The Big Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes News Thread - Part the Third

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. RightOn Member

    saw in the store today...
    Katie Holmes on the cover of US Mag.
    Something about Tom being jealous about her seeing whoever...... yawn
  2. I once had dinner with katie and tom when they were still married.
    Katie cooked the meal and I knew she was in trouble when she wrote a message with the pea's saying please help me.
  3. RightOn Member

    Don't you mean "Peas Help Me"?
    yuk yuk yuk
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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I'm a pod by this display of poor taste, butter really bad pun is a knife way together reaction you want from the peanut gallery.

    Also, this:

    Tom Cruise reveals Suri is no longer a Scientologist… and admits religion DID play a part in Katie Holmes's divorce decision


    Radar have obtained a 48-page transcript of a grueling deposition held in September this year with attorney Elizabeth McNamara, in which Cruise admits he did not see his daughter Suri for 110 days after his divorce.
    Radar report how when asked if his wife Holmes had tried to 'protect' Suri from Scientology, Cruise hit back.
    'Listen, I find that question offensive,' he is quoted. 'I find it, those statements offensive. Like with any relationship, there are many different levels to it. You know, I, I find it very offensive. There is no need to protect my daughter from my religion.'

    Read more:
  5. RightOn Member

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  6. Anonylemmi Member

    Not even trying to translate that. I call spam.
  7. Bumping since the other megathreads for Tom & Katie are all locked now. Here's where to post if you wanna post a Tom and/or Katie story in a megathread.
  8. SlappyDM Member

    Just reading the book "Waiter to the Rich and Shameless" by Paul Hartford and came across this nugget...

    "Tom picked up baby Suri by one limb and handed her to Katie like a ragdoll, Katie exclaimed, “That’s no way to handle a child, Tom!” Her face flushed with anger and maternal protectiveness. “She’s fine, don’t worry!” he said with a smile. Suri didn’t seem to mind but to an outsider it didn’t look, shall we say, normal. He was manhandling the kid like a sack of potatoes for no obvious reason, as though it were important to show his manhood. That spells little-guy insecurity to me.

    Simultaneously, two tables over, I was serving Bruce Willis with his new wife, Emma, and to my surprise Demi and Ashton had joined them for the evening. But they were all so quiet and reserved I found that Cruise was much more exciting to watch. Cruise was gesturing passionately in his trademark couch-jumping style, jerking his head and hands around with his hair bouncing in perfect rhythm. He said to his guests, “When I go see a movie I want to be entertained! Not depressed!” Like a movie such as “Minority Report” isn’t depressing? I beg to differ, Tom. In spite of being handsome, he looks for all the world like the former seminary student he was, or maybe a prep school rich kid, with a “IV” after his name (which he has). My thoughts at that very moment were: Not everybody is entertained by the same things you are, Tom, that’s why there are different kinds of films… As a matter of fact I hate half of all the films you make, for the very reason that all they do is entertain then leave me feeling empty afterwards. Later on, it was odd when he got up and walked over to Demi’s and Bruce’s table –I watched the clashing of the titans before me. Tom with his ultra-clear-look-you-in-the-eye stare and very intentional conversation, weighing up against Willis’s smug, crooked, introverted smile. It was an odd moment for everyone, I believe. I didn’t get the feeling that Willis liked Cruise or thought about him very much at all, while Cruise strove mightily to always leave a powerful impression. These two giants of the movie industry collided awkwardly: Willis’ self-confident swagger vs.Cruise’s insecure macho bravado.
  9. failboat Member

    Matt Lauer brings up infamous Tom Cruise interview to Katie Holmes

    Excerpt - Following Cruise and Lauer’s heated debate over the use of antidepressants in 2005, Lauer mentioned the fiery interview to the actor’s ex-wife, Katie Holmes, on the “Today” show Tuesday, as she talked about her role as a bipolar poet in the new film “Touched With Fire.”
    “[The movie] asks the question, is it beneficial to treat these people with drugs,” Lauer, 58, stated. “You and I both remember a heated discussion I got into on that subject here in this studio. How do you think the movie comes down on that? Where do you think it leads the viewer?”
    Without hesitation, Holmes, 37, praised the film’s director, Paul Dalio, without a single mention of Cruise, 53.
    “What I think our director did a wonderful job with is this movie just kind of shows, this is it,” she noted. “These are these two characters in a love story, which he’s saying is kind of its own mania, to fall in love. But he puts the question of there for the audience to make that decision.”

    More here -
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  10. RightOn Member

    Katie was on Jimmy Fallon doing some sort of beer musical chairs game.
    I couldn't help but think of the COS musical chairs. Bohemian Rhapsody kept playing in my brain lol
    Good to see her looking good, free and about.
    Nobody should ever forget the way she looked when she was in the throws of the COS
  11. Tom Cruise set to move to Saint Hill Manor Scientology UK headquarters.

    Could this Daily Mail article possibly be correct?

