THE CULT IS HURTING!!!!111oneone

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 15, 2009.

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    This is the saddest letter I've ever read. UMM Of course ppl don't smile when you try to sell them die'enetics.... 1st you're trying to sell them die'enetics... 2ndly your a 13 and 11 yr old shilling for a cult. Unfuckingbelievable just when the Co$ seemed liek they couldn't get more fucking creepy or scummy you see this shit...

    2-1 odds the baby is receiving auditing... Takers?
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    "Pfffft! Amateurs!"

  3. NoScope Member

    Re: THE CULT IS HURTING!!!!111oneone

    I dont thik the thirteen year old girl wrote this. The style it is written in is that of a 7 year old or younger, not a thirteen year old who has had several years of english by now. The only way that girl wrote this is if she hasn't recieved any schooling and is at about the third grade level in writing. It mainly looks like an adult trying to write in the style of a kid where the ignorance and cuteness is exaggurated.
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  5. The family looks TOO happy. Just to let others know, the mother , Lisa Terrenzi, slept her way up the corporate ladder at diskeeper. She ran away to Vegas with a 32 year old married man when she was 15 and living at the church of scientology. I wonder if all of that came up when they were doing their so called auditing. all brain washed
  6. anon walker Moderator

    other brother =/= older brother
  7. Herro is back!
  8. me neither
  9. [IMG]
  10. Anonymous Member

    You mean she was the victim of a pedophile.
  11. Anonymous Member

    A pedophile that took her from a scion school and they did nothing.

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