The DC Org welcomes Sparrow back..

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by lostatsea, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Mark Cabian Member

    When I saw the video the other day, the segue wasn't lost on me.
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  2. Welcome back.......Your dreams were your ticket out......

    Nice to see Sparrow and RadioPaul educating the masses again.............Sweet Vid and stress table shut down........ well-played......
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  3. It
    The cultists know the Scientology version of Lisa's untimely death at the hands of Scientology. They will always refute proof in writing. How can you look at her autopsy photo and think their version adds up? It is irrefutable ,thus the point. The truth isn't always pretty but it validates their existing doubts.
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  4. lostatsea Member

    Anonymous said:
    Suggestion: Alternate the megaphone with a wireless FM-type microphone, rebroadcast by Radio Paul over a ghetto blaster directly in front of the org.

    This would not be a good idea, IMO. Violating the spirit of the most recent temporary injunction, yada yada.
  5. Mest Lover Member

    That is the point, they won't look at the photo or the reality of it and probably most don't even know the story because that is Entheta coming from SP's so it is to be ignored.
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  6. Intelligence Member

    Awesome video Sparrow! I Love it:):):)

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  7. Diablo Member

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  8. Loki's spawn Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Sponge's intro video had such an impact, none more than the scene of Sparrow kneeling on one knee and lifting the banner sign up for first view.

    Lisa McPherson has become a symbol not just for the abuses of Scientology but the crimes as well.
    Perjury and Obstruction of Justice are the most common, most often. But above all, that picture of Lisa reminds me of the absence of justice for the victims, and the failure of protection by our trusted authorities of their innocent citizens, businesses and families alike.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    bumped for deflecting a derail
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  12. That video was FUCKING BRILLIANT! It is eerie,spine chilling and TRUE! Scientology did this to such a beautiful and lively woman without an admission of guilt. without remorse. without respect for her life and they continue to run the cult in the same manor. The video is epic and Sparrow's activism and his passion are a true example to us all.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Hope Kim Belotte, Moxon, Vicki, DC staff all liked it too. I'm assuming they heard some shore story about Janice Wendy Eastgate Meyer too, but still, I'm thinking some of those in D.C. are going, hmmmm, perjury, obstruction of justice, let's see, now who's my daddy?
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  14. anonamus Member

    No, the completion certificate Lisa's showing in the pic says "L 11". :
    List eleven, The New Life Rundown. A series of processes directed at havingness by handling ridges and masses around the person. Audited by Class XI auditors. Available on Bridge after Grade IV Expanded at FSO (Flag) only.

    That makes sense if you're a ronbot.
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    Lisa McPherson's baby-watch logs

    Of course, there are lots of missing logs thanks to Marty Rathbun, on orders from Davie (he says). This log is on the day of the accident, but the accident didn't happen until just before 6 PM.
    That suggests that she did escape out the door, and was driving in a confused state when she had the accident and then stripped.
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  16. Sponge Member

    Sparrow & RP were out at the org again today.

    BIG SIGN materialises across the street, right in front of the org.

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  17. The dread SP pirate sparrow has returned after he had been "handled", your doubts are quite valid.....
  18. Anonymous Member

    I don't know the penal code for DC, but in some jurisdictions, refusing to show ID when requested by a police officer, pursuant to a complaint being filed, is grounds for arrest. Sparrow may want to speak to his attorney about this.
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  19. xenubarb Member

    holy fucking shit...these people are epic morons and sparrow is "paranoid?"
    Goddam. Sparrow, why didn't you tell the cop about the lies etc instead of stonewalling?
    Cop was axin questions...I woulda told him all about the "domestic lieolence you just had to go through.
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  20. Sponge Member

    I couldn't really understand what the complaint was. Something about the megaphone? Even then he didn't just come out with in a clear concise manner right up front without being pressed for it. He asked for ID first, before any complaint was mentioned whilst communicating in a series of hard to understand ebonic-esque whines. He seemed very unprofessional to me.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I have to say - Sparrow with a megaphone is so much more theatrical then the pre-trial Sparrow. I bet now Belotte wishes he was just standing on the Org side of the street.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Oh look, Sparrow is back protesting. What was that subject that had nothing to do with the topic? It must not have been important cause I didn't pay attention to it. I think I'll just go back and watch these awesome Sparrow-returns videos and discuss about Sparrow protesting again. Cause that is on the topic.