    This is a long article with many pictures.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    EXCLUSIVE: A sprawling English estate fit for a king... of Hollywood! Tom Cruise set to pull up stakes and move to Saint Hill Manor, the former home of founder L. Ron Hubbard at Church of Scientology UK headquarters

    The vast 100-acre estate known as Saint Hill Manor, where founder L. Ron Hubbard lived, will now be the UK home of Cruise, seen in these exclusive aerial photos

    Cruise is selling his own English abode, Rede Place, he bought for $4.75 million in 2006 when he was with Katie Holmes

    It's currently listed for $7 million and is not far from Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, Sussex

    The actor wants to make the controversial religion's headquarters a major landmark – and has been dipping in to his own vast personal fortune to make it happen, sources claim

    Phil Major, a director of the local soccer club and not a Scientologist, received a rare invitation to the annual Scientology bash last October with 'bottomless Champagne and four-star food'

    Tom asked him to pose together for a photo but it was the Church's leader David Miscavige who left the biggest impression on Major

    'The top actors in the world couldn't come close [to Miscavige]. He speaks so fast and there were no stutters or pauses. I was taken in by the quality of his delivery'

    'He reminded me of the character Ben Stiller plays in the film Dodgeball. Very pristine, very intense, everything from the way he dressed, talked and walked was immaculate'


    PUBLISHED: 09:12 EST, 6 April 2016 | UPDATED: 09:38 EST, 6 April 2016

    With two hand-carved stone lions majestically guarding the huge entrance, this sprawling 100-acre country estate is fit for a king.

    But Daily Mail Online can reveal this is the new home of Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise as he oversees a bid to turn his beloved religion of Scientology into a European superpower.

    The actor wants to make the controversial religion's headquarters in East Grinstead, Sussex, a major landmark, and has been dipping into his own vast personal fortune to make it happen, sources claim.

    Cruise, 53, is also keen to be closer to London-based daughter Isabella - who he adopted with ex-wife Nicole Kidman - who is a follower of Scientology.

    Daily Mail Online has obtained aerial photos of the Church's latest renovations to its 'castle' - said to have cost a staggering $16 million.


    Planning application documents seen by Daily Mail Online reveal the extension will include a spa and gymnasium as well as a high-end restaurant.

    The vast 100-acre estate, where founder L. Ron Hubbard lived, will now be the UK home of Cruise.

    Sources say the actor put his own East Grinstead mansion on the market after the Church's leader, David Miscavige, 55, granted him unlimited access to Hubbard's former living space.

    A source told Daily Mail Online: 'Tom is relocating to England and uses the Scientology manor as his base. It's the highest recognition to live where L.Ron Hubbard did, and Miscavige clearly believes giving Tom this access will keep his faith in the Church for decades to come.

    'It's worked a charm because Tom's more dedicated to Scientology than ever before. He's investing a lot of his own money back into the UK Church and secretly the talk is how they want to be as influential as the Royal family.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  12. Tom Cruise Refuses To See His Daughter Suri On Her 10th Birthday.

    Hollywood Life: Tom Cruise Refuses To See His Daughter Suri On Her 10th Birthday

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    Tom gave “his usual excuse” as to why he won’t be there to see his daughter turn 10-years-old on April 18, according to In Touch magazine. Tom “is in the middle of filming The Mummy and couldn’t tear himself away,” a source tells the magazine, explaining that Tom will be in Oxford, England instead of by his daughter’s side when she blows out the candles on her cake.

    Katie’s “heart breaks for Suri,” the source tells In Touch. “[Tom’s] had plenty of chances to see Suri in the past,” the insider adds, noting that it’s been more than 900 days since Tom has seen Suri. However, Katie has been labeled as a “suppressive person” by the Church of Scientology, according to the report, and “the closeness to her daughter likely makes seeing them both off-limits to Tom.”

    “Tom sees pictures of Suri growing into a young woman…and it eats away at him that he’s not there for it,” the source tells In Touch. However, the Mission: Impossible star plans to change things, but only after changing Suri’s custody arrangement.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
  13. White Tara Global Moderator

    I call BS, no way is this dude seeking to change custodial arrangements. Little chance of Tom gaining custody of Suri. In absence of any serious parental failings on Katies part, hes got no basis to challenge the current arrangements.

    Apart from anything else, attempts in court would likely lead to strenuous questioning as to why he has seen so little of the child. Ensuing questions of disconnection policies and publicly defining SP's etc,might be more than a little uncomfortable for Tommy to entertain such a fruitless pursuit.
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  14. suri cruise Member

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  15. RightOn Member

    Happy Birthday to Suri who turns 10 years old!
    Growing up happy and cult free!
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  16. failboat Member

    I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger do one of these, too. Cruise was basically a good sport about it - I'll give him that.

    These guys will do anything to promote a movie.
  17. RightOn Member

    Still supports an abusive and litigious cult in which he is complicit in keeping afloat, enabling the abuse of it's members and especially abusing the Sea Org
    A funny skit doesn't negate that.
  18. tippytoe Member

    I call bullshit (pix or it didn't happen) on both the Suri reunion and new girlfriend. How coincidental that Tom Cruise is in the middle of promoting his latest crappy movie.


