The Fall of Scientology: Chanology SF Raeps On

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. moralhazard Member

    Great job gang!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    I think it would be great if as many of us as possible show up for this!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Also, Applied Scholastics. This information should be in that thread, as well, methinks.
  4. telomere Member

    It's all Theta.

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  5. Anonymous Member

    I think that Tommy Gorman knows Joe. Perhaps he can help with the last name and/or what Joe is up to these days.
  6. Anonymous Member

    The San Francisco OSA people listed on Marty's blog

    are, as follows: Craig Hawkins, Laura Glendening, Bill Crawford, Ramses Erdhmann, Donna Barton, Monique Fletcher, David Sidlow, Nick Luchesi and Karen Delise (who is supposed to have worked on the John Sweeney cycle and lives in San Rafael, CA). Joe whateverhislastnameis is NOT listed.... maybe he has left although I think most likely that this list is incomplete.

    I hope the spelling is OK.... had to squint...
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  7. skeptic2girl Member

    ^I wish he had danced some more! Only later did I realize that I was totally cracking up while he was dancing because it was so cute -- he was boogie-ing down right in front of the fail org! But I think he thought I was laughing AT him, not AT the cult.

    Note to self: when cheering someone on, actually cheer, don't laugh! (they might get the wrong idea)
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  8. skeptic2girl Member

    This truly has become the org that just doesn't give a fuck. I mean, I bet one of the staff didn't put this card in their sacred altar ashtray, but no one could be bothered to fish it out and give it a proper burial?


    for *some* reason, the cult decided to cover up the 2nd story windows. Wonder why ;)



    I tell you the truth when I say that in order to practice chalk art and display the signs properly, we had to push some trash out of the way. What ever happened to that White Glove who's-he-what's-it?


    On the other hand, someone seems to have sponged off the glob of Awfulness that adorned the window.


    Still, this is L. Ron's office! Wtf? Are you telling me that a dollop of vinegar and a single wad of newspaper can't stand up to the dirt and grime needed to shield LRH from the FBI? If this is what L. Ron's office looks like, I'd hate to see Jeff Quiros'! Or, heaven forbid, their bathrooms.





    It's not quite as much fun to Run This when they just throw you the reins. Still, we'll catch them.
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  9. skeptic2girl Member

    If it is *our* Joe, he's unfortunately up to escorting his disabled wife to and from various org events.

    He's also a body router, apparently, as folk walk home from work by the org. He tries to make physical contact while spewing shit like, "BE THE BALL!!" His behavior is seriously so pesky that:

    1) he single-handedly recruited two of our SF fags because he was so f***ing annoying he got their attention

    2) we've had many ladies who pass us by tell us how he always try to touch them as they walk by -- on the shoulder, no doubt, but still. Keep your hands to yourself, man.

    It makes me wonder if he thinks getting more people into the org will help make his wife better. Indeed, Tommy knows them both and he says she's really nice. :)

    Apparently Tommy G. swung by the org today for a little flash raid!!

    GO TOMMY!!
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  10. skeptic2girl Member

    One last thing:

    The video didn't turn out well, so I didn't post it, but as I referred to in my first posting about this raid, I had a mini-conversation with one staff lady.

    She escorted a woman to and from her car, while I uttered one of the evening's catch phrases: "Did Jeff Quiros tell you who Jennifer Gorman is?"

    So on her way back into the org, staff lady (don't think we have a nickname for her yet -- Farrah Fawcett might do. There's no actual physical resemblance but she has blonde hair in kind of an '80s style) read aloud my sign: "Join Scientology: Make Ashtrays Fly!" in a "see? you can't break my stride!" way and when I asked her if Quiros had ever mentioned Jennifer Gorman, she said, NO. I told her why she should know who Jennifer Gorman is. No answer.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I'm sure it's not that, at all.

    He's only providing Nerve Assist technology to the poor wog ladies
    so they too can share the amazing WINS his wife already got.

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  12. Anonymous Member

    RE: Command Channels of Scientology, especially the A.B.L.E. programs

    Here's a link to a document that proves all the front groups of Scientology are run from their top management echelon.

    Pages 9, 20,21,22 specifically connect the dots of Scientology's betterment groups directly to top Scientology leadership.

