The Fall of Scientology: Chanology SF Raeps On

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. skeptic2girl Member

    I prefer your finger-friendly caek, enthaeon. You'd need plates and shit for this stuff^^^
  2. Smurf Member

    And a hammer & chisel. Gingerbread houses left out in the open for days gets hard rather quickly. I wouldn't eat it.
  3. Anonymous Member

    what about these?


    Ethics Trouble-Tribute Reese's Pieces Cookies will soon be adapted to conform to adhocrat's preference for chocolate.

    If you ever happen up this way, Smurf, we do take caek requests :)
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  4. Smurf Member

    Yum... I'm a Reese's Piece's addict.
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  5. JustNoise Member

    Nice chalk art tonight. I love the recon too. I liked Moog's caek pic the best, must go bake something now.
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  6. SPRTT Member

    Epic chalk, I called it! Win!!!!
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  7. xenubarb Member

    It would be fun to blow it up. Cue 1812 Overture...
  8. enthaeon Member

    Buttsecks Surprise Bonus Pics

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  9. Cudgel Member

    You do mean the short one, don't you?

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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. SPRTT Member

    Merry Christmas, ET.

    'Twas the night before Christmas
    And all through the org,
    The minions were pretending
    That they were not bored.

    The “stalkers” were chanting
    By the front door with care,
    Demanding that Quiros
    Would Rogaine his hair.

    The children were nestled
    All snug in their wee little beds
    (except for those on post
    meeting quotas set by the reg).

    When all of a sudden,
    There arose such a clatter.
    Pippi took a big breath
    And started to natter.

    Away to the window they
    Flew like a flash
    But Elron’s office was filthy
    All covered with ash.

    When what to their wondering eyes should appear
    But a dancing man, Moog,
    And an army of jeers.
    With a little ole soundbox
    So lively and loud
    Minions they knew right away,
    There’d be no ditching this crowd.

    More agile than monkeys
    They danced and they laughed
    And the minions were saddened
    Cause they were stuck on staff.

    Minions shut down the blinds
    And took pulls on their brew
    When out came the chalk
    And some “insouciance” too.

    The glow of a Fawksian mask
    Showed up bright
    On the street.
    And the cake that they ate
    And the cats that they brought
    Were oh so very sweet.
    Oh, they were so jolly and droll,
    They made a couple of minions pause,
    And they wished, and remembered, and missed their moms,
    ‘til they remembered their tiny boss.

    Minions spoke not a word.
    But went straight to their “work.”
    They had seasonal sec checks,
    Then turned with a jerk.
    They opened their eyes,
    And looked all around,
    Because without looking back,
    Out ran ET in a bound.

    He sprang to the sidewalk
    To the dancers, gave a shimmy,
    Then picked up sign, after yelling out “gimme.”
    And minions heard him exclaim, as he laughed out in glee,
    “It’s only a matter of time until you will join me.”
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  12. Anonymous Member


    Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

    6 o'clock pm

    Burning Questions:

    *How fast will they lock out the droves of public who would otherwise come in through the front gate?

    *How long will it take Josh to tape up his Drugs Are Bad M'Kay? soundproof poster?

    *Will Tomato Head be there?

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  13. Anonymous Member


    Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

    6 o'clock pm

    Burning Questions:

    *How fast will they lock out the droves of public who would otherwise come in through the front gate?

    *How long will it take Josh to tape up his Drugs Are Bad M'Kay? soundproof poster?

    *Will Tomato Head be there?

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  14. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Dude, put on a happy face! Turn that frown upside down!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Actually, Richard DID look pretty happy that day. I think it had something to do with the swimsuits.
  16. SPRTT Member

    Yup. One of his hands is missing. LOL. Poor Yorick Richard.
  17. Anonymous Member

    If this cat has two small freckles under his eye, I know exactly who he is!
  18. Anonymous Member

    Anon, I think I like you quite a lot.
  19. skeptic2girl Member

    for the New Year's Eve raid* I think I'm going to print this thing out, only with a photo of Tomato Head in the place which seems specially designed for him -- anywhere below 2.0 will do:


    *not sure if the cult is celebrating at the SF org or not, but as the Scilons are fond of pointing out, I've nothing better to do ;)
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  20. telomere Member

    0.9 would do just fine.
  21. Anonymous Member

    so if Tomato Head is at 1.5, anger, that means we should be at 1.8, pain, to bring him uptone. Once we get him in pain, then we move up to hostility then antagonism.

