The AvS Derail Thread

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    It's weird that you post here as a guest.
    Not sure why that is as a lot of time has gone by, but it is strange.
    Don't know what that is about.
    Derail over.
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  2. RolandRB Member

    The way out is the way though!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I put Miscavige Wraps in my trough and now my pigs have Super Powers!
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  4. RolandRB Member

    I have just found out the E/P of the Cause Resurgence Rundown. It is "now I know I am not at the right IAS level and I am upgrading to the next highest level".
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  5. They are looking at Patron Maxiumus Trophy, the next level after Diamond Excalibur.
  6. Are you accusing me of something? What's your point.

    I have never been able to get approved here and have always had to post as a guest.
  7. Freak, could you possibly put DM in a thong or a mankini in front of the oiliness table? It would be most useful in our dissemination campaign!

    Something like:


    or even:
  8. RolandRB Member

    Please, somebody, look out for the toilet units and photograph them and post them here. Also any maintenance of them with photos, including times of day.

    I have the feeling that Herr Dwarf has micromanaged this and that there is going to be a minor humanitarian disaster associated with it.
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  9. You mean it won't just be Anons pissing themselves when the Stupid Powers Building is opened, and the big spenders start to see the big bad wizard is in fact a tiny cowardly man behind a curtain?
  10. RolandRB Member

    Something like that. My calculations suggest that their toilet arrangements are grossly inadequate both in terms of numbers and access to maintenance and that they will run into severe problems about 17:00 on the first day. I would like to see photos of it all if possible and posted here. I think it is going to be a spectacular disaster that needs to be recorded for history that shows these idiot clams that Herr Dwarf is just a stupid little dictator without a brain in his thetan trap.

    If somebody turns up with a Canon SX50 HS we might get some choice shots of clams relieving themselves outside the tent and all taken from a safe distance. Such photos might be quite marketable.
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I still like where this thread is going, but I don't like where those clams are going. They need proper facilities for squeezing out Hubturds and taking Pisscaviges. Bushes... no.

    Damn, that would be lulzy, though. But just ew.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I would think they would have had to include that information to get the permits from the city. I know here when events of that size are brought to local government's attention, especially when held outdoors, temporary facilities are addressed. I believe they even have some ratio of JOHNNY-on-the spots (portable toilets) per specified number of anticipated guests required, regardless of the number of indoor restrooms facilitators of the event claim will also be available. It's to help ensure that people don't feel the need to relieve themselves just anywhere outdoors, which would cause a potential health hazard, citations for indecent exposure, and ADA complaints.

    I googled, and even FEMA gets involved in waste elimination plans for events. Lulz.

    Information courtest of <snicker>
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  13. Anonymous Member

    IAS Patrons get the upgraded versions of the portapotties - they have toilet paper.

    The downstats have to postulate themselves clean and dry.
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  14. The Wrong Guy Member


    By Tony Ortega

    With Scientology’s “Super Power Building” opening this Sunday, we’re counting down the days with some of the wild schematics of contraptions that were planned for the space-aged fifth floor. Check out this breakaway of the “Sound Room,” which another architectural drawing says will be where Scientologists go to test their sense of “Sound, pitch, tone, volume, rhythm, and sound direction.”
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. whitesand Member

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  17. RightOn Member

    COS better be grinding up pepto bismal to put in their "parishioner's" food to slow down the "thetan extractions", or the shit is really going to hit the fan.
    In more ways than one ;)
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  18. Anonymous Member

    So many LOGistic questions!
    Potty placement will undoubtedly lead to some getting used much more frequently than others. How will this affect maintenance time?
    Are sea ogres going to ensure potties get flushed so potential users don't pass one by?
    Will both genders be sharing the same facilities? Urinals or no urinals?
    Toilet paper? (or will members have to resort to using TWTH booklets?)
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  19. RolandRB Member

    Sea Org members are notorious for stealing toilet paper. Look out for padded bums and bras and oversized lunchboxes.
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  20. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    This would be a good area to picket where you would be sure that sooner or later everybody would see your signs.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Does that mean they have to listen to 'Space Jazz'?
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  22. Scientology Heaven must look like this:

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  23. Please tell me what keywords you used when searching for that image?
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  24. toilet paper mountain
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  25. RightOn Member

    David Miscavige's bathroom
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  26. prepared Scientologist

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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. RightOn Member

    they should go on Shark Tank with that one
    This person looks like Katie Holmes when she was still in the COS and looking kinda icky, pale and tired
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Toilet of an Ex Scientologist because of toiletpaper engramm

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  31. RightOn Member

    all prepared for being stuck in an excrement incident?

    ok enough bathroom humor
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Right before incident two the obceen dog
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  33. Anonymous Member

    The battle has begun:

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  34. In my defence, I fully intended to contribute $500, but I deducted $1 every time a mod has irritated me.

    Long story short, you owe me $718. Please let me know how you wish to pay.

    Also, to the people running around screaming "OSA!!!" every time someone trolls you - it is possible that your inanity winds up non-OSA, non-Scientology people as well. I know its nice to feel wanted, but you are reaching somewhat...
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  35. Can we just make a statement, very clearly, that Indies will not be part of this event at all.

    I think that will make it simple and honest.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    No offense was intended, I simply wondered if someone may have been using your name in a guest account.
    Sometimes that does happen here.
    I had no idea that someone could 'not get approved.'
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  37. RightOn Member

    cripes, they should have hooked up with David Copperfield (is he still working?) or some other magician. This smoke and mirrors pony show is ridic.
    Although with all the OTS in the COS, I still don't understand nor will they explain the reason why all this hoopla is even necessary. (yeah I know regging) They should just all postulate their own freaking planet and go live there so they can be free from all the wogs and SPs of this prison planet.
    But noooooo
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  38. DeathHamster Member

    Flag Building = Super Taco = Building Full of Stuff Miscavige Thought was New and Cool in 1993.
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  39. RolandRB Member


    Sir, We have been involved in this project for several months. The Church of Scientology has met all fire code requirements regarding this temporary structure including providing flame retardant certification paperwork for all fabric material inside and out. The inspections are being done though the standard practice setup through the building department permit process and an inspector will be assigned to cover all events occurring inside.
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  40. Quentinanon Member

    Mod edit: No. Just no. Hang your head for suggesting that.

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