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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Mar 6, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member


    June 26th, 2013 will mark the Fourth Anniversary of RightOn’s Chanology Project - The BIG LIST!

    Through the diligent, unwavering commitment of RightOn, and many fellow Anons, the WWP BIG LIST Thread is now at 87 pages, with over 93,600 views … and the count of the individuals that have left the Church of Scientology and have spoken out continues to grow day by day.


    Well known to the many veteran members of WWP, Manchester Anons have set the Chanology Protest bar very high and kept it there or moved it even higher.

    Late last year, I noticed that the awesome Manchester Anons had added something interesting to their raids:


    A Manchester Anon explained to me that the practice had begun in July, 2012.

    I think that this is a brilliant idea, a good message to put out AFK, in public, if only for a few hours or so every month.

    I talked it over with the Anons local to me:



    Vancouver Anons have been doing this for the Vancouver Anonymous Raids since October 2012, and then sharing at least one photo of the flyer, with RightOn, post raid.

    More recent Post-Game Threads from Manchester show the Big List Flyer with QR Codes.*


    RightOn and I think it would be way cool to have The BIG LIST ~ Spread It Far & Wide AFK occur in as many cities as possible, with Post-Game Raid Photos of the Flyer posted into this thread.

    As RightOn has pointed out:

    “… Love this idea because the List can't be debunked or questioned because once anyone goes to the list all the info (or data) is right there to read. It is great for passers by and even better for publics going into the org as well as staff members."

    A final note from RightOn:

    “… for all those who have helped and continue to help with the list , your tireless efforts are much appreciated by all and worth their weight in gold. You know who you are.

    A very HUGE thanks to "Another123" for starting the 2nd list on Google and coming to the rescue when it disappeared. ”

    * Advice from a Manchester Anon:
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  2. another123 Member

    for anons creating posters/flyers about the BigList, the following shortcuts are available (WWP wiki shortcut forwards to back-up wiki till site is revived)
    edit: Added permanent shortcut to back-up
    Also can be found by googling: Scientology BigList
    [IMG] [IMG]
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  3. RightOn Member

    nice thread
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Manchester reporting in.
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  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Who is this RightOn you speak of?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Mention the big list everytime I comment on a scilon story.
    Dream of a sign: "2000+ ex-scientologists now on big pharma payroll" with big list url.
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    ^^^^^^^^ Nice Video!!! ^^^^^^^^^

    Thanks! <3
  10. Anonymous Member

    Vancouver Reporting, March 16th, 2013:

    March 15th_1.jpg

    March 15th_2.jpg

    March 15th_3.jpg
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  11. moarxenu Member

    Vancouver and Manchester's idea is brilliant. Every cell should be doing the same thing and making fliers to post at raids.
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  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Anonymous Member

    Vancouver - Saturday, 20th April, 2013:

    Chloe & BIG LIST.jpg

    PTS & Red Tie BIG LIST.jpg
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Good thing there's no date on those printouts, the count was already 2057 a week ago on wikia :p
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

    Then you should probably remove the "As of this morning" text, because RightOn was the one that added number 2057
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  17. RightOn Member

    This is so heart warming guys!
    Thank you as always!
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Vancouver Anonymous held their 64th consecutive Raid of the cult of scientology on Saturday, May 17th, 2013:


    As is usual, the cult was very displeased.
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  19. strobe Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    Bravo, Strobe! <3
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  21. MOOG Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

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  23. moarxenu Member

    Strobe's pic not showing up 4 me :(
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  24. Anonymous Member

    How is this one, moar? In the above photo, I've uploaded it instead of copypasta of the link in a PM with Strobe.

    Same with photo below:

    Big List Photo edit.jpg
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  25. moarxenu Member

    Excellent! Thank you, kind sir!
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  26. SPRTT Member

    Would love a compilation of all of these photo updates. Actually kinda got chills from all of these photos. Huzzah to Vanc and Manc!
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  27. RightOn Member

    back from a brief breather. this thread is looking deelish!
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  28. amaX Member

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  29. Anonymous Member

    Can haz re-up of QR codes plox?
  30. Anonymous Member

    This is a posting in an epic thread.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    This links to the google site:

    This links to the back-up wiki:
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Raid in Vancouver, June 22nd, 2013:



    Cult building undergoing some repairs, or so it appears...

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  33. moarxenu Member

    <3 the pic with Gerry Armstrong.
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  34. tigeratbay Member

    Yes. Hi Gerry! Nice to see your smiling face.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Raid in Vancouver, July 20th, 2013:

    Big List Shot.jpg

    Wrap-Around the poles tactics initiated.
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  36. anonamus Member

    That exes-who-have-spoken-out pole tech is a brilliant initiative. Must be really enturbulating the clams out of their brainwashed minds. Kow Pow to you guys.
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  37. I can just see the sour looks on their scrinched faces as they start tearing them off the poles. Too bad suckers, there's more coming.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Last month's Raid - June 22nd 2013 - we were only three at the protest for the first few hours.

    Two Anons had gone to the rear of the cult HQ in the lane way and I was alone out front.

    A scilon came out and walked to the pole, ripped down the flyer and returned to cult HQ.

    When I was re-joined by the other Anons, I reported the scilon action and then put the flyer up again, leaving it for the scilon to tear it down after the Van Anons left the Raid site.

    As can be seen in this post ITT -

    June Raid 203.jpg

    - I also used more than one pole.

    (Unlike the Manchester Anons, Vancouver City Bylaws prevent posting on the building).

    This has led to some innovations which will appear at the August 2013 Raid. These will be lulzy innovations. Stay tuned for the August 2013 report.
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  39. RightOn Member

    <3 ;)
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  40. Anonymous Member

    It'd be lulzy if the posters were on a remote controlled retractable thing that's attached 3 meters up the pole and you got video of the staff reaching for the poster only to have it yoinked out of reach.. multiple times XD
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