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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. RightOn Member

    oh I know they will have to sign waivers. And besides as a loyal clam, you are not supposed to sue the COS. lol
    I am wonderng if the state has to regulate anything and if not, then why?
    oh maybe the health dept.? Who would approve all this wacky shit?
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  2. pooks Member

    It's time for all of you keyboard warriors to to get active. Oct 6th is a Sunday. We should all descend on Clearwater and protest the fuck out of this cult and make some media of it and piss the shit out out DM!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    First time I saw a 'spinny gyro thingy' was 20+ years ago while passing out scilon literature at a local fair. The gyro was offered as a ride, pay your ten bucks, get spun around for a few minutes. It took a few minutes to get a person strapped in properly, iirc. not a fast process. Looked dizzying to me but not dangerous
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  4. Will Super Dave be there?
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the heads-up !
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I eagerly look forward to the future group of "apostates: who blow because they realizr that after spending another few thousand on sooper powahs, they were duped. There are no supah powers.
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  7. It's a privilege to have super powers.........wheeeeeewwwwww....woooh
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  8. Budd Member

    I'll be there. It's only a short drive from Orlando.
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  9. Howard Hunt Member

    Im already there, yes this will be somthing to behold. How nice of them to hold it on a sunday.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Security will be extra specially tight, large tent to keep out SP's. Challenge accepted.
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Random guy Member

    Pretty much. I saw it up at the uni a few years back. Looks impressive, but the idea is that with a little training, you can spin the thing your self, just like you can swing yourself on a swing. When you do that it is neither disorienting nor nauseating. You get short of breath pretty fast though, using your body to create the spin is hard work.
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  13. OTeleventy Member

    I'd love to go to stupor power and protest. But only for the chicken. Because for me, it's all about KFC. I mean it's just good chicken. And also only for Jerry O'Connell. I mean, for me, funny is so sexy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 1!!! 1. [now watch for my serious face.]
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  14. Quentinanon Member

    If the SP building ever does open for business, time will tell how the marks respond to getting spun around, inflicted with pain, and greased up. The SP Rundown truly takes scientology to a new level of crazy.
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  15. incog712 Member

    One more possibility for the sudden rush to open up the building whether or not any supertoys for superpowahs are even in place may be that the continual focus on superpowah regging has finally caught up with the cult in the form of it's near stalled and failing idle morgue program. If so, it would only be because Davey has finally realized that there really is a limit to how much cash he can squeeze out of the clams and that it's drying up.

    About 5 years late and $100 million short but it's a big step for the little fella.
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  16. pooks Member

    The cult will surely hired CW PD or some kind of rent a cop to keep protesters away from the event. This should be considered for anyone planning to protest.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I keep visualizing the bastard stepchild of William Gibson and Animal House: An RC balloon or Drone all gussied up like 'cake' flying overhead, everyone will want to know who brought it and coo about how theta it is while it records their every action, muhahahaha! ...
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    Definitely agree with you pooks on the scilons hiring goons and cops for this event. In fact, since this is The Big Building opening, wouldn't be surprised to see a whole lot of them. Probably will also add to their 200 cameras, or whatever they already have, throughout downtown.

    But on the picture ID's, wow, WTF. Never heard of them doing that before. Paranoid cult is paranoid.

    What's next - snipers on the rooftops?
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  20. Anonymous Member

    They moved into Clearwater with snipers on the rooftops 35 years ago. Still, they'll be frogmarched back out soon enough.
  21. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    In LA they would get a movie permit, which essentially allowed them to control even the sidewalks. Is there such a thing in Florida?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Don't know about movie permits, but the Tampa Bay Times article said this:
    So yeah, they will probably control a good part of downtown Clearwater that day. Which means no protestors are likely to get within several hundred feet of the venue and anyone trying to cross into their control zone will be nailed for trespassing.

    Remember, there was an arrest of an Anon at CC Nashville at their Ideal Org opening. Looked bogus but it happened and killed the protest. Then the Anon had to take the time and money to clear his name. Long-time CW Anon amaX was arrested at a protest by the CW PD. That was bogus but she was in jail for a few days, strip search included. Yeah, she was ultimately found not guilty, but she had to spend the time and money to go to clear her name. And in the end, I don't think either arrest did much of anything to help take down the cult.

    So would anyone be really surprised if something like that got rigged occurred at the cult's looong-awaited Super Power building opening?
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  23. Anonymous Member

    So would anyone be really surprised that we run this?

