The Gme of Thrones- the stakes in play

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  1. When the Shah of Iran died in exile in Egypt in 1980, the Islamic regime announced the news on radio with words that, it's fair to say, showed something of a bias: "The bloodsucker of the century is dead."

    Today, Iranians are playing it just as hard, except this time it's the Islamic regime of the ayatollahs that is facing wrath from within its ranks. Iran is unravelling; the regime is splitting open. The present course -- with the regime clinging to power by using its security apparatus to crush gatherings in the streets while foreign capital flees -- is unsustainable.

    Mullah mutiny | The Australian

    The only possible conclusion is that the Ahmadinejad- clan is now in a state of war with virtually the entire old Iranian establishment. It is also clear that the first problem to solve is to put the Ahmadinejad- clan out of bussiness. When one realizes how powerful this clique has become and how much power it has been seizing the past weeks, this seems like a huge task for the Iranian people.

    Het Vrije Volk

    Those who believe that the reform movement in Iran has a chance to succeed, and those Iranians abroad who so enthusiastically voice their support for this movement, should be aware of all the peripheral contingencies that also must be taken into account. If the process is carried out hurriedly and with too much exuberance, either the reform movement will die before maturation, or the nation will disintegrate, making the whole issue irrelevant.

    THE DANGERS OF OVER EXUBERANCE: The Fate of Iran's Reform Movement

    3 amazing articles that popped up today.


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