The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies

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  1. Anonymous Member

    i gave you a base to work off of now learn the skill yourself
    because if i tell you then you will forget and not understand it.
    what is the point of telling someone something if they will only forget?
  2. Anonymous Member

    There is no such thing as mind control. That is an excuse for people with weak minds.
  3. Anonymous Member

    well sorry for my misuse of words i should have used the term mental domination
  4. Stop posting.

  5. Stop posting.

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  6. Anonymous Member

    i'd rather not but thanks for the suggestion
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  8. Anonymous Member
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  9. salut, mes frere anonymous chui khalil, chui tunisien et je peux vous aidez just il faut que moi devenir un anonymous
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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  11. Andy Downs Member

  12. User: All of you
    Action: Banned
    Duration: Forever
    Reason: Moonbattery
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  13. either I am not paranoid enough to see it , Or I am truly stupid LOL. Or I am "too honest", to see the deviousness in it. Are you talking "posts" or "thread" sliding?

    I can see this "thread sliding" by posting on unimportant older threads to bump them up ahead of the important ones, In an attempt to discourage readers from reading threads past the first few pages. Then this can be done without having to place any sleeper threads for that purpose, any boring or mundane thread will do.

    Oh Hell I think I am starting to see why people think I am a troll etc, when I am not. My idea of forums is "Long term conversations" that can last years. So sometimes I have been known to post on 2-3 year old threads, to bring new perspective to long running conversations. If you only want input on recent topics, then why are you not running a chat-room instead, which is more conductive and productive for short lived discussions?

    Ok I am not your typical joe. I do not think like others, a lot of the time, When the crowd runs one way, I usually run the opposite or perpendicular to the crowd, rarely do I go with the crowd. end result is the same. I see it as thinking for myself.

    I also may talk about subjects in a roundabout fashion. It looks like it is "off topic" speak or "trolling" or "derailing". It is not. As I said I am not your typical joe. I often use non related examples to make a point about the current topic. like threads about hearing aid design defects, and I will use a toyota car manufacturing to show another example regarding defect in designing, that people may be more familiar too because of its public scrutiny.(hearing aid design defects is not well known by public so harder for the public to understand the issue.) To another reader Who does not understand me, will think I am trying to derail the thread or talk off topic, when I am not. I think broader and indirect relations, It is not deliberate, I just try to see from more angles about the issue, that may not be so straight forward.

    another example in action of this, is look to my child predator post about looking at taking action in another manor through education etc, than what the thread was about, which was expose the predators.
    I was thinking in terms of same end goal but off topic to achieve the same end goal which is protect the young from being exploited or abused..

    Do I dare say "#6 Character assassination?" as forum manipulation??

    EDIT TO ADD: whoops guess this is example of 5 and 6 on post #89 didn't read on 3 pages of thread Was using the ones on first page END EDIT.

    Here is an important one regarding manipulation of forums. It happened to me on several, when trying to bring up legal issues people needed to be made aware of as to hopefully encourage people to seek justice, for the whole:

    One of the things I notice on forums is when someone is trying to bring what they view as an important issue to light in the community, that needs to be addressed in the OP eyes. Then other posters don't want that issue talked about, so they start to attack the OP accusing the op as being "troll", "tinfoil hat" "a problem person"etc, Forcing the OP to go on the defensive, thus not focusing on the issue itself and thus burying the important context of the message. All of this, in an attempt to get a moderator to ban the "op" as disruptive , troll, etc. And to have the thread locked or so derailed no one wants to bother to read it. This happened to me on "disability civil rights" and "renters rights", "right to bare arms, in order to deter tyranny, and self protection." , "stripping of the 7th amendment rights through the use of mandatory arbitration in contracts, TOU, etc. Since the moderators don't have time nor care to actually figure what is going on, they simply ban the OP just to be rid of it.

    Technique 4: no need to fish here, with planning and strategy done in the open. in order to develop deterrent strategies. The tips threads about staying anonymous at rallies for example. Nobody has to go fishing for that info because its freely shared here, instead of shared in face to face meetings before events.

    Following is clarification about me and why posted to this thread, being that I communicate in a manor as to appear that I might be doing what is described above, while in fact I am not. The difference is that the forum manipulators doing it to disrupt or cause problems. This is not the kind of person I am. Been accused of being too brutally honest and part of being this way is I tend to do TMI. If you have a problem with that, simply do not read my post. No one is forcing you to read them.

