The Fall of the House of Moon: Sex rituals, spies, Biden family, moar

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Nov 13, 2013.

  1. The Internet Member

    Interesting recent article on the Moonies, Scientology's bff
    Sonic Cult playing "You Own the Game"

    What are the Moonies about? Why does anyone care?

    The whole thing has a "no wants" quality for me. But there is a method to Moon's madness. Strip away the obvious bullshit for the gullible and you have a quasi-fascist movement concerned with establishing family centers of hereditary wealth. A Moon future would have a ruling class made up of persons with royal blood, per some spiritual basis. This has some appeal for the uber wealthy who support Moon in various ways without becoming Moonies themselves.

    A little Moon family dirty laundry:

    "Nansook Hong, the former wife of Moon’s son Steve, escaped from the Moon compound, where she claims her husband had beaten her. Here, she discusses the family. The video features footage of Steve giving a church speech while allegedly high on cocaine."
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  2. Anonymous Member

    It is a particularly controlling cult, fortunately it's lost it's popularity.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    So clever of the Moonies to put "cult" in the title of their band.

    The band reminds me of this, in my view, really delightful movie about a popular singer used to advance a state supported cult.

  5. Anonymous Member

    OMG, ouch. In Jin aspires to write pop songs. From the OP linked article:
  6. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    As of this year Mrs. Moon has become queen of an empire of sorts. All fine and good buy I'm annoyed that a former Speaker of the House was involved.

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  9. DeathHamster Member

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  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Nice to see that the old piece of shit finally croaked last year. Good riddance! Say hi to Rot-in-L. Hubbard for us!
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  11. The Internet Member

    I think Moon was the front boss and the real power within that strange economic empire was and probably still is General Bo Hi Pak, the KCIA guy.

    Moon is a North Korean who seems to have served as a useful informant for US intelligence. Nothing like friends in high places when you're a crook with ambition. The IRS crackdown came very late and only after many years of his douchebaggery.

    Moon, like Hubbard, was very much into sex magic rituals in his youth and later "spiritual science." He was working on some kind of machine for talking to dead people, if I recall correctly.

    Faith is fine. But when faith tries to be science, it is big trouble. Because science belongs to all of us and we have standards.
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  14. DeathHamster Member

    M-O-O-N, that spells bullshit.
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  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Sonic Cult. Well, you can't ding them for false advertising.
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  16. The Internet Member

    It's like Tim Minchin, innit?

  17. The Internet Member

  18. The Internet Member

    Recent mass wedding of over 3000 couples. "We met 4 days ago. Yeah we're really happy!"

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  19. The Internet Member

    This Ben Lorentzen guy is talented enough to be a big star. Too bad he's a Moonie.

  20. The Internet Member

    I do like the "Lovin' Life Ministries" look the Moonies have now. It's way more fun than the flower business shy Asian nerd thing they used to have going on.

  21. The Internet Member

    New Lovin' Life Ministries Church in Las Vegas.

  22. The Internet Member

    Holy fuck they make church actually seem like fun!

    That's it Imma join the Moonies cuz that boat is sweet!
  23. The Internet Member

    In Jun, Moon's daughter and head of the US church, got pregnant with Ben Lorentzen's baby while both were married to other people. They subsequently divorced their respective spouses and got married. This was upsetting to many Moonies. The whole religion centers around some superstitious sex magic bullshit. You have to keep your "sexual organs" pure or your offspring will have engrams and will get stuck in electronic incidents. Very bad.

    However, In Jun probably understands America and public relations and therefore I doubt her adultery will be much of an obstacle for the church. America will totally forgive religious leaders if they are fun to listen to.

    We really are a nation of fun and lulz. I just wish I could join in. But I hate naturopaths and chiropractors and other people pretending to be science based when they are not. They are an intellectual cancer corrupting higher education in this country.

    Oh, in case people didn't know: Moon is supported by chiropractors and naturopaths. Big vitamin empire like Scientology.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    while a teenager in the seventies I was a runaway and I was hidden there in netherland the town name is BERGEN OP ZOOM ,it is now a hotel still run by the moonies ?
    they forced me to work free for them , I didn't appreciated working for peanuts
    I was a run away under age they knew it ,
    you know what SAVED me ?
    smoking dope kept me from these fruitcakes...... and two weeks later I escaped from the place with a guy from ARRUBA ( thanks to him years ago )
    sorry for the 350 gulden I did borrowed you culties.... and the car we left like a wreck in THE HAGHES streets...ah ah ah
    that was my time and experience in a cult in the seventies
    I was so happy when the old fart ate the pussies in 2012
    my best regards to STEVE HASSAN I know what you felt
  25. The Internet Member

    Just extracting info from video.

    You Own The Game
    Ben Lorentzen, Joe Young
    CARP Gala, live board mix
    Live at the Hammerstein, NYC
    Uploaded to YouTube 7-29-2012

    It's so good to be one of us
    Cuz we are a little bit different
    Yes we are a little bit different

    It's so murderous to be one of us
    Cuz we are a little bit different
    Yes we are a little bit different

    Nothing new is ever safe
    To be showing faces, knowing to be brave
    And it's true they're throwing shit at you
    Push you round and spit on you
    But hold on tight, you'll push on through
    You're born again

    It's so curious to be one of us
    Cuz we are a little bit different
    Yes we are a little bit different

    It's so murderous the way they're treating us
    Cuz we are a little bit different
    Yes we are a little bit different

    Nothing new is easy street
    The very thought of change is chased away
    And made to fleet
    And it's crap they talk behind your back
    Blame you for everything they lack
    But hold on tight stay on the track
    You own the game

    It's so curious to be one of us
    Cuz we are a little bit different
    Yes we are a little bit different

    It's so murderous the way they're treating us
    Cuz we are a little bit different
    Yes we are a little bit different

    And if you're down, it is a good place to look up
    And if you're out, it's harder to get stuck
    And if you're feeling different, come and join the club

    It's so curious to be one of us
    Cuz we are a little bit different
    Yes we are a little bit different

    It's so murderous the way they're treating us
    Cuz we are a little bit different
    Yes we are a little bit different

    The "Lovin' Life" group anticipates that young people joining their churches are going to face criticism. Some of that criticism might be reasonable. Like, "Why would you believe that Rev. Moon is the messiah and your True Father? Just look at his life and his family troubles." I think that's a fair criticism.

    But kids are given a handy frame to keep in mind: haters gonna hate. Critics are afraid of new ideas and "blame you for what they lack."

    I would be happier if the song clarified that some people might be against the Moonies due to their fears of anything new, but some might have valid concerns worth hearing. But that lyric is less catchy.

    I'm also not happy with the implanted expectation of abuse, including "murder." First I want to know who is murdering the Moonies. Second, I want to know why young people should be made to fear non-cult members like this.
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  26. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Pretty catchy number. Sort of reminds me of old Beach Boys music.
  27. The Internet Member

    When I started this thread 5 days ago the "You Own the Game" song, published 7-29-12 on YouTube, had 600 something views. It's now 1,333. Someone will peek at the analytics and discover Then they will visit this thread. has shown more interest in Ben Lorentzen's work in less than a week than Moonie Land has shown in over a year.

    Message to the Moonies:

    "Throw shit at you, spit on you, push you around" --that's not our way. We especially don't want to murder you. We only want to have some fun and to get at the truth of things. And by "truth" we mean verifiable evidence. Evidence *you* can verify, not just us. Our word for that is, "dox."

    We stand for dox and lulz. And maybe kittens. That's basically it.
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  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

    And dongs, especially when copterized.
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