    I think I like this tone scale thingie.

    brb practicing my acting skills
  22. Anonymous Member

    What's that now, Scientology?



    Freedom Day

    Thursday, December 22, 2011


    701 Montgomery St.

    San Francisco, CA

    SF FAIL MORGUE, aka Club Xenu SF

    Consider yourself invited

    ps: please don't come naked. it ain't that type of free...
  23. xenubarb Member

  24. enthaeon Member


    2 suits 1 mOrg. Here goes...

    First off, let's introduce some new slaves staff volunteers.

    ZOMG puppy-eyes tech. Just begging to be rescued. Who will adopt this loving ARC'ing Scilon?


    Why are the hawt ones always crazy??


    Confused initiate is confused.


    Now for some DOWNSTAT


    Busy tech works and it helps people.


    Got cancer? Kill it with moar cancer!



    U mad?


    Aww, that's better! <3



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  25. enthaeon Member

    PS: Pippie's back. She's double-fisting MEST and she's pissed as hell.

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  26. skeptic2girl Member

    Oh, Pippi! We had hoped you'd left. :(

    Also, all of these *volunteeer* ministers can't afford Starbucks! Think if we brought them free coffee they'd take it?
  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    Wow, you fags, I <3 u.
    Tonight was probably my last raid in america. I'm moving to france or some gay place next week.
    I'm pretty sure there was some regging going on. Pippi was there, Jennifer2 was there, lots of staffers manning the lobby. It seemed to me that everyone was on the phone in the morgue, all the time. At first I figured they were all just calling the police, but then I figured they were regging or 'confirming people for the event'. I recall when I was in, every time there was an event (LRH bday, NYE, etc) , it was all hands on deck to get public 'confirmed' to be coming to the event.
    Anyway, I was kinda tipsy. Office Xmas party, started drinking at noon. I was hella randy. Pippi was clearly very sick. I constantly inquired about her PTSness, the SPs on her lines and her overts, also the PTSness of the morgue.
    There were hella fags out tonight. We raided hard for a couple hours. I got chummy with gorman as we traded war stories about being in the cult.

    tl;dr: raiding while boozing is pure win.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    This is a paranoid question, but are you guise seeing steam from those cups? Morgues have a coffee machines, which are cheaper for broke ass staff, so why all the cups all the time? Seems odd.
  30. grebe Member

    Scientology does like to keep its money in the family. If the SF staff always go to the same coffee shop, then maybe that shop is run by a Scientologist.

    I confess that the coffee I make at home never tastes quite as good as the coffee I get from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks or the like. Even if I buy a bag of the exact same stuff from DD, make a fresh pot, and add cream and sugar, there's just a little bit of theta missing. Same thing with the coffee we make at work. Somehow DD or Starbucks does something better. WTF, truly, because making coffee is not rocket science.
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  31. Buying Starbucks demonstrates that you are in a condition of Affluence. Only downstats need to drink the Org's free coffee.
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  32. xenubarb Member

    It's prolly just org coffee in Starbucks cups they got out of the trash.
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  33. DeathHamster Member

    I noticed the same at the Toronto org, going back a long time.

    Still, if toilet paper is scarce at the org, what state will the coffee machine be in? (Maybe there's a connection: if they're a customer, they can use the coffee shop washroom.)
  34. Anonymous Member

    There was a rumor that Pippi was in the Starbucks bitching to someone about us -- so maybe they at least go in there.

    She always has two cups of whatever from S.bucks. I swear one is for Quiros, because one is always one of those expensive ones that cost, like, $5.00 - the fruit smoothie or whatever.
  35. Anonymous Member

    re: Jennifer2 and Pippi.

    Was this at the noon raid or the six o'clock one?
  36. Anonymous Member

    6 pm.
  37. skeptic2girl Member

    Didn't get much footage last night -- had to take off early -- but I'll share what I have.

    Got to troll the cult about Chris Krzywicki, too ;)

    brb - editing FAIL
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Not certain but the woman with phone looks like Pam King. She started out at sf org, joined sea org and has worked for OSA in LA for a while now.
  39. skeptic2girl Member

    Would she have had to pay her way out of the Sea Org in order to be in good standing?
  40. Smurf Member

    Actually, the rules have changed on coffee because alot of Sea Org staff patronize the coffee houses like Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in California. If you've ever had coffee at the local org, you'd know why. I still remember the taste of the dining hall coffee at the Big Blue... yech!

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