    FYI I am weird, If you do not get what I am saying, don't worry, please do not think it is an attempt to derail or cause problems. If you knew me and my background you would understand why I communicate in a weird fashion. Also I spend a LOT of time "self reflecting" which is part of why I talk about personal experiences or how something effects me, "A LOT". It is not ego or self importance or any condition "where its all about me and no one else, etc. I spend in upward of 90-95% of my time alone, not interacting with people. So my thinking has shifted to "internal reflection" of how would I do something, impact me etc and I speak in those terms even-though I am thinking of others at the time.." Just to give contrast to the point I am trying to make that even though I talk about me, I am in reality thinking and acting for others: Anyone Know about the tornado that ripped through St Peters, MN in 98?? I was there, as a sawyer, clearing trees from the streets for two weeks, despite the fact it was nearly half a state away. Only thing I have to show for it is a t'shirt and mug, and a corps man of the year award. Which I keep stored away, not on display.(its about looking out for others, and doing the right thing, ethics, morals)

    Saw this thread when I was trying to figure out where to place a couple of links to info about "TPP" and "TAFTA" Free trade agreements.
  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I got half way thru this before I gave up. Tl;dr
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I got half-way through this before I threw up.

    Tl;Ts (Too long; too stupid).

    What a self-absorbed faggot!
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  16. anon8109 Member

    Know your audience EthicsOverdrive.

    Witty, focused, and direct works much better than pedantic, wandering, and long-winded.
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  17. ^^^^^^^^^^since this could be seen to be a derailment attempt, will play along as follows:

    "Hypnotic suggestions" is a form of mind control of manipulations. sound, visual, touch, emotions. eventually almost everyone cracks, if its done right.

    Good example of "hypnotic suggestions" in action people going off the deep end that guns causing all the problems. The hypnotic suggestion points to the guns as the fault. BUT its not the guns its the social interactions in the back ground that eventually caused a person to loose sanity and use a "gun as a tool" to solve their perceived problem that can not be solved any other way.

    The "hypnotic suggestion" about anti-gun is mostly put forward, by those who wish to have "TOTAL" control over other people. One of the biggest obstacles in the way of this is peoples possession of firearms to fight back with. So the hypnotic suggestion is appeal to people irrational reaction to protect children(emotional short circuit to logical thinking) by claiming there is a rampant problem that is out of control then flashing video over and over of Sandyhook. BE-WARNED I am NOT detracting the tragedy that was sandyhook shooting. I was referring to the use of the media itself to achieve a mind control to steer people into a certain direction of anti-gun leaning.

    "Subliminal suggestion" as well, corporations were doing this with commercials on the old black and white boob tubes,(before getting caught) it worked on some people. Because sales was up after, even though the commercials were not all that good. << I saw this in action in a physics class. You could see the message in the clear when putting strong magnet near the side of the screen. This was banned, because it actually worked. I would not doubt, if its still getting used, but hidden more cleverly. It is TOO powerful of a marketing tool. here is proof of this one

    mind control is very possible and it is not always the weak who fall for it.
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  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Subliminal seduction is an interesting topic and I would love to hear about it. Can you distill this? You can not expect other people here to read this much rambling. Try posting dox to support your points.
  19. RavenEyes Member

    I see your posts. What trouble are you having?
  20. RavenEyes Member

    I think he was, but couldn't get the links to post. He might need your help. He or She, I mean. :)
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    ethics overdrive you can delete your own posts. try refreshing the page to see a post before you post again
  22. it had to do with after hitting post reply It was not showing on my screen like it normally would, had to go back to main thread page and re-enter this thread before I could see the posts.

    I know some forums, if you place a link within your post, it will delete the post, without actually posting it in the thread and it will blank the text box for you to start over, and I had thought that had happened here, when it failed to show on my screen after hitting post reply. Simple confusion on my part about forum over-site technique.
  23. this reminds me of the 3 old "hard of hearing" ladies going out for tea. I said Subliminal "suggestions" you say subliminal "seduction" now all we need is the third
  24. ^^^^ This is exactly what I am talking about people misunderstanding me. First off night owl, you do not know me, for that I forgive you for the derogatory name calling.
  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Subliminal Seduction is a book.
  26. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Ethics, I'm leaving this thread. Good luck.

