"The decline of Anonymous" - McAfee

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    "Sympathizers of Anonymous are suffering. Too many uncoordinated and unclear operations have been detrimental to its reputation. Added to this, the disinformation, false claims, and pure hacking actions will lead to the movement’s being less politically visible than in the past. Because Anonymous’ level of technical sophistication has stagnated and its tactics are better understood by its potential victims, the group’s level of success will decline. However, we could easily imagine some short-lived spectacular actions due to convergence between hacktivists and antiglobalization supporters, or hacktivists and ecoterrorists."
  2. raboon Member

  3. Kilia Member

    Ahh....poor McAfee. I knew him well.
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  4. Honigdachs Member

    yeah when I learned one thing over the last 4 years, then that Anonymous declines and then reappears in a new form. it will happen again. it is a cycle.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    It is not possible to measure that which is not measurable... but some must try.
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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. SOJOA Member

    Im pretty sure 80% of our projects in 2012 were politically motivated. WTF are they talking about.
  8. Anonymous Member

    The very real decline of McAfee is much more interesting.
    At least Anonymous is not suspected of murder :)
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  9. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    If they ever made a movie of McAfee's life, how close to the movie Scarface would it be or would it be just a 21st century reboot of it?

    For sure this scene will be in it, because I bet McAfee has done this more than once:

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  11. cTp Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    McAfee is without a doubt the worst anti virus I've ever had the misfortune of having preinstalled on a computer.

    Fuck you McAfee.

    Fuck you.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    All you need is Mac :)
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Make mine with cheese and bacon please!
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  15. LocalSP Member

    McAfee the person has nothing to do with McAfee Labs anymore. The statement came from McAfee Labs, not the man.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Fuck 'em both, I say. They're completely out of the loop, whether it be technologically, or sociologically.
  17. anonymouspunk Member

    Boy I needed a good laugh today, so thanks McAfee :)
  18. muldrake Member

    The original software, SCAN, was pretty good. Of course, that was when it was run from the command line. Even then, I preferred F-PROT. I'd also have to say that Norton gives McAfee a run for its money in pure shittiness.

    As for fuck McAfee, yes, fuck that guy. And fuck the company named after him. If either of them want to see something in decline they should check out a mirror.
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  19. Enturbulette Member

    I saw this prediction by Anonymous in a headline today - "McAfee Will Continue To Make Claims About Anonymous That No One Cares About."

    I bet it comes true, too.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Fuck this murdering junkie redneck. McAfee LOL
  21. cafanon Member

    The downfall of Anonymous...predicted by McAfee.... that would be like....the Seattle Mariner's GM predicting the downfall of the New York Yankees.
  22. Skynet Member

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