The Big Ex COS Member List Hits Over 1900!

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by RightOn, May 27, 2012.

  1. RightOn Member

    Today on Sunday May 27th, the Big List of COS Members Who Left Scientology and Spoke out just hit over 1800 names. YAY!!!

    The list's actual birth date is June 26th 2009.
    Guess the list got an early b-day present. :)
    Hard to believe I have been working on that list for 3 freakin' Years.

    I would like to thank all who have helped and continue to help. You know who you are!

    Sadly, I wish this list had more legs and it was out there more.
    This list speaks volumes and is a wealth of information and has many ex COS stories. It is a geat reference for journalists or researchers and it also kicks COS in the pants with their claims that "only a few disgruntled COS member have left".
    Paging Ortega!!

    You can find the original thread link here which is still used for adding name.

    After the wiki went belly up,
    Anon Another123 was kind enough to put the ex list here and is always a HUGE help! {hug}

    Also the WWP Wiki was restored and can be found here, but it's not updating all the time and it's numbers don't match the newer list.

    Would love a press release!!!

    Onward to 2000!

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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. amaX Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Patience - wait for 2000. Make it big. There are at least four names I know that are not on the list, and I suspect they will be making their names known shortly. And that's just my country. 2000 doesn't seem so far away, so wait for the big 2k milestone.
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  5. RightOn Member

    YAY another 4!
    fresh meat? lol nice!
    as far as a press release..
    like I said I have been doing this for 3 years and to hit 2000 would take a very long time unless there is a VERY huge constant deluge. 200 names is a lot to get.
    I say do the press release for 1800. I think it's perfect timing with what is going on with the media, with Travolta, narconon and so on.
    we can of course can skip a 1900 press release and wait for 2000.

    OR!!!! I would be more than satisfied if Ortega would do a little write up. That would suffice!
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  6. Incredulicide Member

    Can you please mention that the primary wiki is now

    The costruth one is a backup, but I can just copy/paste the same wiki sauce to it, as long as I remember to keep doing that :)

    BTW, being some hours behind means I have fewer corrections to make :p
  7. RightOn Member

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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Ya know, that this project got even as far as it did is an amazing thing, shows awesome dedication and determinzation. As a resource it is fabulous, so yes, should be spread far and wide, especially on sites within the latest CoS recruitment areas like S.A., Phillipines, Taiwan, Japan, and always Russia and independant states.
    Thank you RO and crew, also thanks for posting the various to-date links too!

    Giant cake & cheers!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Congratulations on reaching this milestone. This work is important in debunking the Scientology corporation's lie. There are 1800 people who have spoken out publicly about the abuses and crimes they experienced firsthand. Their stories all support and corroborate each other's. The only people who believe the corporation's lie are those still in.

    This list is among one of WWP's greatest accomplishments. You have much to be proud of RightOn.
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  10. jensting Member

  11. incog712 Member

    Margarita anyone?

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  12. RightOn Member

    thanks guys! it means a lot
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Anybody who wants to know why we protest only has to start in on this list of over one thousand eight hundred people who have each individually spoken out publicly about the abuses they have seen within the "Church" of Scientology.
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  14. Wow this is what I call an incredible job. Get involved in the movement and anon do its part as you did the whole tone has honneur.Big congratulations right on member!!!.
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  15. Herro Member

    Very cool. Keep up the great work RightOn. Many people who leave groups like Scientology feel very isolated and alone at first- it's one of the reasons many people who leave end up returning. A list like this is an invaluable way of trying to help these folks feel like they aren't alone- and to show them that others have made the transition successfully.
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  16. ufofree Member

    Fantastic milestone. Gr8 work
  17. RightOn Member

    ok who posted for Hero and what have they done with him?
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  18. Herro Member

    I just calls em like I sees em.

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  19. Anonymous Member

    Herro = Grebe
  20. RightOn Member

    I would like to wish the Big List a
    Three years ago today on June 26th 2009, the list was launched on WWP.
    Three years of plowing through text, a whole lot of searching, translating and adding the names of people who finally saw the light and left the COS.
    It has inspired some to come forward and to add their names and the emails that I received were one of the reasons why it kept me going.
    May it grow to enormity!
    And hopefully some day, everyone will be out of the COS and this list will be no longer needed.
    Forever it will remain a part of the history of the help in taking down the cult of Scientology.