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  23. OTBT Member


    Don't look

    Don't listen

    Give money to org

    Rinse and Repeat
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  24. Anonymous Member

    quit inflating his already over inflated ego ffs!
    yeah he got fair gamed harcore, and yeah he prevailed in court.
    im sure there's other people with even more dramatic epic wins stories out there that his.
    how about we divide the ass kissing between those people?

  25. Anonymous Member

    It's ok,anon. There there...
    Want some caek and kittens to cheer up?

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  26. Anonymous Member

    I don't know what your talking about so here is a pic of a sparrow in a totally subjectively lewd scene.

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  27. Anonymous Member

    ^Sparrow has luck with ladies...

    inb4 Belotte
  28. derails or no derails it doesn't matter.
    sparrow is back, the court transcripts are up for grabs on the internet and the clams are left more enturbulated than i think any one has ever been enterbulated in the history of enturbulation.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Epic Police Officer tech, Sparrow!

    I really like how the Officer Braxton made repetitive conclusions/accusations about your mental state. (What am I actually saying here?)
  30. RightOn Member

    It was so flash backy to see Vicky T out there again taping. She also looks crappy to me.
    Sue Taylor and Sylvia Stainpants waddling across the street and Sue the hag calling the cops AGAIN.

    The most ethical people on the planet have no problems with wasting tax payers dollars and risking the safety of others in the area by callng the cops for yet another lame reason. "WAHHHHHHH the mega phone is too loud WAHHHHHHHHHH!"
    Scientology pays no taxes and wastes tax payers money. You wanna play in wog world? then pay in wog world!
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  31. Anonymous Member

    It's not their money...
  32. RightOn Member

    and the members many "donations" keep DM knee deep in scotch, bad hair, expensive toys and designer custom clothing and enable him to live in a mansion
    hip hip hooray!
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Maybe Kim should stay at home & stay safe so that she isn't 'forced' to lie and fake tears for the legal system again...?

    That's time away from booming the stats of her org after all...
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  34. RightOn Member

    So the leader of Scientology of Oslo Norway was just arrested for shoving protestors AND the cops?
    wonder why a "church" member would feel the need to shove a cop?
    seems totally out ethics and a real stat crasher
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  35. Triumph Member

    it was a KSW ploy to get criminon into the jails in Norway
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  36. Triumph Member

    Pretty sure its Jan Eastgate (International Head Cheese of the CCHR) plan to Obliterate Psychiatry from inside the confines of a 5x8 cell inside an Australian prison
    what other reason would she "pervert the course of justice" by coercing a young girl and her family to cover up sexual abuse.
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  37. xenubarb Member

    It's going to make it kind of hard to baww about stalking now, as she'll have to cross the street to approach him. And why would anyone want to approach someone they're "afraid" of?
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  38. Triumph Member

    it will make it damn near impossible for Kim spot an "imaginary" erection from across the street...
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  39. xenubarb Member

    Well, you probably saw the Birthday Game results piccie from their Centennial magazine, featuring Kim in her prom dress holding up yet another uglified piece of silk. So yea, stats are BOOMING.

    Except part of that boom is "These people" who "come and go," and aren't really regular members of your church. Oops. You called the Nation of Islam "These people," and believe me, these hypersensitive racists will certainly pick up on that.

    Except you were unable to stop Fair game and disconnection being mentioned in court.
    And the SP directive where we may be "lied to, cheated, etc."
    The perjury was a nice touch, particularly coming from a Moxon-coached witness. Moxon has no history of suborning perjury...oh, wait. Hi graham berry!

    But ain't none of this no nevermind, because the IMPORTANT thing is, DC org won the birthday game and got in one of your glossy magazines.

    I wonder what Sparrow's lawyer thinks of the cult, now that he's experienced classic Scientology in court?
    And the judge, and Mr. Cook, who did what he could with the hand he was dealt. Snake eyes or somethin.
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  40. anonamus Member

    Depends.. Some are very well equipped :)
    But it'll be hard to prove it's due to her. If it was, she certainly should take it for a compliment.
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