The Center for Public Integrity smears Mitch Daniels

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, May 10, 2011.

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    Daniels has never been questioned, never called as a witness, never mentioned in any litigation, and never challenged in court regarding the troubles Eli Lilly endured. It is simply shoddy hack journalism to suggest otherwise.

    Indeed, the only lawsuit the CPI authors point to which mentions Daniels by name was brought by the notoriously litigious Church of Scientology Inc. v. Mitch Daniels, a lawsuit brought against him when he told the USA Today editorial board that "The Church of Scientology is no church. It’s a commercial enterprise."

    They sued Daniels for it. And he won.

    Benjamin Domenech ( is a research fellow at The Heartland Institute and managing editor of Health Care News.
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    Oh sure, but would he have won in England?
  4. sooleater Member

    osa on the way
    promoting the cult
  5. moarxenu Member

    This is absolutely extraordinary and exploitable. Mitch Dantiiels could very well become he GOP candidate, win the 2012 election and become president of the US.

    His having been a target of the cult would break the power the cult has tried to establish in the Republican Party with Sarah Palin through scifags Greta Van Susteren and her Democrat traitor husband John P. Coale.

    This is awesome:

    “The Church of Scientology is no church,” Daniels said in a 1991 interview published byUSA Today, in which he criticized the Church of Scientology’s anti-Prozac advertisements. “It’s a commercial enterprise. Every judge and every investigative journalist who has ever looked at it has come away with that conclusion. It is organized for only one purpose, which is to make money.”

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