    I would like to thank each and every one of you who has helped with the Big List both past and present. Also the wiki old and new and now of course the Big List on Yahoo thanks to Another 123.
    Thanks to all who have conrtibuted names, leads, cheered people on, and who have supported this project since the start and made it what it is today!
    Carry on you glorious bastards! Onward to 2000!

    Now get back to work!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Happy 3rd Birthday List!
    So many people are grateful to have you. May you grow and grow and grow.
    Happy, happy, happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  22. Anonymous Member

    "All's I know is... " :|
  23. Gottabrain Member

    Ah, Finally!! An old friend of mine - David Layne - a former ASHO SO member from the 70s-80s and former LRH Comm who has been on my FB a while finally spoke out against Scientology on his FB. Please add to list:
    David Layne
    While I really don't give a flying fuck about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise and their child,all this press has inspired me to finally speak out about Scientology.I've avoided it for years,due to fear of retribution from the Church Of Scientology,because I know how far they will go to silence their detractors,but at this point,fuck 'em.Bring it on.I'm composing what will be a fairly long piece,which ...I will post on my blog and then post a link to on Facebook.I hope it will help in some small way,and it's long overdue.For now,let me just say that I was in the Sea Org,I signed the billion year contract,I drank the fucking Kool Aid,I know a lotta shit that they wish I didn't know,and I'm about to become a dangerous motherfucker.So to you C.O. S. assholes who I'm sure monitor FB for every mention of Scientology,Kiss My Ass.

    · 4 hours ago ·
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. RightOn Member

    thanks! will transfer over to the right thread.
  26. RightOn Member

    thanks do know exactly how long he was in? would like to add that info next to his name
    Don't need the actuall years he was in, just how long thanks
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  27. tigeratbay Member

    I will definitely be public this year, in some way. It will be my pleasure to be on the list. :D

    Kudos :) to RightOn and all others who are helping. Wow 3 years, that's beats them all.
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  28. SPRTT Member

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Even when the sunlight is temporarily replaced by the flashes of paparazzi cameras.
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  29. RightOn Member

    It will be there waiting for you whenever you are ready to lend your name :)
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  30. This list makes it impossible for Scientology to claim that all abuse claims by exes are simply anecdotal complaints from disgruntled former members who are now apostates making up stories. Almost two thousand exes (all with similar stories of abuse) who have not only left but have had the courage to speak out for those still trapped, I admire them all.

    Thx, RightOn, gl on 2,000, it's only a matter of time and a big help for those 'millions' (lol) still laboring in Hubbard's scam.
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  31. Anonymous Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    so that means there's only 3 people left in the cult
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  33. RightOn Member

    this is an excellent time for the list to be out in the public!
    I am asking all to spread this far and wide. Any meida, news article comments, blogs, blog comments, whatever.
    At almost 1850 people on the list now, it needs to be out there!!
    It is chock full of ex members stories, court cases, videos, ect...
    A treasure trove for the media right now.
    It can even be presented to media that have already interviewed an ex member.
    You can say, "you recently interviewed an ex member of the Church of Scientology, well here is a list of almost 1800 people who have left and who have also spoken out. The list also contains some celebrities"

    and here is the heading from the wiki:
    "The following is a list of people that have left the official Church of Scientology organization and have spoken out publicly against it. Although some of them still believe in the validity of the core precepts and practice them outside of the Church of Scientology, all of them have denounced the legitimacy of the organization itself. The names are listed alphabetically by last name. As of the last count, there are 1848 names on this list.

    The purpose of this list is to give courage to others who are still in to finally leave, or those who have already left to speak out. Also, perhaps those that are still in may recognize a name they may have known before and are unaware they have left. It is also important to show how extensive this list is, especially now that some senior former members have come forward. The list demonstrates that there is a significant problem with organized Scientology."

    The list is housed in TWO Places

    The wiki
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  34. CantiSama Member

    Congratulations, drinks all around and lets move on to 2000!
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  35. Etain Member

    Tweeted! :D
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  36. RightOn Member

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  37. RightOn Member

    WE JUST HIT 1900!!!
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  38. Random guy Member


    RightOn, you are a bloody hero!
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  39. amaX Member

    oh, RO, this is freaking AWESOME! wooooHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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  40. RightOn Member

    everyone who worked/works on the list deserves a big pat on the back <3
    Celebrating tonight!
    Thanks to all who helped! Couldn't do it without them!

    onward to 2000! (eeessh!)
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