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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Kilia, Jul 4, 2015.

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    Not to derail this thread….
    and if Mods want to move it to it's own thread with a different title please do.

    It has been over 7 years now….
    There has been global protests. Some continue today.
    The points and questions below are random and out of order, but undeniably daunting and still remain unanswered.
    If I have forgotten anything, or something is incorrect, let me know.

    The US government and other governments have been provided with an enormous amount of documents and proof that something is very wrong.
    Thousands of letters have been written over the years warning schools, people, government officials, city and town authorities and more.
    There was a huge protest in DC way back and people met with US officials to share info. What became of that?
    The list of ex Sicentologists who have left and spoke out is now over 2600 people strong.
    The COS was convicted of fraud in France and booted out of Belgium.

    There were huge conferences in Germany, Clearwater and now in Toronto.
    People have asked Obama in the past to launch an investigation into the COS via petition signatures. It went nowhere.
    Many videos of personal accounts and other films have been made exposing the cult.
    People signed and provided info on a recent petition to revoke their tax exemption status.
    Books of personal horror stories, including Miscavige's own niece have emerged with 20 plus more books on the way by various authors. AND soon David Miscavige's own father will write a tell all book.
    Former PI's who were hired by the cult have come forward and revealed that they were paid to follow ex members and critics.
    Wire tapping has occured.
    There is proof that the COS has obtained information on ex's and critics illegally.
    Their members are being filmed during their auditing sessions.
    Personal information from their member's private "PC folders" have been used by the cult to intimidate and blackmail their members.

    Major films and documentaries have been released.
    Strong armed and brutal regging tactics have been reported by ex's.
    Tons of lawsuits have been filed against the COS and Narconon and there are more to follow.
    Numerous court cases have occurred and some are still pending.
    The largest US government infiltration was performed by the COS. Documents were stolen and one of the perpetrators was the founder's wife. (Operation Snow White) And yet they still have their tax exemption status. As a matter of fact they were granted tax exemption after this occurred. WHY?

    People have died and suffered both mentally and physically at Narconon OK. and their other locations.
    There aren't any official scientific studies, nor case studies that have ever been published that supports the Narconon program. It has never been proven to be a valid drug or alcohol rehab. in fact findings state just the opposite about how harmful it is.

    Leah Remini filed a missing person's report on Shelly Miscavige.
    All links of the COS's front groups have been pointed out and made public.
    Their "tech" and TR's has been looked over by professors and others and it has been deemed dangerous and has been said to induce thought stopping (mind control)
    Their emeters are nothing more than mini lie detectors and are all supposed to carry labels on the backs stating that they are more or less for " entertainment purposes only". This has not been done.

    The COS has a website called Freedom Magazine that publicly fair games and spreads lies about ex members and critics.
    The COS has called police departments state wide with false reports and continues to use tax payer's dollars to do so. Calling in a fake report is illegal.
    Water wasting at Gold Base (turning sprinklers on protestors) during dangerous drought spells, went unnoticed and they were never fined, even though there was footage showing this.
    People have been arrested and accused of things that never happened via false reports filed by the COS to police.
    Information packets containing lies to slander protestors and critics have been circulated by the COS to town and government officials. (Jeff Stone for instance)
    The COS has sent out their members to critic's or ex's neighborhoods with flyers containing lies or personal information to try to discredit them. This is also on film.
    The COS has admitted to sending a film crew to harass members for long periods of time (The Squirrel Busters)
    The COS has sent members to ambush ex members and critics in airports, restaurants and other locations. These are also documented on film.

    The money raising campaigns for some of the COS properties has shown multiple properties sitting in ruin and disrepair and some have foreclosed.How is this legal? It's fraud.
    Their Second Change Drug Program (just another Narconon front group) in New Mexico left in the middle of the night owing the town over $90,000. Till this day they have never paid or brought to justice.
    There isn't any proof of their "tech" ever working or that OT's (operating thetans) exist.
    No super powers have ever been proven, even though their tech states that it will provide you with special powers.
    Many of their front group's "name changing" and incorrect addresses has not raised any eyebrows.
    Their tax returns or lack there of do not raise questions. Their IRS filings and books have never been wide open.
    The actual deal struck between the IRS and the COS is still a mystery.