    A new life! Tom Cruise 'has been spending time with daughter Suri and is romancing a British woman' as he settles down in England
    PUBLISHED: 08:58 EST, 26 October 2016 | UPDATED: 10:18 EST, 26 October 2016

    Tom Cruise has been making movies back-to-back since his 2012 split from Katie Holmes.
    That meant the icon spent little time with daughter Suri, now aged 10, and he didn't make room for romance.
    But there has been a change in the Jack Reacher star's life. According to UsWeekly, the 54-year-old actor has started spending time with his daughter again and he has found love with a British woman.

    Seeing Suri again is a big step for the action star.
    At one point, he went over a year without seeing the child, it was alleged by InTouch Weekly.
    But in June the Top Gun vet saw the young girl again. And for his birthday in early July, he had her flown to England to spend five days with him.
    The two visited the Cotswolds and stayed in the village of Bourton-On-The-Water in Gloucestershire for two days.

    Then they were in London for three days.
    The trip was very secret as Tom did not want word getting out about it, it was claimed, and he enlisted the help of his sister Lee Anne DeVette to make sure there were no leaks.
    'Everything was treated very discreetly,' a source said.
    Along for the trip was a bodyguard and Suri's nanny, but no Katie.
    The insider added that Suri is 'very important' to Tom and a 'special part of his life.'
    The father and daughter were last photographed together in August 2012. She lives most of the year in the Calabasas neighborhood of Los Angeles with Katie, and often the two visit New York City.

    With his sister: Cruise's sister Lee Anne DeVette helped set up the meeting with Suri. Here she is seen with Tom on October 18 in Hollywood
    As far as Tom and Katie (who has been dating his friend Jamie Foxx, 48, for three years), they don't have much of a relationship, it was asserted.
    But he has a new love in his life.
    UsWeekly claimed that Tom has been seeing a 'very pretty' and 'normal' British woman. Her name was not released and it is not known how they met.

    The two have been together since at least June, when he took her to the same village he took Suri to, Bourton-On-The-Water.
    They stay at his rental cottage and go on bike rides in the country.
    'Tom wanted some companionship,' the source said.
    And he's serious about the lady.
    In addition to Holmes, he was also wed to Nicole Kidman (with whom he has two adopted children, Bella, 23, and Connor, 21) and Mimi Rogers.
    In 2015 Cruise was linked to personal assistant Emily Thomas, but both denied a romantic relationship.
    This comes after Tom commented during a Jack Reacher premiere that Scientology is a 'beautiful religion.'
  19. RightOn Member

    What does"normal" mean? :confused:
    She won't be for long! :eek:
  20. "Tom Cruise is the Kellyanne Conway of Scientology"

    The entire article is excellent. I suggest you read it all. I will briefly excerpt only the part relevant to the quotation above.

    Daily Beast: Tom Cruise Breaks Silence on Scientology: It’s a ‘Beautiful Religion’

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    But among all of Remini’s allegations, the most fascinating concerned Scientology’s golden boy, Tom Cruise. “Being critical of Tom Cruise is being critical of Scientology itself,” she told 20/20 last year. “You are a person who is anti the aims and goals of Scientology. You are evil.” As countless fellow stars have jumped from Scientology’s creepy, sinking ship, Cruise has stood by the religion, arguably to his own personal and professional detriment. Tom Cruise is the Kellyanne Conway of Scientology.


    Cruise’s reticence about publicly discussing his not-so-private faith is most likely due to the fact that talking about Scientology makes him sound like a raving narcissist. Given the clear and present threat to his public image, it’s hard to say why the actor was recently driven to break his silence. On the red carpet for his latest film, Jack Reacher 2: Never Go Back, Cruise opened up about Scientology. And unfortunately for both the star and his publicist, Cruise can never go back.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

    Ok, another excerpt, only because the writing is so good:

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    But while Holmes and Cruise ultimately agreed to disagree about the age of the universe and the legitimacy of psychiatry, Scientology has continued to differentiate their parenting styles to disastrous effect. While Holmes prefers a hands-on approach, including such adventures as picking Suri up from school and taking her outside, Cruise appears to parent exclusively from within the confines of his own home. The last time Cruise was photographed with his daughter Suri was around three years ago, when he took her to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park in Florida. Cruise might have an original excuse for spurning his spawn, but his “divorced daddy takes you to Disney World routine” is downright cliché. According to an InTouch update from early June 2015, Cruise hasn’t seen his ten-year-old daughter IRL since she was seven. “They used to Skype and text, but that trailed off drastically,” a source told the gossip mag. In other words, Cruise has more contact with Siri than Suri.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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  21. suri cruise Member

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  22. suri cruise Member

    From my birthday, last week.

  23. Triumph Member

    Daily Mail Video

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