The Green Brief #17 (July 03)

Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Thanks again NiteOwl, you are doing a vital work, and as someone already said you are able to get info that we can't get anywhere else. You are much appreciated.
  2. paladine Member

    True...yet, that Newsweek Reporter that's being held and charged is Canadian. Canada needs to man up...

    And thank you very much for the brief.
  3. Canada has already manned up. For decades we've manned up. We have no embassador in Iran, only a charge d'affaires. Our world renowned scholar was imprisoned in 06 (Ramin Jeganbegloo). One of our journalists was tortured, raped, and murdered (Zahra Kazemi). Currently we have a blogger and a journalist in prison in Iran.

    Our rhetoric has been so strong that we really have nothing to lose anymore. And let's remember that it was our diplomat, Ken Taylor, that busted yall out of the hostage taking in 81.
  4. All true. There are many things to pick on Canadians for (many more if they are French Canadians), but Iran dealings is not really one. Plus, they have George Galloway banned from entering their country as a terrorist, and I have to admit that makes me smile.
  5. Kruge Moderator

    Yay Canada! :)
  6. JudyBee_FL Member

    Thanks NightOwl - the main source of #iranelection news

    Thanks once again, NightOwl. You are our main source of concise, valid information on Iran. The news stations have totally dropped the ball -it took Sarah Palin resigning to interrupt the Michael Jackson saga. You are appreciated by many for your updates .
  7. Canada, yes

    Fully manned up.

    I am not Canadian. A close neighbor, though. No lacking courage there.
  8. PresidentShaw Member

    Good job as usual NiteOwl.

    Thanks to all who worked on translations.
  9. WantFreedom Member

    Please keep it up, nightowl. You continue to be the best consolidated source of info. We all thank you.
  10. Yay Canada then!

    Didn't know that.
  11. Consensus Member

    Thanks for keeping this going. It's nice to have a summary where I can keep up on the events.

  12. Al least the comment about the historical fallacy should not be deleted mods. The anti-Semitic is a Zionist lie they used to help build Israel. It is not true because the Arabs and other people are Semitic too.
  13. Where is today's brief?
  14. He has a rl and has been late once before. Be patient and i'm sure it'll come or at least he'll explain.
  15. It might be a number of things, including rl or that he is trying to make certain an item is fully confirmed before posting. Unlike the MSM, NiteOwl understands that it is more important to get it right than to get it fast.
  16. If you knew the ethnic background of the person you are attempting to criticize, let alone the level of credibility and character he has displayed repeatedly, you would have likely found a better use of your time than this post.
  17. This is nonsense, whatever his ethnic background is, he sounds to believe the Anti-Semitic lie. That required a response and that is it.
  18. Thank You NiteOwl - this is about all of us.
  19. I see you are playing into the anti-anti-semitic lie. "They" have gotten to you, warping you through classic brainwashing and corporate propaganda that convinces you they are trying to convince you of that which you quickly realize must be a lie, thereby falling pray to their careful scheming.

  20. Nice try, read:
    Semitic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  21. We really need a zero tolerance policy about the Israel/Palestine nonsense on this board. It's completely off topic and distracting.

    Some people are obsessed with this issue and simply can't be reasoned with. They must be banned.
  22. transform trolls into much needed lulz

    i disagree with banning. what we need here is wordfilters.
  23. NUR Member

    Green #18

    Green Brief #18 is taking a little longer than usual. Everything ok Josh?
  24. Ya, quite late for him. All things considered it's a little disconcerting.

    Hopefully he is just letting life interrupt a little...
  25. JohnDoe Moderator

    I know! The first thing I do every morning is to check out the Green Brief - so not to have any this morning, makes me realise how much I really do look forward to it.
    Hope you are ok, and that we'll hear from you soon:)
  26. I'm hearing NiteOwl is having internet connection problems...
  27. akuma_river Member

    He made a post to his twitter account that his internet won't allow him to get the history of twitter posts or something so there won't be an 18th.

    Poor guy.
  28. WantFreedom Member

    Any way to help him with his internet? Anyone know what country he is posting from?
  29. No help needed

    I do not think NiteOwl needs any help to post. Just wait.
  30. JohnDoe Moderator

    I have every confidence NiteOwl will be back soon with #18!

    He has spoiled us with his excellent green briefs. Today just felt a bit incomplete that's all!
  31. NUR Member

    This was posted on twitter an hour or so ago by Josh's account:

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