The Fall of Scientology: Chanology SF Raeps On

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Oct 21, 2011.

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    "The criminal cult of Scientology has pulled in Tommy Gorman" <-- Bad move.
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    Hey Tommy, when you ask about a bob, are you talking about Bob Meinsma? He died in March on his birthday. Suicide? Ask Janet when u get a chance.
  5. skeptic2girl Member

    It had been a long time since I'd seen enthaeon, so that was super-sweet!
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  6. skeptic2girl Member

    YES! Absolutely -- there's really no *late*-coming to raids

    Depending on when we wrap things, I'd be up for food afterwards... though maybe that's just because I've not eaten lunch yet!
  7. skeptic2girl Member

    I like how Anna tells the one Scientologist about 1-866-X-SeaOrg
    Also, I can't believe how high my voice gets here. I sound like Smurfette!
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  8. skeptic2girl Member

    ^can't remember if I posted this one yet or not --
    fyi, experimental new name for "book boy" is jimmy olson
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    Well I, for one, like your voice. So sweet they have to listen, then it cuts like a knife.
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    We do not forget.
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    Seconded. Your voice is quite sweet, like the girl next door. It rings with confidence and truth that cannot be easily forgotten.
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    This Anon dropped by close to 10 pm. and the chalk work was still up and beautiful. One of SCN'ers came outside to photograph the chalk work in the very front of the building and I wondered if he was thinking about what was written.... and beginning to wonder if maybe SCN's explanations of what happened to Lisa McPherson were not correct.

    Many ex'es have said that reading what critics and ex'es have said started them leaving the cult "group think" and they began to question the disparity between what they were told by SCN, their own experiences and what ex'es and critics were saying. And they began to think for themselves again.

    Quite a lovely memorial for Lisa McPherson. Well done. I wish I could have gotten there earlier.
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    Oh, man! Sorry we missed you. Being a *school night* we actually left before nine this time.

    I've no idea why they didn't wash off the chalk, though as you've noted, maybe they were waiting to document it.

    We did notice that they did a half-assed job getting the other stuff off and so there were smeary smears beneath the new art.

    I'm so excited for Luna and Tulu returning this Saturday, as they are the most UPSTAT artists evah!
  16. skeptic2girl Member

    ^I'm thinking Westboro Baptist Church -- I would totally move to their city to do that. No, I wouldn't, actually.

    re: local orgs

    I don't know what the difference is between a mission and an org, but there is a Scientology presence in Marin -- I actually feel sorry for it- in San Rafael in the industrial district. There isn't even a sign out front:

    There's a Dianetics Center in Santa Rosa: another complete and utter failure. There were so few public going in it got pointless raiding. I saw ONE person go in there. I only heard about one other person going in, and it was this guy's girlfriend. It sounded like a one-time thing.

    So that's TWO, over several months.

    Everyone else who went in there was with the mortgage company, Sun Pacific Mortgage:

    (Is it any wonder I hardly get any shit done at work?!)
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    Help welcome back Tulu and Luna, our Santa Cruz fags!!
    Location: CLUB XENU SF @ 701 Montgomery St.

    Time: 5pm to 9pm


    THERE WILL BE JOSH (we hope)

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  19. skeptic2girl Member

    I really loved having the candles. I wonder if there would be an appropriate way to do that again soon?
  20. skeptic2girl Member

    (Have some video to post, but editing a bit first.)

    One notable happening from Lisa McPherson Vigil Raid:

    Dapper Troll Guy (aka "Suit Monkey") first came up to one of us and said, gesturing to the mask, "Do you know who's face that is?" YES. "Do you know what happened to him?" Ummm... burned at the stake? we guessed. He seemed to agree. "What does that tell you?!" he said.

    I suppose he could have meant that British history studies are neglected in the U.S. public school system.

    He began to do the Scientology apologist rant about how All Religions Are Evil, etc. etc.

    Beg to differ.

    tl;dr he called out GoofyAnon!

    He was very angry, to be sure. The funny thing though, is, that he could totally have passed for a Scientologist EXCEPT that his confront was DEAD ON. No Scientologist has such effective confront. Because he did. And so he isn't.
  21. telomere Member

    birfday not soon enuf?
  22. skeptic2girl Member

    Another cool thing that happened...

    We discussed at length whether or not to leave the Lisa McPherson *altar* behind... and if so, to leave it on Anonymous Island or where it was, or...

