The Day We Fight Back

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jan 10, 2014.

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  4. Suicide is a very immediate decision, but what we try to find is a getaway for the problems.

    I see here many organizations around of Free Software and thinking this revolution only will get forwarded by sharing software and getting more peoples involved with communities and learning Code with Free Software.

    Look the starts, the people needs to look the stars.
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    • Edna_Bucket
      5 hours ago
      The Snowdens, Swartzes and Galileos who force change on the world make it more enlightened than those who perpetuate a corrupt system for their own self-enrichment.
      Einstein did not charge anyone a cent for Relativity and neither should MIT's physics community.
      One Aaron Swartz,who puts others first, is worth a thousand Steve Ballmers, who put themselves first. He deserves to be honoured, along with all the unempowered people who are broken for doing the right thing.
      The internet does not belong to Microsoft, it does not belong to the NSA, it belongs to us.
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      9 hours ago
      Soon, the inevitable comparisons with that astonishingly smug Snowden creature will surface.
      This is essentially a major culture clash.
      Food for thought for those who gleefully publish "pics" of their genitals via the Internet and shriek about "privacy".
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    I see the Government trolls are hard at work, disseminating and distracting people with their poison. :rolleyes:
  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

    He'd want us to carry on, nobody knows his hurt, so fuck off.
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  7. The Internet Member

    More likely anti-Anonymous Koch funded trolls. They sound boring and mean like OSA bots and they usually dead agent somebody.
  8. Andy Downs Member

    I am all for this event. Here is one question I have and wonder if any thought had been given to this.
    Last month Obama said he would announce changes to NSA programs this month.

    From reading statements by Sen Ron Wyden as of late, I gather the decision will be made in the next few days.

    Would it not be a good idea to blast Congress and White House switchboards with calls telling them how we feel about the NSA? Has this event been mistimed by any chance?

    Or is this part of the strategy to be able to claim victory if something good happens and or rally a fight if the changes we need do not take place?

    And for anyone putting down Aaron, that is pathetic. When the full force of the US Govt comes down on you, its like having a gun pointed at your head. No one knows what they will do until they are in that situation.

    Aaron did what he could, the rest is up to us.
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  9. rof Member

    What do we do? Fart!

    When do we fart it? Then!

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  10. darkoverlord Member

    Today I will fight back for Aaron!
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