The AvS Derail Thread

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. MOOG Member

    RickyBobby is a fine woman, not OSA. was simply pointing that out.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Troll much?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    We know you don't like the OP. We get that. But, it is very harsh and uncalled for to lead them into a blatant tarp. That's going a bit too far imo.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    It's not Thursday, no need to get desperate.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Right. Well I would even guess that OSA will send their shills onto this forum to try to let our guards down so they can entrap us during the protest of their biggest opening ever. Not that it would work, but hey, they can always try.

    See how that works?

    As always, everyone has the right to protest. We're Anons! But anyone going to Clearwater better not be so stupid to think this is their local, puny Idle Morgue. It's the opening of their $160 million mecca.

    In fact, some very good points have already been brought up by some definitely legitimate sources about how it works in Clearwater and that the scilons are already upping their game:

    - Rinderburn2 posted a leak of how they are doing picture IDs for attendees.

    - Pooks warned of CW PD and rent-a-cops being hired.

    - Jeff Jacobsen validly asked if they might be closing down the sidewalks, to which it was pointed out from Tampa Bay Times article that it looks like they are.

    - Darth Xander noted that at the Ft. Harrison opening (a big deal, but nowhere near as big as this), the Anons basically had to stay in the City Hall area for the duration.

    Then there was some valid points about the fact that there will probably be lots of CWPD and goons and maybe even rooftop snipers. This is not tinfoil speculation, but being brought up because the scilons have done this before in Clearwater.

    I see no harm done by going over what any Anon might really encounter so they can plan accordingly. But I see a big problem if someone shows up there in an uneducated manner, falls into a trap and gets their ass arrested.

    Because, you know, we understand applied knowledge while the CoS not so much.

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  6. rickybobby Member

    Are you calling me a blatant tarp? Is that anything like a loud muu-muu? Or did you mean CARP, like a brightly colored fish?????
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Who is "We"
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Don't know, might discourage people from doing business with the cult and as long as local laws are obeyed, why not? I'm not saying protest private homes or even in front of hotels, but I am saying all those clams have to park somewhere and then be shuttled in to the venue. Protest there.
  10. Anonymous Member

    More than you could imagine.
  11. Anonymous Member

    OP is trolling some oldfags. And doing a great job of it too. Been a while since that last happened.
  12. RightOn Member

    you know I hope the Mayor and other town officials who are going to be asked to make all these compromises like shutting streets down and moving trees realize that there is no way in hell that 10,000 people are going to show up to this thing.
    before they start licking their chops and saying "ZOMG Clearwater economy boost" someone should tell them that the cult is WAY off in their numbers.
    Also be on the look out for local papers carrying adds for jobs. They just may be seat filler jobs
    Even though people who enter will have IDS they have plenty of time to hire people and get them IDS to enter
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Food, wait staff, set up crew, cooks, maids, laundry guys, valets bell hops, bartenders the list goes on and on. I hope they have enough Sea Org to make it happen. If not, temp agencies will need lots of skilled workers.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Hi Paul.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Where's Paul J. Salerno when you need him?
  16. rickybobby Member

    Hey! You calling me an OldFag? That's a compliment, I guess. There are some damn smart OldFags around here, and I am proud to be put in that class. Even tho I am not, really.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Outing anon posts by abusing your mod powers is not on. Reported.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    not a mod. Hi Paul.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    I'm still aghast at the 'temporary' tree removal. Say WHAT? Are they bulldozing mature trees? Are they gonna bother to try to remove them root balls and all with an attempt to replant, and if so, what provisions are they going to take to keep the trees moist and watered? If and when they can be arsed to replant will they be putting in the mature trees or do they have a bunch of seedlings from a McDonald's eco promotion to put back in? Are they gonna take care of the trees they uproot or replant? A former landscaper's laborer's mind boggles.

    It just raises so many questions for me, and should make red lights flash in the brain of anyone from Clearwater. They are going to further mutilate your downtown with a rubberstamp and nary a care in the world.I cannot think of any 'church', even the money-grubbing Jim and Tammy kind, asking to destroy city plantings for an event. Who the fuck are they to question the trees of Clearwater.

    PS: For a bunch of people supposedly saving the planet they're doing it horribly wrong.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Question: What do SF fags thing about this?
  21. skeptic2girl Member

    Realizing internet trolls are like pigeons. It seems harmless to feed them, but then they shit all over you. I think I shall take my stale bread elsewhere!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Mod here: Who TF is Paul?
  23. Anonymous Member

    lurk moar?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Alien from a Simon Pegg movie?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Paul Jay Salerno aka Ismokeeithxenu aka...
    Help me out here, guys: SFOSABully, was it?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Meant to say ismokewithxenu
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  27. Asheera Member

    I've had my fun. Only useful post ITT is the above. What say you?
  28. Shushh! I've recently entered loud muumuu territory. I have to realize that while I lack sexy anymores, I can, in it's stead, enturbulate some poor bastard's eyeballs... It's almost a superpower!;)
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  29. rickybobby Member

    Can we dome this mess or at least call it a derail? I am beginning to doubt that OP is a noob or genuine. God, I can be so naive. I was all excited that a noob actually wanted to protest! Sigh.
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  30. skeptic2girl Member

    SF Anon consensus is that this thread is a trolly time-waster.
    We're done with it.
    Feel free to close it/delete it/whatevs, Asheera.
    Thanks! :)
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  31. Anonymous Member

    No one really knows if it was a troll or not but I would guess that if they weren't a troll they've been soundly beaten and have left the building.
  32. MOOG Member

  33. Asheera Member

    To be fair to the OP, I have been trolling the shit out of this thread and none of the later posts were by the OP. I know where moarxenu stands, and I think you and MOOG have been clear enough. Still want this shifted?
  34. rickybobby Member

    If you are the one that called me an OSA tarp, I tip my Tiara to you. Well done.
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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    Maybe leave the first post and the second post; delete the rest and close the thread?
    No need to erase OP's post; the link to our thread is handy, but the rest is useless.
  36. Asheera Member

    Will do. AvS derail thread here we come.
  37. She was only in jail a few hours not a few days. Why so hyperbole?
  38. Budd Member

    So we probably can't get onto the sidewalks right in front of the building, but the people have to come from somewhere, they have to be bussed in from hotels or the airport. Say, small groups of Anons with signs a block away at the various entrances to the cordoned-off areas?
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Don't quite get the question but here are the actual facts after using a little Google-fu (won't post any links for obvious anti-namefag reasons):

    The time of booking was 14:54 on 7-6. She was released at 00:07 on 7-7. So that comes out to 9:13 hours.

    So a few hours or few days - whatever. I don't think an Anon should have to face ANY jail time. We want Bubba to have all his energy saved up for the midget and the cult.
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  40. A few hours compared to a few days is a huge difference when it comes to being behind bars. It's hardly a case of "whatever". Next time stick to the facts instead of exaggerating.
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