The Bazaar non-protest

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by ech0, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. ech0 Member

    This is the idea I have seen in the news. The idea is to cram the markets full of people not buying anything. The only addition to this is a suggestion that you bring something, or a few things along with you just in case you are questioned you can "show" them some stuff you have supposedly bought.
    Here is a discussion of the idea on Reddit:
    Brilliant: Iranian Protesters Switch Tactics to Bewilder and Confound, Take to the Bazaars to Shop : worldnews

    And here is a post from an unregistered individual telling you not to do it with his reasons why he thinks it's a trap.

    Make up your own minds. If you do go, I also suggest staggering your arrival time. to something other than 9AM and wearing clothes you don't normally wear.
  2. good idea is good

    bump for great justice
  3. Flashmob tech at work
  4. skollie-IRAN Member

    Isn't this what the protesters were attempting to do today?
  5. ech0 Member

    Yes. But I did not see it posted here.
  6. maxoud Member

    I don't know why they didn't broadcast it in Persian BBc, VOA,etc. Or on most of the Internet sites.

    It's a wounderful idea, but people should here it first.
  7. doesn't matter if no one hears about it (outside of iran). it stops the engine of the economy. it places the regime under siege without firing a shot. right now, the basij are getting paid. things change when the regime can no longer afford to pay them.
  8. maxoud Member

    Of course you are right, but I was speaking about inside of Iran.
    as far as I see, to most of my friends or people I speak with(I'm in Tehran), just few of them are fimiliar with this strategy.
  9. then SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD, dear brother. Good idea is good, and it could probably more effective and save lives. Stop the economy.

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