    When Scientology tries to state that Narconon, Applied Scholastics, etc., are NOT part of Scientology, this is a good document to bring out.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    I remember Joe Whathisname very well harassing this Anon years ago. I have no information at all on Joe's disabled wife but I am glad that he is hanging in there and caring for her. It is better for him to be in a kind, giving, loving and gentle mode rather than be in an angry and violent OSA cultmind mode. And yes he needs to respect boundaries and not touch the ladies. This is basic civilization, Joe.
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  14. MOOG Member


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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    ^Tommy Gorman just uploaded this one from the Summer of Raep (and yes, I posted it there, too) -- shameless!!

    Love when he tells Bill, "FLUNK!"
  16. Anonymous Member

    Great job. Bit uncomfortable listening to him yelling about child molesters & rapists in front of his little kid.
    But I guess it's a small thing when you recall what the Gorman family went through.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Love Tommy. If I was his kid, I would feel like the safest kid in the world.
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  18. Chipshotz Member

    Great job again SFanons. You always come though with more lulz!
    I've missed your videos, you spoiled me with the chain O' raids.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Here's what the cult says:

    Does this look like a pulmonary embolism to you?


    Protest with SF Anons at 701 Montgomery St.
    6 to 10pm

    Monday, December 5th
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  20. MOOG Member


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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. MOOG Member



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  23. enthaeon Member

    Been a while, but now back in the saddle. Feels good, man.

    Few of us showed up to raep and pillage. Dead Org was DEAD. Saw maybe 4-5 Scilons go in and out- head down or on the phone- usual fail confront/shatter tech. Jerry stopped by, only to tease us by using the other door. He's finally catching on. Here are sone pics...

    Tommy Gorman Tommy Gorman appearance &lt;3




    The Dance Party aka MOOG


    Brodown with MoralHazard


    Now for some Downstat...

    Earlier ITT, I posted a pic of Mommy and Daddy Scilon, dressed up and carting stroller baby into the mOrg. Here she is again, filing in to slavery work volunteer sans newborn. Hmmm...


    Totally dope Scifag using busytech


    Oh and our favorite Angry Gay Dwarf made a cameo, and went home with a few SP's


    Added win, a photographer from a MAJOR newspaper here in SF stopped by and took some photos of the raid. BRB checking email...
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  24. Anonymous Member

    there's only one Major paper in SF.
  25. ^^ Epic picture of David Miscavige.
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  26. enthaeon Member

    Photog has asked for himself and paper to remain anonymous for the time being.
  27. skeptic2girl Member

    MOAR from the day raid... though we didn't just do one raid today. There was an event to crash -- we'll get to that later.



    What more is there to say?





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  28. Chipshotz Member

    Looking good SF!
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  29. skeptic2girl Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Ha ha - they don't like the trollcannon! Butthurt clam is butthurt.

    Love that cop, he don't give a shit for the clam bawwing.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Remember, the Lisa McPherson Memorial is tomorrow evening.......
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  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. skeptic2girl Member

    Was given a friendly reminder that there wasn't a report up yet for Triumphant Part II of Dec. 3rd, 2011 Epic Raid day!

    Wherein we bid the cult a tearful, regretful goodbye (mutual, I assure you) and promised to come back next Thursday only to have a snack and return 2 hours later.

    There was some sort of event, it seemed. Apparently. Hard to tell. Lots of staff there but barely any public, as always. A notable occurrence was when an unfamiliar staff lady came out and was going to - apparently surreptitiously ?! - photog our stuff and our doings. But when we decided to document her for posterity, she quickly disappeared...

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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    This looked good right in front of the front door:



    Had been changing my batteries when Josh showed up again -- still, got a shot of him sneaking back in. How's the music volume, Josh?



    ^Isn't this a great one of Tommy Gorman? You can see Jennifer's hand, to the left in the background. As earlier, she and her daughter were warm and cozy in the mini van pulled right up to the org, filming away...


    The ONLY sad part was that moarxenu roared up on his motorcycle just as anna and I were leaving!

    How long did you boys stay?
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  36. skeptic2girl Member


    Lisa McPherson -- candles, etc.

    Let's help the cult *celebrate* their EPIC WIN of the criminal case!! nice job, cult

    701 Montgomery St -- Anonymous Island --

  37. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Is it me ?
    Or is there something wrong with that picture?
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  38. Tangerine Member

    Sweet photo of Tommy.
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  39. skeptic2girl Member

    <3<3<3 Tommy Gorman!!
  40. skeptic2girl Member

    thank you, sir, may I have another?

    This one's from the night raid

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