The Beauty that is Iran

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Twister, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Twister Member

    Found this article in the Guardian.

    It was inspiring to me to read this, given all that's going on. A nice breath of fresh air. I post it hoping others find it so.

    A tour of rural Iran | Travel | The Guardian | Travel | The Guardian

    It is far too long to post here, but please... give it a read.

    Just an excerpt, but that in bold is what the world needs to know, recognize, take to heart and act upon.... we are all human, well... maybe not the regime... heh.

    What a beautiful culture. I hope to do such a thing as this trip one day, in a free Iran, without teenagers in a "sea of black".

    I post this not as a distraction from all that is going on, but for me it helped to re-'humanize' Iran in its culture and marvelous people.
  2. Jakomeyu Member

    sounds interesting. would love to see what the country is like

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