going?
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  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. RightOn Member

    love the shoops
    thanks for the giggles

    Can someone please answer these questions?
    If they are going to put people on the spinny gyro thingy, then doesn't it have to be checked out by the state and state regulated or whatever?
    I mean even a freaking Ferris wheel at a fair has guidelines to follow?
    And what about the people administering it? Don't they have to be some sort of professional with some sort of medical background?
    Are they going to have nurses and doctors on call or on the premises if something happens? And we know it will.
    I mean to have insurance for this kind of set up must be insanely costly and if it isn't, ARE they insured enough?
    Would love it if someone called after they open to ask what would happen if someone gets injured and if they are insured for it.
    I guess that is one way of paying off your free loader debt! LOL!
    OR getting your money back.
    Oh lawyers line up! I can just smell the court cases from here. CA-CHING!

    OR are they NOT going to offer the spinny thing?
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  39. laughingsock Member

    its time to follow the union's example and get our self's a anonobus and reach over 9000 protesters in Lil old Clearwater.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    I expect that waivers will be presented to participants and these cultists 'parishioners' will be expected to sign off on these waivers.

    The waivers will exclude protect the cult 'church' and/or 'religious technology center' from any liabilities if anyone loses their mind, their life or their money, while engaging these bogus 'spiritual' technologies.

    IOW, you buy the ticket (and sign the waiver) and you take the ride. If you are harmed or die, you won't receive medical attention, or a funeral. You'll get kicked to the curb.

    Looking forward to a leak of the waiver documents, and the body count.
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