The Colbert Report

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by CheeseAnon, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Re: The Colbert Report

    someone in a Colbert mask could also have one that says "CO$ (or DM, Hubbard, etc.) You're on Notice!"

    if anyone asks why you're dressed as Colbert, you can say you couldn't think of a higher authority of delivering the TRUTH! :D
  2. Plups Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I'm seeing a Reconnect video starring WBM reaching out to a "Men with Beards are dead to me" Colbert.

    Also, IMHO every public appearance of Anonymous should have at least one masked Blue Haired Minion.
  3. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I love you now. Just so you know.

    Yesplease? That would also work as a nice theme for a Reconnect sign.
    Only something that someone spent more than 30 seconds on.

    "CoS Stole Colbert's Truthiness."
  4. Laughing Man Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    WBM-Colbert Reconnect. Absolutely. Has anyone actually gone out of the way and tried to contact either of them about it yet?
  5. Akopi Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

  6. Sargo Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    i looked up what u need to do an interveiw or send in a story

    basicaly says if they get sued, you get the heat and named^_^

    soo if their are any brave anons that wish to step up to that hot plate^_^
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I wouldn't mind the sue-risk, but I'm a sucky interviewee.
  8. eksef Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    The *coveted* Colbert Bump should cancel out the sewage.

    Remember your bracelets!
  9. anony428 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Sometimes 30 seconds is all you need.
  10. Re: The Colbert Report

    Does Stephen not like men with beards even if the man's beard is as pretty as Katie Holmes once was?
  11. Erra Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I would, no question.
  12. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Okay, so here's my plan for the 12th, if we're going ahead with this. I'll be in Clearwater and will get some nice evening-busy traffic, plus the theatre we rented. I'm thinking the Colbert mask idea above, sandwich board with WBM&Colbert (picture of WBM picture of Colbert, "Men with Beards are dead to me. -- Stephen Colbert / END DISCONNECTION") on the front, possible a "Why the Colbert mask? (explanation)" one on back, and on the inside a more "traditional" reconnect poster if I feel the need to switch it for srs bzns.

    If we can't get Report attention via media, etc, we can always just send in pix ourselves.
  13. Re: The Colbert Report

    Don't forget to bring your copy of I Am America to get it autographed.
  14. eksef Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    and your AXE

    and Bracelet, it's a win-win situation here
  15. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I'd...have to *get* a copy of I Am America. :lrhcries:
  16. amaX Member

    Re: The Colbert Report


    i've posted colbert's comments about $cientology from that book on this forum SOMEWHERE!

    i'll have muh book with me on 4/12 in clearwater!

  17. Re: The Colbert Report

    Guys, let's not forget that when South Park did the Scientology episode, Tom Cruise threatened not to honour his contract with Viacom. As I recall, CC pretty much self-censored themselves and didn't run the episode again until it stirred up controversy and people were sending in complaints by the truckloads.

    Granted, Cruise is now the one scraping and pleading with Sumner Redstone, but there are still bound to be many other Scienos working under Viacom who will throw a shitfit if a high-profile show like TCR makes with the criticism. Colbert himself might get in serious hot water, far more than the crazy stunts he's pulled in the past. And Co$ will not hesitate to raep Viacom with lawsuits. The WGA strike should demonstrate that the big congloms are not too keen on losing money over anything if they can help it.

    By way of illustration, anyone know if News Corp. is getting sued for these two Fox News pieces yet? Because it wouldn't surprise me.

    YouTube - Fox News Red Eye :Church of Scientology Wierd Qestions.
    YouTube - Fox News Red Eye :Bart Simpson and the millions in Celeb Don

    Really, being namefagged is the LEAST of our worries here. Colbert risks a hell of a lot more.
  18. Re: The Colbert Report

    Laughlady, I'm pretty sure that the Colbert Report has made fun of Scientology fairly recently. Didn't he address the Xenu story a few weeks ago on his show?
  19. eksef Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Tonight's show - guest talks about organizational power of the internet.

    Could it be?
  20. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Watching. So far it's just about his Peabody.

    EDIT: From Comedy Central:
    "TONIGHT: Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody"

    Ehh. *He* has no mask.

    Although Colbert has cake on his show. *gasp*
  21. eksef Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Clay Shirky is a teacher at NYU, the same uni that made fun of Scientology.
  22. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    His book actually does sound fairly "anonymous" in tone. He might be worth dropping a line to.

    Hahaha. Hahahaa. Haa.

    "Distributed protests." That was us.

    Ooh. If someone does something more interesting with a doritos bag than sticking his peabody sticker on it, he'll put it on the air. Doritos Fawkes mask?
  23. eksef Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    List of Colbert things to add to protests:

    -Peabody Stickers
    -WristStrong Bracelets

    Heh Clay Shirky could have elaborated on the protests leaderless organization more to prove his point. We'll get Colbert.
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    There he goes again.

