The Face of Anonymous Steps Down

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Char. Limit Member

    And nothing of value was lost.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    What the hell was he thinking in the first place? Duh.
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  4. BrakTalk Member

    You know what? I just had this AMAZING idea... since Barrett is gone now (and I'm sure he will be sorely missed), what if we just went on without leaders?? I mean, the idea that we could just keep right on going as a leaderless "society" of people - I don't think it's that crazy to assume it might work! I truly think we can keep going as normal without our beloved leader Barrett, and in his honor, we should just go ahead and not replace him with anyone else as the sole leader of Anonymous (except maybe Herro. Herro for president).

    See what I did there?

    P.S. - left Anonymous because of PSN? ROFL! He left Anonymous because everyone hated his faggot ass.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    We need a new leader. Xenu found one:

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  6. BrakTalk Member

    I don't smoke weed so no need for the matches
    I said fuck coke and now I'm snorting Hitler's ashes
    I plan on either dying for suicide or my asthma
    Being the only bastard in a box logo casket
    Rashes on my dick from licks of shishkabob Sagets
    In some Kanye West glasses screaming out "fuck faggots"

    Tron Cat
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  7. fallingspider Member

    Why is Thor shaking hands with a hitler look alike?
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  8. Anonymous Member

    So much irony, so little time...
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Not so much fun to be an attention whore anymore is it Barrett? Stupid fuck.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Some people are psychologically incapable of sustaining anonymity.

    Also, Hitler...

  11. I thought the Guy Fawkes mask was the face of anonymous,
  12. Anonymous Member

    hes getting haxed, whos with me?
  13. DeathHamster Member

    Or the classic green morphsuit.
  14. Loki's spawn Member

    Wait, so OpSony was actually good for something? Who'd have thunk it?
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  15. Loki's spawn Member

    Yeah, freedom of informations a bitch sometimes, isn't it?:p
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  16. je suis Member

  17. Major Boyle Member

    Stargate: Nazis. Has a nice ring to it.
  18. Yes, but i love it!
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  19. DeathHamster Member

    Great! More Nazis in Spaaaace!
  20. fallingspider Member

  21. Anon-V Member

    And not a single fuck was given.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Never even heard of the douchebag. Adios, dumbfuck.
  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. xenubarb Member

    I guess it'll be a while before his mom vacuums his apartment again.
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  25. mudkip Member

    how does anonymous have a face...
  26. SwordofTruth Member

    Did anyone else like that he basically said after we hacked Sony it crossed a line, this was where he got out. Sockpuppet for Sony now me thinks, maybe he gave them consulting on the "evidence" file and one liner left behind it would make alot of sense with it being as fail as he is.

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