The Endless Day: A Look at the Lives of Iran's Women Day Laborers

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by JohnDoe, Feb 28, 2012.

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    I belive that if Iranian woman are this strong and reasiliant ,, imagine how well they would govern Iran... Imagine a female Leader to lead Iran,,, it would be awesome... i know they would nurse the country back to health and familys would be priority , jobs and education would be number one on the agenda.. and the abolishment of sweatshops and bad factory owners... i met an Iranian the other night,, who has been living in my country for some time now... he used to make eye glasses by hand in Tehran,,,, (15 years same job same exact movement) he has problems with his hands and shoulders... from working so hard to make ends meet... " he said it was like being" a slave to his master" ,,, finally after all that time he manged to escape with his family.
    you can see the toll it took on him in his face.. but he did it for his son and daughter he told me.... so they would not have to live like him...

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