    People have asked about the where a bouts of all the former top Scientologists officials who held very high positions. Where is Heber, Leserve, Broker and more?
    MANY mysterious deaths and suicides have occurred over the years and still continue.
    Their ex members and critics have been fair gamed and harassed on huge levels. Stories and film footage have been provided.
    People have asked what is going on at Gold Base, Twin Peaks and their vault location.

    Reports by exs and critics of abuse, slave labor and human trafficking go unnoticed. Visas or passports are never checked.
    None of their properties are investigated or checked. Residents or living conditions at these locations are not questioned.
    Child labor and unfair working wages for their Sea Org members are never looked into.
    Reports of gun stashes at Gold Base go unchecked.
    Razor wire fence that faces inward is not questioned.
    Their Sea Org's mail is gone through and confiscated, yet this crime goes unnoticed.
    Sea Org members passports are confiscated at Gold Base, The Freewinds and other locations. This is not looked into.
    Years ago, an abortion clinic raised questions about the amount of women going in for abortions who were coming from the same location, (I think it was Gold Base) but nothing was done and the location was changed.

    TONS of news articles have been published and continue to come.
    Websites and blogs are exposing the COS and Narconon daily.
    Investigations that have started ended before they were even started.

    YES, some progress has been made in this past 7 years. But mostly the media is less afraid to report on the COS, but that is hardly enough.

    One more day that the COS is still in operation, is another day that children and adults suffer mental, physical abuse and financial ruin.



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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    More than answers, I want actions. Here are some which are overdue.

    * Stop calling the Church of Scientology a "church". (It doesn't matter what you think about churches. CofS is not one. Its features and behaviors are radically different.)
    * Stop calling the Church of Scientology a "religion". (It doesn't matter what you think about religions. CofS is not one. One organization -- regardless of how complex its structure -- cannot encompass a religion. Religion is free.)
    * Start grilling Scilon celebrities on the abuses and harm done by the group they are part of and which their donations empower. Stop letting them change the question to be about their beliefs.
    * When a Scilon gives a testimony about their "wins", ask them what they think about the "losses" of those who have been harmed by the same processes.
    * When a Scilon spokes-hole issues the talking point "a few bitter apostates", always reference the Big List of thousands of exes who have spoken out about the abuses they saw and experienced.

    When these simple steps have been implemented, we can work on the next batch.
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    ^^Quoted for truth^^
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    The Mafia of Scientology
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    It's called CORRUPTION! And there's usually a lot of money involved. But hey! Whats fucking new.
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    Governments are waiting for a critical mass before taking care of this ?
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  9. RightOn Member

    up yah.... we know
    But it has to be asked PUBLICLY as a call out. Preferably by a big newspaper like the NY Times or someone famous to garner the attention it needs to get some answers.
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    Another one:

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  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I LOVE that one!
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    If there are any more from 2008, please feel free to add them.
    Just copy the video URL from YouTube and paste it in a reply here.

    Many thanks my dear ones and have a great weekend!
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  14. ''What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your slaves?
    You're the Pretender! What if I say that I'll never Surrender?''

    David Miscavige: "WHO ARE YOU?''

    YOU are an abusive little twat and tyrant who is on his way OUT!

    At 1:37 mark, Kung-Fu Scientology Spokeswoman:
    ''They're legally a fucking church, so fuck off!''
    Theology 101, LRH style.
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    This one was made in 2008, but the anons could not wear masks. That didn't stop them.
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    One of my all time favorite things the cult pulled was the "Gold Tone" at Gold Base when protestors arrived.
    I would love to see that brought back out into the news media everywhere now that people are starting to pay attention.

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