    Interesting things done with a doritos bag -> posted on ColbertNation -> ON THE AIR.
  25. Kaminonymous Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    i didn't catch that episode, but a week or so ago, he complained about his alien stock adviser 'not answering his E-Meter'
  26. Edges Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    They'd have to be really dumb.

    Fox wouldn't just roll over. If they got sued, they'd just begin giving CoS undue attention, albeit carefully. Last thing CoS needs right now is 10's of millions of po'd Fox viewers ...
  27. Plups Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Colbert is clever enough to make jokes without defaming CoS.
  28. Erra Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    *puts on tin-foil hat of optimism*

    I've got a new theory. Colbert IS on our side, but he's being anonymous about it. There are lots of different mentions about Scientology on his show, and all of them are showing how crazy the cult is, without ever actually coming out and saying Scientology or Anonymous. Everytime he mentions an e-meter or xenu or internet people, it just seems like a secret head nod he's giving the entire movement. Think about all the people that watch his show. Then, they see us out in the streets protesting. They hear the words e-meter, xenu, and internet people again. "Hey! Didn't Colbert mention something about that?" BOOM instant interest.

    If this were true, it just proves the power of anonymous. Even celebrities and well known people could dawn a mask and be out in the streets, or be making little pokes and prods without being too obvious from their own medium. Could Colbert be an Anonymous Celeb?


    Maybe Colbert or one of his PR people have an account on this forum...

    *takes off hat*

    EDIT: After watching the Shirky interview on Colbert Report, I am completely and absolutely convinced that what I've said in this post is true. Colbert IS on our side. His being unobvious about it is probably helping us more then his outright support. That interview completely validated the idea of leaderless organizations from the internet without EVER mentioning Anonymous. Epic Epic Epic Win. Everyone should watch it.

    As far as I'm concerned, we've already got the Anonymous Colbert Bump.
  29. Re: The Colbert Report

  30. anon131 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Agreed. That interview was incredibly awesome. I'm going to go out and buy the book today. Even if it doesn't directly mention us, it is about exactly what we are doing.

    Even if Colbert isn't anon himself, I'm pretty certain that he's at least aware of the movement. He made fun of the video that started this whole thing after all. Then this interview. Him or somebody on his staff must be watching all of this.
  31. eksef Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Gold material: Colbert making a parody video of Tom's but saying HE is the solution to the world, and only HE can help. This would be truly hysterical.
  32. Edges Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Erra, I think you're onto something there.

    I think Anon support, by definition, would largely come in the form of winks and nods, references to memes and Xenu etc, and never quite definite enough for anyone to say - "THAT guy is certainly with Anon". It'd be pure speculation, always. And always plausibly denied. That's in keeping with the spirit of what Anon is about.

    Speaking of tinfoil hats ... Anon is, by any definition, a conspiracy.
  33. Rorschach Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Colbert has being ragging on CO$ since his Daily Show days:

    And currently has a running joke about his Tom Cruise recommended accountant Gorlock.

    Anyway, I currently have a couple of publicists looking into contacting him.

    Plus, I've sent an email to a guy I know who's down with Matt & Trey from South Park.
  34. Rorschach Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I just talked to one friend who has a friend that writes for Colbert. I also talked with a friend who's an Executive VP at MTV Networks (Comedy Central). He is going to make this happen.

    We're talking tomorrow on a plan for a Colbert Bump (he suggested WBM or Magoo with two masked Anons suited and booted standing either side like a security detail).

    I can't promise 100% but at least we have a direct line of contact.
  35. An0nYm0use Member

  36. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    We are stormtroopers?
  37. Rorschach Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Beck is a child of COS and still a COSfag. He aslo has a knack for making his SP friends self pwn:
  38. Rorschach Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Clarification: "suited and booted" is Londonfag for dressed to impress. AKA: Black suits, white dress shirts, dark narrow ties, white socks (Dirk wears white socks) black shoes (as Zapa said: "brown shoes don't make it").

    Stormtroopers in Sunday best.
  39. ISankXenu Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    That's pretty impressive, Rorschach. I hope we'll get to see it happen. It does seem like he's been subtly hinting at what's going on for a while now, and the bit about internet based organization without leadership is almost definitely a direct reference.

    Does your guy have any other media connections that we might be able to make use of?
  40. Re: The Colbert Report

    I couldn't quite tell if the stormtrooper comment was disgust or admiration. I may just be the head of the nerd council, but I don't think there is anything more amazing than being a stormtrooper on the Colbert show for Magoo or WBM. In fact I think that is one of my new lifelong goals.

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