    We finally agreed to take it with us, lest the cult deface it or accuse us of littering.

    Someone had brought a bouquet of white roses in honor of Lisa. It seemed right to give them away.

    So we'd give a rose to someone who looked friendly and they would be surprised, of course, and kind of pleased. While they asked Why we would give them a rose, we gave them one of the Lisa McPherson cards (Sponge's template ftw!) --

    One gentleman said he'd give the rose to his wife. He and his friend listened intently to Lisa's story. And when we suggested he Google her name, he responded, "Now I will."
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  23. skeptic2girl Member

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  24. moarxenu Member

    Well done, my beloved faggots!
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  25. grebe Member

    Memorial for Tom Ciancio 12-30-11?
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  26. skeptic2girl Member

    There's a whole forum dedicated to org status on

    Here is info I posted on the San Rafael "Mission of Marin":

    There is no sign out front at all. There is no listing of their hours, either. All there is giving clues as to what's going on is their mailbox which says "Church of Scientology."

    The pictures are kind of blurry and crappy, but it was dark in there, and I took them with my cell phone.

    The thing about this pos "missions" is they're small and tucked away you can't be discreet, exactly, taking the photos. Knowing now what I know about Scientology, I wouldn't have gone into the building.

    I'll see if I can post other photos from that day. really does have a lot of information there -- you can pretty much get org statuses of all of the ones in the list upwards on this page if you look around in org patrol, and raid reports. another list doesn't necessarily have to be made.

    ***google isn't our friend when it comes to finding out current org status -- for instance, lots of results still come up for the 4th St. Mission of Marin address.
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    Church of Scientology Mission of Soma
    566 Folsom Street
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    United States

    No one has gone in or out of that place in a year.
  28. telomere Member

    At first I was like

    but then I was like
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  29. skeptic2girl Member

    I'll also note that I've been to Davis often and sure as heck never saw any Davis cult presence. Too bad, too! With all of those idealistic college folk to con, eh? Then again, college students are notoriously broke. So maybe the cult is smarter than we think.

    I even did a Google maps thing where there's the "street view" for the Davis address and saw diddly. So if it's there at all, it's an epic fail, San Rafael-style.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Long ago, Davis mission accounted for 20% of the national income from missions. Times change.
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  32. enthaeon Member

    A crazy old dude always stops by our Staturday raids to tell me "bums are lining up outside that place". He insinuates they are being fed. I maintain this dude is bonkers. He swears he will bring literature given out by the mission to prove his accusations.
  33. skeptic2girl Member

    Another funny thing that happened att the Lisa McPherson Raid involved an interaction with a handsome young Scilon whose nickname has not been pinned down yet (time for a survey?) -- suggestions include Rico Suave, Old Spice...

    Anywho, he decided to defy LRH policy and DEFEND the org against the evil SPs by attempting to shatter us with the unblinking TR stare. You gotta give the guy credit -- he tried his darndest, and he definitely got the robotic, creepy, unnatural look down. (It helps to have perfectly coiffed hair for this impression.)

    Breaking his concentration turned out to be a less-than-60 second job... all it took was one of our fags making a certain repetitive hand motion, combined with trolling about the DM/TC love match and how they share their private hours. I think Mike Rinder's infamous phrase, "unnaturally close relationship" came up -- and soon his back was turned.


    Thus, we found out at least part of the reasoning behind Attack, Never Defend (besides the Good Clean Fun of destroying SPs for sport) -- as it turns out, defending ALWAYS leads to FAIL.

    Poor Flunking Scilon!

    Must. Return. To Male. Modeling.

    ***also, curious to find out if the currently-elusive Pippi Longstocking has blown, or is perhaps on her honeymoon, or maybe she's in Clearwater?
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    It is right next to the Mexican Consulate, where people line up daily re: travel documents, visas, etc.
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    Would be fun to make a video montage someday called: Best of Josh
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    ^guy comes over and at first sounds like a cop -- given that the cops in SF are super-nice to us!
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  40. skeptic2girl Member


    Help welcome back Tulu and Luna, our Santa Cruz fags!!


    Location: CLUB XENU SF @ 701 Montgomery St.

    Time: 5pm to 9pm



    THERE WILL BE GREBE*pew pew!!

    THERE WILL BE JOSH (we hope)


    *Xenu willing, but I meant pew pew
    ***BTW, attendance of Tulu and Luna is confirmed! :) :) :)

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