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    Well, this time i won't spread usual free hidden services that actually we're providing for more than 550 users in the free world, this time we wish to invite to some very new, and this is an invite to help us in testing.

    We have developed a new hidden network, like TOR but different: we are glad to present you "net.anon"
    Like tor, you will be able to run it as a simple proxy, or, if you wish to contribute, you can run it like a bridge, or, if you have some to spread, like a server.

    What's the differences between tor and net.anon?
    There aren't too many differences between the 2 anonymizer, but the ones existing, are listed below:
    - sites hosted in tor networks use .onion extension, we use .anon extension
    - servering is mostly different: to open a server in tor, you've to create some folders and you have to modify the torrc file. with "net.anon" to open an .anon server you need to just run your client, use your interface (a need only if you wish to run net.anon as a server) and register your favourite domain @ net.anon dns
    - a tor hidden service need a running server host (for host we mean the computer you're running your tor), the concept of net.anon is: "if we really want do it for anonymous purposes, clients that wish to run a server, mustn't run a server on their machines: less to find, less to risk".
    So you will use your interface, to edit and update your web/mail/server contents.
    From the last explanation, becomes the main important idea in net.anon: you will never left a proof of your anonymous activities, nor in your pc.Naturally you can do wathever you want, but if your desire is to find a real, pure, 100% (not only related to software and tools, but also about ethics, concept and ideas) anonymous contest, this is perfect for you: our target is not only to provide an anonymous proxy for your netsurfing, but also all you need to "use it" interely hosted on the hidden network of net.anon. some like Matrix.....:D

    As told, any help in developing is welcome, net.anon is again in beta testing (i ended it yesterday, and this is absolutly the first place in wich i'm talking about) so, please feedback any error, problem or bug to

    That's all for now, if you wish to help/contribute/develop with us, you have to know that there is too much to do! :D
    We invite you to our IRC channel (in wich we develop this new project). -> webchat.darkneproject,info <- if you want to use TOR, the webchat is here: fuacantanj2vhfpw.onion/webchat
    If you are still using an IRC client, here you will find the server details:
    [IRC1 -- accepting all connections] (ssl) -- 6667 (plain text)
    [IRC2 -- accepting only tor connections] fuacantanj2vhfpw.onion/9999 (ssl) -- 6661 (plain text)

    CHANNEL: #darknetproject

    Thanks to who will help us in this project.

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  3. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    Hello to all anon brothers!
    During this time the Darknet Project worked hard in order to develop the network and to provide good services.

    What's new? There are many new things, and we are glad to share with you!

    About net.anon(today known as Alienet)
    Now known Alienet, after one year of beta testing it revealed 0 vulnerabilities. Many blog, video and sites are talking about Alienet and we are very proud to confirm that the project started from WWP. you may find info about Alienet here: (the official site)
    After this time Alienet become very populated and now it's able to provide a fully alternative to the internet as we know.

    About the IRC(today known as UnionIRC)
    the IRC server is Always up and it is providing a solid base for many projects:
    Server: unionsoe3yw6fxaq.onion
    Port: 9999 (SSL) -- 6661 (plain)
    The UnionIRC is available also on clear (clear server is available for various reasons, but it accepts too Tor as incoming connection) :
    Port: 6697 (SSL) -- 6667 (plain)

    The main channel rest #dnp

    There are many other non-free services, feel free to visit it, thank you:

    - AnonyMail is the securest Anonymous mail system ever:
    - Torify is offering the best tor VPS: torifyumv6emvsop.onion

    Why we are selling some shit?
    You know that to provide nice services and taking them all stable and fast, has a cost.
    We have no donors, we are out of any powership fights, we are not politically involved, and we are FREE.
    We prefeer to ask 1 $ with dignity, than take 100000$ without it.
  4. Tio

  5. ^^^dome this shit^^^
  6. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    sorry to read that, but this is a serious project. why to dome that? Few days ago was 1 year this project is alive. It is offering nice free services for anons...give a reason "to dome that"...
  7. Because it is shit.
    These days Tor is old hat. Unstable at times too, and why would you solicit donations for something that is a bi product of another project?