  24. Super=power Building, cummooooonn, even Superman had some flaws, bullets bounced off his chest but he ducks the tossed gun and what the fook is with his disguise?

    Mild-mannered news reporter Clark Kent takes his glasses off and all of a sudden nobody knows who da fuck this dude in the silly costume is?

    I wonder if Jimmy Olsen will be covering the opening of Scientology super-power building for the Daily Planet?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Correction that Anon sued and settled out of court for enough money that neither 44 or Elby seem to have to work.

    As for amaX, lessons learned. The difference between anons and scilons is that anons understand applied knowledge, CoS not so much.

    I would even guess they will send their shills onto this forum to try to discourage us from protesting. Not that it would work, but hey, they can always try.
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  26. Darth Xander Member

    When they reopened the Fort Harrison they blocked everything off such that when the CW Anons met in the City Hall parking lot they pretty much had to stay there for the duration.
  27. RightOn Member

    we need heliicopter footage!
    They can't stop the copters LOL

    would be great to have a plane go buy and do a fly over the crowd with a banner in the sky.
    there must be someone who is name fagged who has money to burn and could splurge on this one? :p
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  28. Random guy Member

    These things still legal?

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  29. RightOn Member

    Aerial Advertising Statistics
    • 88% Of the people surveyed recalled the passing of the banner within the last 30 minutes.
    • 79% Of the people surveyed recalled what was advertised.
    • 67% Of the people surveyed could recall at least one-half of the message.

    Arial Advertsing in Clearwater

    Careful you don't hire a clam company :oops:
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Any billboards available in the area? How about one of those trucks with the signs on it? Thing is, they will have to park people somewhere and shuttle them in. No way all of those folks will fit at Ft. Harrison hotel. They have to come from somewhere. We could protest in multiple locations with maximum impact if we can find out where they will be housing clams.
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  31. rickybobby Member

    I like this. Rather than trying to protest the venue, protest at where these folks are STAYING. They will be there the night before... they can't control the entirety of downtown clearwater for 24 hours.
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  32. RightOn Member

    either way, billboards or aerial advertising is tres $$$$ AND you have to namefag yourself in the process
    must be other cheaper ways to out smart the clams too.
    has anyone contacted local businesses who are not clam owned for their feelings on this?
    How about that guy who had the sign in his window about being the only place not owned by Scientology?
    There must be some town meetings scheduled that will be taking place before the opening in Oct. that residents can attend? Or are they too scared?
  33. Anonymous Member

    Not sure if this is a good idea or not. Going to where they are staying means hotels, etc., and Clearwater is a tourist destination. It's one thing for Anons in Guy Fawkes masks to protest the cult. It's entirely another thing to do it at hotels where owners and operators may treat you as someone trying to hurt their business. Just sayin'.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Long day.
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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Who doesn't like an 18-hour raid?! ;)
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  37. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    The local paper at least used to have a rule against taking Scientology-related ads. The airplane banner we did was I think $500. Any advertising is expensive, and problematic because Scientology will scream religious persecution or whatever when they get wind of it. For example, I think in 1998 Frank Oliver bought ads to put on the buses the day we protested in Clearwater. As soon as the Scilons saw them, they threatened the city with some legal action and the signs were removed minutes later.

    Protesting is cheap and legal, and usually great fun. I like the idea of protesting, even if you're kept a long distance away. Usually you can still find some good location, along the roads into the area or whatever. Scout out the area the night or day before. That's how the Entheta Mobile came to be...

    The Entheta mobile was the result of some recon the night before our protest, and some quick thinking. Scientology had parked Uhaul trucks all along the sidewalk in front of the Sandcastle hotel in order to block their view of anybody protesting out there. They had left a tiny gap between 2 trucks just across from the entrance, however. A quick-thinking protester borrowed a car for the evening and stuck it in that spot. In the morning he rented a pickup and, with the help of a professional driver, got the truck into that tiny spot. For the rest of the day we used it as a resting station and had a great time.

    this also reminds me that Arnie rented a Uhaul truck and had it wrapped with appropriate signs, then just drove around downtown Clearwater.
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  38. MOOG Member

    lol ^LIES
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  39. rickybobby Member

    Damn. I'm sooooo busted. Off to the hole for me!
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Worth pointing out this comment is by a SF oldfag who, judging by what they have upvoted lately, doesn't like the n00b OP. Just sayin'
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