The Chronicles of Weev

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by muldrake, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Glitter Pony Member

    He is such a dick
  2. If that's all you have you shouldn't have bothered saying it.
  3. Hacker Says He Printed Anti-Semitic and Racist Fliers at Colleges Across U.S.

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    PRINCETON, N.J. — A well-known computer hacker who goes by the name of “Weev” said he was behind a wave of anti-Semitic, racist fliers that appeared on printers at more than a dozen college campuses last week.

    Covered in swastikas, the fliers, which seemed to appear spontaneously on printers, including those at Princeton University, mentioned “the struggle for global white supremacy.”
    Weev is the alias of Andrew Auernheimer, who in 2010 was part of a group of hackers that discovered a security loophole on AT&T’s servers and gained access to the data of 114,000 customers. Mr. Auernheimer was initially convicted of identity fraud and conspiracy to access a computer without authorization, but his conviction was overturned on appeal.

    Mr. Auernheimer said in an interview on Monday that he sent the fliers to every publicly accessible printer in North America. He said he did not specifically target college campuses.
    The fliers directed readers to The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website. Mr. Auernheimer said free speech concerns were behind his printing spree. “My motivation is this: White cultures and only white cultures are subject to an invasion of foreigners.”

    The debate comes at a time of heightened awareness about speech on campus. Black student movements at many campuses broke out this school year, protesting what students saw as the continuing legacies of racism. Last week, the University of California became the first public university system to adopt an official stance condemning anti-Semitism on their campuses.


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  4. Motherboard


    Hours later, several people started reporting the incident on social media, and eventually a few local news outlets picked up on the story when colleges and universities all over the United States found that their network printers were spilling out Auernheimer’s flyer.

    Auernheimer detailed this “brief experiment,” as he called it, in a blog post on Friday. Later, in a chat, he said that he made over 20,000 printers put out the flyer, and defended his actions.
    “I did not hack any printers,” he told me in a online chat. “I sent them messages, because they were configured to receive messages from the public.”

    The hacker explained that all he did was create a script that would scan the whole internet to find printers that had port 9100, a common port used by network printers, open. Then, the script made them print the flyer.
    “I did not hack any printers.”
    “It's a big internet, I didn't have to ‘discover’ the printers were vulnerable, I knew there were going to be a whole lot of them on the internet,” he added. “That's like an obvious fact, of any device, if you search for it somewhere on the internet you're going to find it. There were less than I expected there to be really. Still a lot though!”
  5. DeathHamster Member

    Talk about lame! A Nazi/racist flyer was the best gag he could think of?

    Grey-scale pixelate an image of Putin in a dress.
    Send each pixel to a different printer as a page, with the x,y coords of the pixel.
    Add a bit of mystery spice to make people wonder what it all about.
    Watch as people coordinate worldwide to figure it out and put the image together.
    Unlock troll accomplishment level.
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  6. Ummm..this post is appreciated. Cause why?
    Cause mebee trufax.
  7. DeathHamster Member

    #SetecAstronomy 21,39 (152)


    Far better than being the phantom printer shitter of the Internet.
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  8. Dude needs a proper biography written already or something. Despite a few serious ideological differences I hold, weev is still an absolute genius and is operating at art-form level trolling. Like pulling all the government emails out of the hookup site databases. Every time one of those tweets went out, it's like you got to watch another security clearance get revoked in realtime. Absolutely beautiful.
  9. DeathHamster Member

  10. DeathHamster Member

    He runs Daily Stormer, so his "not a Nazi, just a troll" defense doesn't hold up. Fuck that guy!
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  11. The Internet Member

    Wait Weev runs Daily Stormer?
  12. Yeah. Link plod cuz this link doesn't mention Weev
  13. Scroll to the end of the article to see the link to Weev.
  14. Did anyone here order a Penguin called Pablo?
  15. Weev is mentioned more than once is the article, skim reading has the effect of missing the vital relevant parts.
  16. DeathHamster Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    fuck weev, fuck anyone like him, and fuck any of you who defend that shit. fuck off.
  18. Nobody here is defending Weev so calm yer tits Cubby.

    Jaysus talk about alarmists.
  19. Cubby yer an almighty troll if ever there was one as fer yer intellect and deductive skills have ye thought about polishing them up a bit because they're utter shite.
  20. Anonymous Member

    i didn't think a thread about weev was worth the effort tbh, sorry to disappoint.
  21. Meh.
  23. sallysock Member

    Everyday is like Sunday
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  24. The Internet Member

    Why is race even a thing on the Internet where people bullshit about their IRL identity routinely?
  25. DeathHamster Member

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  26. DeathHamster Member
  27. Hes such a dick. I hope he's in Nigeria, they don't like white supremists there.
    "Court Filing: Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Isn’t In Nigeria. I Saw Him In An Ohio Grocery Store."
    It's a solid sighting
  29. almost perfect? He spreads hate. All this stuff annoymous says about the idea and you can clearly see hes not the idea. Annoymous take down a radio station for being racist yet support this white supremacist. makes no sense at all
  30. oops misread this. it's about weev my bad
  31. Did anyone here order a penguin called Pablo?
  32. DeathHamster Member

    What is it with Whitefish Montana?

    Anglin's there, Richard Spencer is there, that fake company that was supposed to fix Puerto Rico's power grid is there...
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  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The Unibomber was there too.
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  34. DeathHamster Member

    It must be the lack of Fluoride in the water or something.
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  35. DeathHamster Member

    No mention of which country that he's supposed to be in. I bet that's bullshit, and his lawyer is skating on the edge of contempt and disbarment.
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  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    He’s afraid to come to the US because he’ll go to jail.
  37. dovankhanh Member

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