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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by CheeseAnon, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Ford Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I'm a eurofag so didn't really know colbert report yet.. funny show, thanks for the tip :) nice that he puts all episodes up on the web.
    agreed, it would be pretty epic to have WBM as a guest on his show. hope we all see this happening.
  2. Erra Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Oo Oo Pick me, pick me!
    I just wet myself a little.
  3. Mr. Kite Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Everybody get wrist strong bracelets and show them prominantly during protests.
  4. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Next time will insert emote of appreciation immediately following all stormtrooper comments.
  5. Citizen225 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    About Colbert's original challenge though, is it worth pursuing something with stickers on Dorito bags?

    I had one idea last night that, with much modification and improvement, could be made to work. What if we did something like on milk cartons where they have missing persons information? Have a person's name in big letters and a mugshot, then below it something like "Joined Scientology (date), family lost contact (date)". Then below that, something saying "visit (anon URL) for more information". Final line: "This sticker brought to you by Anonymous and the Colbert Nation".

    It might not be lulz-y enough (well it's not really lulz-y at all), but it is kind of subversive.
  6. ElrondHubble Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    "Most people drive past car accidents. I will stop...point...laugh...and then drive away, because they deserved it for being Democrats in MY country."

    "I am the authority on news; I am the authority on America; I am the authority on improving cable TV; bears, I can alert people on their plans for world domination; The Daily Show, I can bring peace and unite cultures by getting it off the air."

    "So John, he says to me, ", like have you MET the President?!" HAAAAA-ha-ha-haha-haaaaa!"
  7. Re: The Colbert Report

    I don't know how you pull this off, but I salute you sir!

    The prospect of getting some Colbert love is really exciting!
  8. Kilia Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    THIS! :D
  9. Citizen225 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Another idea -

    So many people have Guy Fawkes masks... what about a photocopiable 'overlay' - a paper mask that can be printed out, trimmed around the edges and scotch-taped on top of your Guy Fawkes masks for the April protest. Can you imagine what a phalanx of "Stephen Colberts" would look like? It would perhaps stroke SC's ego enough to merit a mention on the show, and wouldn't require any Doritos promotion.
  10. Rorschach Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I actually have a shitload of connections having spent almost my entire career in the entertainment biz. Media, musicians, actors, agents, publicists etc etc...and every connection I don't have I'm only a couple of degrees of separation away from them.

    Eg. I had a friend at a record label in London get hold of Rick Astley's manager so Londonfags can try and get him for 4/12.

    Now the lolsuit is off my back the creative juices are flowing again and I'm starting to tap into my 'heavy hitters' Rolodex. Ima make this my main focus now since now that I've been namefagged I have to watch my back at IRL rAIDS.

    My guy at MTV can help me get to South Park's Matt and Trey and that's just for starters. MTV is part of get the idea.

    In other news...I just pitched an idea to a Colbert writer (via another pal) about getting the Colbert Bump for Anon. I think he could have a lot of fun with the Marcabian Confederacy thing and I pitched Magoo as a guest. Since we don't have a 'product' per se, I imagine we could get something mid-show (a la Huckabee's pop-ins). Shit, maybe he could put Marcabs and Anon in a Tek Jansen cartoon.

    PS. I actually worked with (Jazzy Jeff &) the Fresh Prince during his recording career. I was there for Bel Air! I'm not going to be calling on him, however, since his missus is apparently one of them.
    You never know though...I'll call his manager on Monday. Will actually had someone try and turn him recently and he said NO U. I can't imagine being married to one is so fresh.
  11. Re: The Colbert Report

    This would be perfect considering the majority of the tactics that the CO$ uses seem to be based in 3 categories. Media support by crying poor us. Bullbaiting, or namfagging then lolsuit which you rightly forced that bullet ridden foot into their mouths with your win. And, by using the guise of religion to hide behind their obvious misuse of resources and people.

    You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you.

    More has happened on these forums, esp in the last few weeks, to make me proud to be anon that I can hardly wait for the next time I can show where my true allegiance lies.

    Bravo men, bravo
  12. DNAnon Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I dunno if you thought of this already, but you might also try to pitch coverage of Operation:Reconnect to The Daily Show. That would also be pretty epic, and right in our demographic.
  13. anony428 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    NYC anons could make the effort to get tickets to a taping. GF maskes and all.
  14. Plups Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I'd like to put a plug in here for a third Anon - a masked Blue Haired Minion. She could deliver the Colbert Caek. I just can't put that vision aside - it cracks me up every time.
  15. Re: The Colbert Report

    I think it'd be great if they did an episode on Fair Game or something. Many lulz to be found
  16. eksef Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    "Bears and democrats, oh wow, haha, they'll just read about those in the history books, you know, hee hee ho ho ha ha"
  17. Anonygnome Member

  18. amaX Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    all the clearwater anons who have copies of "I Am America (And So Can You!)" bring them with you on 4/12.

    in between pages 214 and 215, you will find a page of silver stickers. there are 12 stickers that say, "The Stephen T. Colbert Award For the Literary Excellence Nominee."

    if 12 of us can all bring our colbert books? we can all put stickers on each other's books!

    bad cell camera piccy below:


    i've got one copy...are there at least 11 other clearwater anons out there who'd bring their colbert books?

  19. DNAnon Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    But I thought I Am America (And So Can You!) already won The Stephen T. Colbert Award For The Literary Excellence :confused:
  20. amaX Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Here's what it says on the sticker page:


    Heroes, by buying and reading this book, you've proven that you get it---and are therefore now members of the nominating committee for The Stephen T. Colbert Award for The Literary Excellence. Use the medallions below to nominate any book that you feel embodies the values of the Colbert Nation."