  27. I am very much for gun control and civil mediation.

    Your rant sounds odd.
  28. RavenEyes Member

    This thread confuses me, which lets me know it's past my bedtime.
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  29. This is the kind of criticism I appreciate

    Then the question becomes to I break it up into small posts for the different points this eliminates the wandering issue. If I do not say it at the time I am thinking it, I loose the memory. regardless to how important. To cope with that I have to say it when thinking it. its part of a learning disability.

    not all of us can do witty, get me in trouble, so I avoid it.

    I am focused just covering multiple points at once, I do the best I can not to wonder. I do a lot of rewriting to straighten them out so I am not going back and forth from point to point.
  30. RavenEyes Member

    I am often forgetful, so I write shorter posts (ADD). If they're longer, what helps me is bullet points, spacing, and trying (I'm not always successful) to keep thoughts on the same topics together. People still misunderstand me. So, sometimes I write a lengthy post and just erase 3/4 of it and keep what I think is most important. In a few minutes, I've forgotten what else I thought was important to me. If it comes back, it does. If it doesn't...maybe it will another day.

    You won't get in trouble if you're sincere, open and honest. If people give you shit, reach out to those of us in this thread who you've shared stuff with and we can help. People are cool here. We're just suspicious of new people and weirdos. But, we're cool with people who learn differently. :)
  31. I was talking about mind control and trying to use real examples that other could see if they bothered to think about it for a bit.

    You missed my point was trying to make, it was example of "HOW" media of a tragedy was used to manipulate in form of mind control through the use of "emotion" in order to get an outcome that is different than what that person normally would of followed under different circumstances. I used sandy hook because I know that has a strong emotion for most people and it was so widely covered and repeated over and over. <--what people did not realize is this (mind control)

    I am for gun control as well, like stiffer penalties when firearms is used in a crime.<--- this actually works by punishing those that did the wrong doing, without punishing every other law abiding citizen out there. BUT i object to gun control that, purpose is to disarm law abiding citizens. by using criteria that 99% of firearms currently do not follow, like mandatory clip size that is not manufactured at all for most firearms, like 7 round, when only 10 round, 5 round clips are made for example. Even police object to it. Because it does not solve the problem of violence and people behavior and how we treat each other that lead up to the criminal use of firearms.

    If you get rid of firearms people just find another method like bombs, knives, poison, etc. example: rat poison in punch anyone?? also look to japan no guns there yet knife and poison was used to do mass harm. or was the recent knife one in china recently?

    firearms is just a "TOOL" rat poison is just a tool, pressure cookers just a tool. they all have the potential to kill if miss handled in a malicious way.

    You didn't need to remind me that my posts seems odd, when I was specifically pointing that out and trying to explain why that is.

    anyway I am out. peace.
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  32. rickybobby Member

    Here is a new link for the OP, original link is inactive.

    Because of our recent influx of trolling and perhaps for anyone new here, as a mental exercise, I revisited this guide of trolling and disinformation to see how many of these tactics I have seen clumsily attempted here recently. I will repost the first bit here for the folks who don't want to click, or if their mouse finger happens to be broken.

    Even though they have been totally full of fail, I have also seen variations of these attempted (from the Disinformation Handbook at the above link):


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  33. anonymousuk67 Member

    We need to follow in Vs example.. yes it was a film, but it inspired me to open my once closed eyes.
  34. A must read for new bloods.
    Perfect for those with the tin foiled hat.
  35. I believe it is more likely this forum is monitored in line with the tactic of encouraging descenting folks to out themselves.

    Mildly off topic... Speaking of spying... Why is a temporary file downloaded on my phone when I visit this site? Makes me hesitant to join and seems to contradict the anonymity policy in some obtuse way. Is this TOR related?
  36. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Never ever happens to me.
  37. JohnnyRUClear Member

  38. File name:

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    $Eðxx@’OŠ’‘ š"hPÔeAÀ˜
    c”hlj¬Ä±7‡³›ƒÉf³YnŽÍ&NjS•ÊçTåÃ~&¥Zëcª¶*©üˆT1¯{$(®]•ØÓýÞë~ïõ»zzô ¿D¨ó'u`´Bïò›¡Ýs5M‘-”ͺ¡îd«jEChAÝ.ÂK‘ðraVÔ*Ú•Ê7šÃ¸ ¡RÍ´²†Z-6Õ",Ðè
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