The DC Org welcomes Sparrow back..

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by lostatsea, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Tony Orego's on a roll this week. Think he'd be interested (in the video and backstory)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, meant Tony Ortego, Village Voice
  3. lostatsea Member

    Ortega. ;)
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  4. anonsparrow Member

    Why thank you! :)
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  5. MOOG Member


    dat sign. do want.
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  6. xenubarb Member

    Chirping in epic thread
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  7. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    It's been said already. Awesome. Brilliant. Hawt.
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  8. DC Org - trolled into non-existence - make that CONFUSION.

    Can't touch this.
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  9. Sponge Member

    Well I can upload the original gigantic Tiff graphic file if you like (in both 150 dpi and 300dpi versions for a 33 x 78 inch sign). Take it to your local wide-format printer man or use one of the many online services, then enturbulate like a motherfucker.
    There's a sorta funny story behind that. I'll let Sparrow tell it if he wants.
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  10. AnonLover Member

    I want a 33 x 78 inch sign of screen snap from round about the 4:12 mark in OP vid... sparrow standing there holding his BIG POLE.

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  11. MOOG Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    quote="lostatsea, post: 1782165"] [/quote]
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  13. Nickofname Member

    In her defense, she never looks very happy. Same with all her co-workers. In fact they might wanna consider renaming "The Way to Happiness" because it obviously isn't working.
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  14. Mest Lover Member

    Sponge: You're using video vegas right? WOW shit you know what you are doing! I was analyzing what you did and estimating how many days it would take me to do all that! cripes you know your stuff, I am humbled and need tips!
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  15. Mest Lover Member

    What would you expect? She is Sea Org, anything but frowning and shear ethics presence is beat out of you!
    Someone at celebrity center new york was trying to get my attention, she finally said: "Sir, can you give me a ride?" I asked her about that and she said "I looked like a Sea Org member and she knew the only way she would get me to respond is asking with SIR."
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  16. Sponge Member

    okeydokey, See this thread in the &quot;finished projects&quot; activism section
    for the full resolution graphic banner source TIFF files for wide format printing, plus this jpeg PREVIEW image....

    (Edit: you may then wish to go to that thread if you want to discuss the banner rather than detract from the awesomeness of this thread about SPARROW'S AWESOMELY AWESOME COMEBACK PROTEST )


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  17. exOT8Michael Member

    LUUUULZ on Sparrow and Co protest

    RIP for my dear friend Lisa McPherson.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Why yes, yes it would.
    Best to check sign companies in your own area to save on shipping.
    That stand is called a Retractable Roll Up Banner Stand. They're about $29 via Amazon. You can get signs different sizes and stands too. Shop around local first, then online for cheap prices. roller up banner stand
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  19. Sponge Member

    And we want the photos of you humping said photo of sparrow and his 78 inch pole ;).

    Awesome sparrow is awesome.

    Remember Lisa McPherson. For this is why.
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  20. sooleater Member

    welcome back
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  21. AnonLover Member

    ok but i fear that wouldnt be a DRY endeavor.
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  22. Disco Necked Member

    Scientologists, of all people/thetans/body thetans should know what happens when you try to 'not-is' something.
  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. subgenius Member

    sign can go up on their side even if you can't
  25. subgenius Member

    with big life sized stand up cardboard pics of sparrow
    also time for a sparrow mask project
    everyone wear one
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Are you going to make them?
  27. Robocat Member

    Awesome sign, Sponge. <3! Sparrow.
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  28. Robocat Member

    I have Vegas for Apple that I have never used - it's yours if you want it.
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  29. Mest Lover Member

    I have vegas 9.0 but he was doing stuff i have never used yet.
  30. Anonymous Member

    If you can keep up with the lyrics, you'll understand the relevance of this song. FU if you don't like it.
  31. Orson Member

    Very satisfying to see you back out there Sparrow.
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  32. Sponge Member


    Currently watching his new vids from today, complete with epic sign.

    and Radio Paul's latest...

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  33. conatus Member

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  34. Mark Cabian Member

    Wednesday, June 15 giving stress tests without FDA label, or administered by ministers. I love the shutter sounds :)

    Thanks to your videos, I see that shills are the new must-have at these tables.
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  35. Diablo Member


    (good job RP working with SP, I like the question/answer session during the stress table bullshit)
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  36. Welcome back Sparrow, and RP, powerful vids, fantastic..........ty for educating the entheta stricken, deluded scientologists.

    May they wake the fuck up soon.
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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. Mark Cabian Member

    Hey, Sponge - if you created and donated that whole fucking amazing sign ... did you?
  39. Cheappassion Member

    Ok, WTF is the birthday game? How does one win said game?
  40. Sponge Member

    I merely donated my graphics time @ approx $40 per hour ;) (I know, I know, I'm too cheap but the pychs keep bartering me down). The actual physical banner was donated by someone anonymous. Big thanks to them whoever they are. And thanks to Sparrow and the Radio Paul team for bringing it all together for a fucking awesome comeback.
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