    IMHO, the ONLY book that is worthy of The Stephen T. Colbert Award for The Literary Excellence IS "I AM AMERICA (AND SO CAN YOU!)" by Stephen T. Colbert.

    Stephen was named a National Treasure by the Smithsonian Institute last week!

    i am giddy with anticipation that torymagoo and quite possibly a couple of marcab security officers might get on The Colbert Report! fawkes masks for the audience. i can't stop giggling.

    jon stewart is gonnna beeeeee sooooooo jealous!

  21. Re: The Colbert Report - NYC Anon's

    I had the same idea! I think that would blow Colbert's mind. Can you imagine if he walked out before the show and everyone had G/F masks on! Or even Colbert's photo on top of the mask. Would be epic and he would definitely have to give Anonymous the bump!

    Tickets are free on his website.

    How about it NYC Anon's?
  22. Re: The Colbert Report

    Here's a good paper mask.
  23. Re: The Colbert Report

    just got my Wrist-Strong bracelet.
  24. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I gotta back out of the doritos mask thing, can't juggle a face shield and carry a cat.
  25. Re: The Colbert Report

    I haven't seen any pics of Colbert masks :colbert:

    We could really use the Colbert Bump right now.
  26. Re: The Colbert Report

    Read and second!

    We shouldn't go on television as a single masked guy. There should be a freaking huge screen behind Anon with an MSN window opened and 200 Anon manning the keyboards.

    Question: What about this disconnection policy. Does it happen often then?
    Answer of 1 Anon: Well...a lot really, but I only have time to tell this one story...
    Answer of 200 Anon: Freaking stories FLOODING the screen. Just pick one out...

    ^THIS^ is how we should do television interviews. And we will get invited Anon. We're intruiging!
  27. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report


  28. anonchoir Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I think Masking a Colbert Report taping would be le awesome.

    For maximum benefit it should be < a week before a protest.
  29. Citizen225 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Bumped in light of the WBM radio interview moments ago in which WBM said Colbert/Viacom can save him. Rorschach + VictoireFlamel + WBM = EPIC WIN

  30. Anonymouse Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Actually, I really think the whole idea with signs that say

    "Colbert's book >>>> L.Ron's book" or something similar is a good way to go.

    But be careful. If the world sees Anonymous as teh uberhaxxor terrorists, then Colbert may not want anything involved with him to be involved with Anon. The last thing we need is Colbert *against* us.

    What about Jon Stewart? If Anonymous could get on both the Colbert Report AND the Daily Show....epic win.
  31. edudcixlsyd Member

  32. Erra Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Bumping for great justice and that even WBM has stated his desire for the direct Colbert bump. Yes, Colbert does seem to be supporting us from the sidelines (my personal theory) but an outright Colbert Bump would simply put us over the edge in terms of the public's knowledge of Scientology. We are nearing the breaking point, gentlemen. Steven Colbert could be the catalyst for absolute public knowledge.

  33. aegisknight Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I'm a moderator from the Colbert Nation messageboards, and I've got some problems.

    I don't know, or even really think, it is members from this board, but a group of people have been spamming more than a fair amount of anti-CoS stuff all over the place. If this is part of your strategy, I ask to cut it out. you wouldn't be the first to try it, and it isn't going to get you any attention, just add to my headache (since I'm really the only active one, and we don't really have an admin).

    I respect what you're doing, and I do apathetically support it, but plz don't smack our boards
  34. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    *grumble* This is why we can't have nice things...
  35. aegisknight Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    well, phish fanatics, Clock Crew, and weezer have all attempted to spam out our boards in order to either be put "on notice", or appear on the show. None of which has worked, and all of which has just made my life difficult.

    I guess we were made internet famous because of our Bridge Vote, but while almost everyone there does support Anon and the anti-CoS movement, we don't want to be forced into everything.

    In an interview with some of the TDS and TCR producers, when asked what was "off limits", they responded that "we don't really go after scientology, because we don't want to be sued". However, while back during the strike, Colbert DID start attacking CoS, because he didn't care if just HE were sued, not his writers. Since then, its become a running bit, with Gorlack, his accountant reccommended by Tom Cruise.

    I seriously doubt you'd get a guest on, simply because Stephen and the producers do not want to risk a lawsuit against the writers and staff. Stephen himself doesn't care, but there are a lot of people that could be affected by this that are not equipped to handle the added pressure a lawsuit would bring.

    Although if it is tried, I would like to see Viacom v CoS in court, it would be one for the record books
  36. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Ick. What about that "if we get sued it's your fault" thing someone mentioned a while back?
  37. aegisknight Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I don't know, I'm not technically affiliated with the show. All I know is what I've gotten from interviews from Colbert himself and production staff.

    Make no mistake, it isn't like he's about to become a member of CoS or anything, its just dangerous for him to go too hard, or he's not only risking his own neck, but the necks of everyone working for him. He isn't exactly in a position to be pushing too many buttons, when they might push back. He's still a comedy show, so its not like he has a civic duty either.
  38. Erra Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    You are right, I suppose, aegisknight. I was wondering how long it would take til an admin from the colboards came and told us to knock it off lol. I wasn't posting any propoganda, I dont even know who is, but its not like i was against it. Ill tell anyone who asks me to tone it down a bit for your sake

    I never thought about the fact that Steven made a majority of those knocks while the writers were gone, deffinitly puts a new perspective on things. I do hope he continues to support us from the sidelines though.
  39. Re: The Colbert Report

    Well even if he can't directly help us, I still suggest getting him to the top spot in that most influential people poll.

    We still need him to pardon WBM too.
  40. anonsoldier Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    This is agreed on by me. I was on the boards, I'll admit that. Wanted to try and throw some WBM support out there. I'm not the type to troll/spam, so after someone said "Hey, this isn't wanted here" I cut out right quick.

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