    This is not worth the dome either. It is more suited to complete deletion.
  8. Your anonymailtech is not as wonderful as you are implying.
  9. Thanks.
    Here are the usual wet blankets.
    Carry on
  10. Dome this shit.
  11. Anon cg3 don't care what this troll is saying. He is always the same idiot, it's just a troll.

    Nice job anyway. Keep it up, keep it free and continue to spread freedom :)
  12. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    :D thank you bro,
    well i didn't reply to him, just because he talk about tor....but Alienet is not he just troll and flame without read.....
    to me people say: "many enemies, many Honor".....and that's how i take it :D
  13. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    There are few updates, updates in the "quote"
  14. You can count on my support for this wonderful project. I'll spread Alienet all over the place.
  15. Are there any tutorials on how to create a network similar to Alienet?
  16. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    i can help you setting up one.
  17. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    As usual, periodically we update information about the Darknet Project. This is the new one updated to October 2017

    There are few updates, You can ignore what is wrote before this post.

    Hello and welcome back to the periodical Darknet Project Update and UPgrade!

    The first nice new is: We're still alive!
    The second nice new is: We will be alive for long time again......

    About the IRC Server:
    As usual, the IRC server is always up. This is the info to join it: (know that you need to run Tor to be able to connect)
    Server: army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion
    Ports: 6661 for plain text ---- 9999 for SSL (recommended)

    About the Darknet Project:
    As always, we provide also the webchat, for n00bs....
    #Chat 1: army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion:9090 (direct link)
    #Chat 2: army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion/chat.html (recommended)

    The Darknet Project, is now very glad to present a set of free hidden services, suitable directly from the Tor network, all of them are available directly from the main hidden service: army5upsnqx4pvuc.onion

    If you're in serious trouble, know that is up our wiki, with all you need to know about our services, guides and how to join it. This is the link:
  18. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    Updates for The Darknet Project --- March 2019

    About the IRC Server:
    As usual, the IRC server is always up. This is the info to join it: (know that you need to run Tor to be able to connect)
    Server: ecnetjlf2alxy2ob.onion
    Ports: 6661 for plain text ---- 9999 for SSL (recommended)
    We also provide webchat for noobs:

    The Darknet Project, is now very glad to present a set of free hidden services, suitable directly from the Tor network, all of them are available directly from the main hidden service: ecnetjlf2alxy2ob.onion

    As always, If you're in serious trouble, know that is up our wiki, with all you need to know about our services, guides and how to join it. This is the link:

    Now, talking about the nice things: ECnet.
    ECnet is a vpn-based hidden network, encrypted with 4096bit, and it claims to be one of the best anonymous experience ever. ECnet is not only a simple hidden network, it is also a new internet, a new concept of networking and a new life's chance.
    Our mission is to create a real alternative to the known internet, where privacy and anonymity are at the center, where no one will ask for your identity, or verify if you're a robot or an human.
    Only in ECnet you'll able to visit the anonymous and famous .anon and .clos sites, unavailable in normal internet!!

    ECnet is free, is based on ethical concept and developed by a group of programmers, but also normal people, that by years fight for freedom of speech and international freedom all around the world and the net. We hope you will join us, helping us to grew and became more than a simple hidden network: we wish one day that people will consider us as a final resistence to the mass control and privacy invasion from company and authorities from all over the world.
    Know that when you're connected to ECnet your device will result offline: you will not be able to reach the internet like the internet isn't able to reach you too! "All happens in ECnet rest in Ecnet!"
    We invite you to get a look:
    Know also that by using ECnet you'll able to:
    • surf the normal internet (using the ECnet proxy )
    • surf the .anon and .clos sites (available only inot the ECnet Hidden Network)
    • surf the Tor network without any Tor Software
    Video Tutorials:
    To make people better understand how ECnet works, and what it is capable to do, we opened a Youtube channel where to find many video tutorials for Windows and Linux OS. in this video tutorials you'll se how to set up ECnet and how to access to the main services available into the network. This is the link for the channel:
    Among all, we wish to share with you our latest #OP: "ECnet a bridge for censored people"
    With ECnet you can bypass your country controls and access to that resources and network that your country block such the Tor Hidden network. Here you can see a nice example (please help us to spread!!!)
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