"The Future Ex-Mrs Cruise"?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Robert S, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Robert S Member

  2. KipMitchell Member

    Ugh, she looks TERRIBLE.
  3. She looks quite worn down.
  4. That poor woman.
  5. Anonabliss Member

    That doesnt mean anything. Lights, camera angle, just having a crappy day (like nobody else has those?). Other than being anorexic skinny like all the other chics in hollywood, you can't tell anything. I just wish the anti-cult fairy would fly in and rescue her.
  6. MollyBloom Member

  7. She has a young child. That's the way I look after one afternoon with my neice and nephew.

    "and is desperate to try IVF treatment" convenient for LRH seed insemenation.

    Free Katie! I knew I should of hit on her when she was local, she'd never be in this mess. :p
  8. Yup. Zombified.
  9. Now she knows for certain what money can't buy.
  10. Member

    She doesn't look well at all.
  11. Skeptic1337 Member

  12. saerat2 Member

    I would hit it in both ways.
  13. AnonSoul Member

    Pasty and damned if the writer didn't point out those creepy fookin' toes.
  14. Gisman Member

    She doesn't look that bad, just a bit worn out.

    So yeah, like the fist of of an angry god.
  15. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    That is what being in a cult does to you.

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