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    Dah ! It's just nuts how it is fashion now this sociopath thing with tv shows drama (Dexter for just quoting this one). Dont do like the shrink and pseudo-shitty-terapist which cunfond sociopathy and psychopathy and starting in fact now to saw them absolutly everywere !!! Dont be dumb man !

    personnal anecdote : I saw lots and lots of crappy psychiaters (i had problems all my life, drugs, awkward behevior, violence...), and the diagnostics fallen like candy in the katty perry song. Bipolar in first, hypomaniac when i was 10 (actually the same thing!!! shit !), asperger (maybe ! why not ?!), and finally when i was 18, the king of bullshit ===> Anti-social personality disorder. What does that mean ? psycho, socio ? (even the shrink hadn't answer). That mean i can do to people the strange look ?? Please tell me i want to have the style of Norman Bates !!!


    Stop saying shit ! It's confusing for anyone. The DSM is not a referrence of choice. And what you can find online let's not talk about that. It was only written to classified people into box and sell them a treatment. Think !

    There is no types like you've said. It's not so simple. As far existing case, as far existing different personnality, because everybody is different, even with a psychopathology.

    I'm agreed, psychopathy aka aspd is a real and serious personality disorder. It cause violence, impulsivity, lack of empathy, lack of emotion, lack of guiltiness, narcissism and delusions megalomaniac (without necessarly psychotic manifestations), propention to manipulation, and sometimes paranoïa.
    But the tv shows drama and the movie made of them fascinates peoples, men of exceptions and master of manipulation with a high IQ. It's not even true ! Most of them are lonely, stupid, drug addict, and marginals and in prison.

    However, some of them are clever, High functionning, enough clever to deal with society. Enough smart for avoid violents acts and yes they use masks.

    Both are dangerous. The psycho can be perverse to (humiliation, feed himself from the pain) but not always. Besides, a person can be perverse without necessarly be-ing a psycho. I understand this fascination and it is fascinating but it's sucks.


    Sociopaths are people (often with high IQ) which are not adapt to there social environnement and to society and suffer from that. So they install defense mecanism to avoid pain (mask, lies, manipulation, REPRESSION of emotions, sometimes drugs, persverse behavior) who may be think to psychopath behavior but it's not. Anyone can become or be a sociopath (depend of course of external and internal factor like education, environnement or psychology and capacity) which is not the case for ASPD (you born psychopath, it's often genetic, rarely but still unknow cause, but there is for sure something wrong with the brain and the construction of the person).

    For illustrate, let's use litterature, series tv drama and movie, for you to understand.

    For instance, characters like Dr House (House MD), Sherlock holmes (in books and recents series whatever...), barney stingson (himym), Charlie Harper (2 and half men) or others can be qualified of sociopaths. They are intelligent, very (because they are fiction of course), so they have a tendance to think to much and to question themself to many (a lot of existantial questions for exemple). Because of that, they're not able to face their emotions because it's to much for them. So they do something call decompensation. They adopt an awkward behavior (all of the exemple), they seems to be mean (all) , meprisant, superior,(because in fact they are in some way) seems to lack of moral. Seduce by lies lady in bars (barney and charlie), do drugs (house, charlie (alcool), sherlock holmes...). They have a tendance to say "i dont understand human behavior", but it's wrong. In fact they so disconect to their emotions than they anable to connect in normal way with people. It's curable with psychotherapy and others stuffs like meds !

    For the psychopath ! Well, intelligent or not, is not questionning himself about his profund nature, he's not wondering if they are bad or good, because for them those values doesn't exist (and in some way they have right), he havn't existential doubts . He do ! He's acting for get what he want. Obviously, the more intelligent wont get caught so easly. And other thing, they can't feel psychologic pain. Most of them are in narcissic dellusion. Like that, they found a way to always feel pleasure. They don't have to avoid pain, they don't feel it.

    exemple : Dexter (unique case. You will not find a specimen like this so easly), pat bateman (american psycho), hannibal lecter, ect ... Or maybe a stupid punk in the street who shoot morphine, i don't know...

    When a found finally a good and clever psychiatrist, she explain that to me. Finally i have TDAH (hyperactivity) and treatment make me good, so this is a smart diagnosis. Be careful with the bad psychiater it can be dangerous

    ps : sorry for my english

    EDIT : sorry for my anger and my condescendance, this is a sensible subject to me.
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  3. That wasn't DSM and it's always sane to avoid being mind fucked by something or someone. I onley met sweet psychiatrists. Men and women but than again the dutch are Jungians and allready rejected Eugenics in the 30ties while America embraced it.

  4. Mr Holmes Member

    Yes of course, sorry, i'm just a little sensitive on that. But the idea behind my post was : "nothing is THAT simple". You can't put people into boxs and hope that their will fit on them if your not qualified for that. You can of course caracterise people in function of their behevior for helping them or for protect other people to them. It's not the same thing.

    psychiatric system (today) is stupid. For them, there is a box for anything. You go to see a therapist tomorrow, he will tell you that you punish yourself because you want to sleep with your mother. Because he's of the freudian school. So ... In matter of psych, nobody is agree, there is no result, no proof of anything more often, so i don't think we can't qualified that as a science. They told you one day that sociopath is psychopath or that psychopath is perversion or perversion is psychotism ect ...

    But i think there is exceptions. Goods professionals with goods formations. This person obviously will act with a lot a prudence when he want to put someone in a box and say : "this man is sick, how can i help him".

    Usefull stuff for do the difference, look the etymology

    psychopath : psycho : spirit, soul, psych path : sick, pain==> sick of psych or soul which suffer
    sociopath : socio : social, society path : sick, pain ==> sick of society, or suffer of society

    I guess that for know more things about that it might be usefull to study what cause this sickness, this pain. Which behavior the person with a psych like this will adopt (probably), and which dynamic gave birth to people like that. It seems that today, we have few elements of anwser. But i believe that the perfect solution does'nt exist anyway so ...
  5. Don't box them up and inject them with alcohol-glycol

    But to be serious

    Jacobus Schroeder van der Kolk was the father of dutch Psychiatry, And Social Psychiatry was concieved in the Netherlands against the Material Psychatry of England, Germany, France and America.

    We Rock !

  6. OSA batshit ?
    huh I schmell puthy there ..
  7. You don't read very well.

    Our English-challenged friend said that he's had bad experiences with psychiatry/therapy and good experiences, too. He tries to distinguish two conditions which have a psychological/psychophysiological origin, vs ones with a neurological origin. I can't vouch for his analysis, (it's a bit garbled and angry) and academics and clinicians don't all agree with each other. He does say that talk therapy and drug therapy are both useful for treating the former.

    Whether this is true or not, you'd have to be pretty retarded to label this wall-o-text an OSA op.


    Now, this does resemble Sci-lingo. But in context, 'psych' obviously means 'psychological condition', something Scientologists don't believe is real. He probably meant to use another word for 'dynamic', but It does seem an unfortunate choice.
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  8. Mr Holmes Member

    Did you read at least ?!

    Thanks you. At least someone with a jugement capacity... How crazy that is ... I share something personnal and my opinions and it's for beeing threat like an OSA. I learned a lesson, it wont happen again. Not here.

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