The Chronicles of Weev

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    Andrew "weev" Auernheimer Case CFAA Case:

    On Wednesday, George Washington University law professor Orin Kerr will argue on behalf of computer security researcher Andrew "weev" Auernheimer, who was prosecuted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act after he revealed a massive security flaw in AT&T's website. EFF is part of Auernheimer's appeals team, and Staff Attorney Hanni Fakhoury will be in attendance and available for interviews.

    WHAT: Oral Argument in U.S. v. Andrew Auernheimer
    WHERE: Third Circuit Court of Appeals
    Albert Branson Maris Courtroom
    601 Market Street, 19th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106
    WHEN: Wednesday, March 19 10 a.m. EDT

    For background on Auernheimer's appeal:

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    "Fucking hackers, how do they work?
    And I don’t wanna talk to a computer scientist
    Y’all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed."
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    I didn't believe until I read it.

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    ALL hackers must be in Solitary Confinement ... otherwise they can all whistle the nuclear launch codes over a phone.
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    Pssst! I hear that there's this hacker group called Apple that will sell iOS to people, no questions asked. There are dealers everywhere if you know who to ask.
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    Appeals court reverses hacker/troll “weev” conviction and sentence [Updated]

    A federal appeals court Friday reversed and vacated the conviction and sentence of hacker and Internet troll Andrew "weev" Auernheimer.

    The case against Auernheimer, who has often been in solitary confinement for obtaining and disclosing personal data of about 140,000 iPad owners from a publicly available AT&T website, was seen as a test case on how far the authorities could go under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), the same law that federal prosecutors were invoking against Aaron Swartz.

    But in the end, the Third US Circuit Court of Appeals didn't squarely address the controversial fraud law and instead said Auernheimer was charged in the wrong federal court.

    "Although this appeal raises a number of complex and novel issues that are of great public importance in our increasingly interconnected age, we find it necessary to reach only one that has been fundamental since our country’s founding: venue," the appeals court wrote. "The proper place of colonial trials was so important to the founding generation that it was listed as a grievance in the Declaration of Independence" (PDF).

    Auernheimer was accused of passing along the e-mail addresses to Gawker, which thereafter published the information in redacted form in 2010. Auernheimer was convicted in a New Jersey federal court of a felony under the CFAA for conspiracy to access AT&T's servers against the company's will.

    Favorite Comment:

    This is depressing. Not that they let weev out, but because the finding is strictly procedural. Weev, by all acounts, is an obnoxious dick, but the culture of punishing people with a ludicrous statute for executing what amounts to a public search absolutely *needs* to be decriminalized.

    If I break into your store, pick up your customer records from a locked safe behind the counter, and then hand them to your competitors (or sell them to the black market) then sure, I'm committing a crime. If I walk into your showroom, examine the huge binder in the middle of the floor, unguarded, marked PRIVATE DATA, and then say: "Hey guys, you've got a serious problem here," that's not the same thing.

    I'm sorry AT&T did something stupid and was embarrassed to have it called out. That doesn't make weev a criminal.

    (More at the link...)
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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Appeals Court Overturns Andrew “weev” Auernheimer Conviction | Electronic Frontier Foundation


    In 2010, Auernheimer's co-defendant, Daniel Spitler, discovered that AT&T had configured its servers to make the email addresses of iPad owners publicly available on the Internet. Spitler wrote a script and collected roughly 114,000 email addresses as a result of the security flaw. Auernheimer then distributed the list of email addresses to media organizations as proof of the vulnerability, ultimately forcing AT&T to acknowledge and fix the security problem.

    Federal prosecutors charged Auernheimer and Spitler with identity theft and conspiracy to violate the CFAA in New Jersey federal court. Spitler accepted a plea deal, while Auernheimer unsuccessfully fought the charges in a jury trial. Auernheimer began serving a 41-month prison sentence in March 2013.

    On appeal, Auernheimer's defense team argued that accessing a publicly available website does not constitute unauthorized access to a computer under the CFAA. They also argued that Auernheimer should not have been charged in New Jersey. At the time they were obtaining email addresses, Auernheimer was in Arkansas, Spitler was in California and AT&T's servers were in Georgia and Texas.

    The court agreed with Auernheimer that charging the case in New Jersey was improper and reversed his conviction and ordered him released from prison. Although it did not directly address whether accessing information on a publicly available website violates the CFAA, the court suggested that there may have been no CFAA violation, since no code-based restrictions to access had been circumvented.

    "Today's decision is important beyond weev's specific case," added Fakhoury. "The court made clear that the location of a criminal defendant remains an important constitutional limitation, even in today's Internet age."
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    Let's all celebrate reverse weev day.

    Gimme a V!
    Gimme an E!
    Gimme an E!
    Gimme a W!

    What's that spell?

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    Posting in epic epic thread. Fireworks are in order!
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    I hope he did something about his hair style.
  18. From last night:

    1. [IMG] KYAnonymous@DericLostutter 12h
      "@rabite: @h0h0h0 I was restricted for the 2 years even before it hit trial." So it took 2 years for your trial? It's been 1 for me so far
    2. [IMG] KYAnonymous@DericLostutter 12h
      @rabite @TorEkelandPC now sue those bastards for stealing your wonder years ... Oh and catch up on walking dead.
      View conversation
    3. [IMG] KYAnonymous@DericLostutter 12h
      "@rabite: @DericLostutter thanks bro! Yes, @TorEkelandPC now sits among legal icons in landmark cases." I'm pumped im in good hands lol

    4. [IMG] KYAnonymous@DericLostutter 12h
      @TorEkelandPC argued venue in @rabite case was not relevant to his charges not to mentioned password breach required for unauthorized access
    5. [IMG] KYAnonymous@DericLostutter 12h
      My lawyer @TorEkelandPC basically just made the federal government look like jackasses for stealing 3.5 yrs of @rabite life. #cfaa
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      [IMG] Tor Ekeland, P.C.@TorEkelandPC 21h
      Weev doing AMA on @YourAnonNews on way back to city #freeweev

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      [IMG] Tor Ekeland, P.C.@TorEkelandPC 20h
      Victory! #freeweev
  19. ^^^ was watching YAN last night as weev was released and thought this was cool. Crazy and fucking good. I didn't know him, but I wish Aaron could have seen this day. Finally, a little justice.
  20. thanks so much for the update. what is yan?
  21. sallysock Member

    Your anon news. Twitter, though you need not have an account to see posts.
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  23. It'll be interesting to see if he drops the Asshole persona. To actually start treating people better. Especially women.
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  28. You play nice now, Andrew. One cannot hate everything forever, you know.
    A lot of people have gone to bat for you. Never forget it. Fire for effect at the people who really deserve it. Leave the innocent alone.

    Ya'll be cool.
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    Happy Birthday


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    Andrew Auernheimer @rabite · Sep 9
    I went to Detroit for my last weekend in America and got gifted a shirt that perfectly expresses how I feel every day


    Andrew Auernheimer @rabite · Sep 11
    Signing an option on movie rights and demanding my fee in Bitcoin

    Andrew Auernheimer @rabite · 14h
    Pullin a snowden, stuck in terminal (at @svo_airport in Khimki, Moscow)

    Andrew Auernheimer @rabite · 1h
    Breathin' so free on non-extradition soil now. Breakup with USA is done now.
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    Thread title needs updating, suggestions anyone? :p
  36. no.

  37. no.

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    The Chronicles of weev?
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