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    Please retweet this link. I'm Josh Shahryar AKA NiteOwl and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources and have tried maximally to avoid listening to media banter. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my tweets to have happened in the past day and in the past week in Iran. Remember, this is all from tweets. There is NOTHING included here that is not from a reliable tweet. No news media outlets have been used in the compilation of this short brief as I would like to call it.

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Saturday, June 20 in Iran.

    1. There was a protest planned today at Enghelab Square in Tehran. However, the whole square was filled with police. The police attacked, beat down on protesters and dispersed them with tear gas. However, the whole city of Tehran was crowded with protesters. As we reported in the last brief, the IRG had expressly been given the authority by Khamenei to violently crush the protests if any start to take place after Friday. The story of tanks entering Tehran is a complete fabrication as far as my sources are concerned. No such thing happened.

    2. Other protests took place in Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Mashhad, Rasht and Ahvaz. Protesters were attacked in all the above mentioned cities as well as in other areas of Iran. The situation seemed to be extremely critical in the cities of Shiraz, Tabriz, Isfahan and Rasht. There were incidents of violence against protesters in Ahvaz as well. Reports have also come in of protesters lashing back at IRG and Baseej with at least one Baseej base in Tehran being burnt by angry protesters. Molotov bombs have been used during the protests on a wider scale than before by protesters. It has also been confirmed that in Mashhad, a very large number Mullahs accompanied the protesters.

    3. The government claimed as the protests were continuing that a suicide bomber had attacked Imam Khomeini’s shrine. They also claimed that many people had been injured and killed in the incident. However, sources have not confirmed any such attack. We cannot at this point confirm or deny whether any attack on the shrine took place from all our sources. Iranian TV continues to claim this attack has indeed taken place. MSM might have more on this, but treat it with caution.

    4. During the protest, helicopters dropped a strange liquid on protesters that we’re still trying to determine the nature of. It has been claimed variously that the liquid was tear gas. Some sources have told us that people who’ve had the liquid contact their skin have developed burns on those spots. But as of yet, we cannot positively identify it.

    5. In Tehran, Baseej and possibly IRG forces burnt down a mosque with protesters trapped inside, according to sources. They could not confirm if any protester had actually died or had been injured during the incident.

    6. Even though larger protests have subsided, there are still people out on the streets in Tehran and other cities. It is being claimed by sources that the wave of arrests is continuing even at 1 AM Iran time. People are chanting Allah o Akbar and calling Ahmadinejad an oppressor as well blaming Khamenei for supporting him. Throughout the day, the number of people who were arrested has remained unconfirmed, but sources claim that thousands have been arrested, consensus being on around 3,000 and possibly more. Running the numbers and adding them to our previous number of 5,000 arrested before today, the number of people that have been so far seems to have reached somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand. The number of people killed during the protests is anyone’s guess. Sources have confirmed at least 4 death that were recorded on video in Tehran. But the number could be much higher, probably somewhere around 100 or maybe even more as militias have been seen directly firing at crowds of people on several occasions by our sources. The government is not releasing any data on that as of yet.

    7. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been the spearhead of all the attacks within Tehran. The Basij is helping them. As we had reported before, the IRG had been authorized by Khamenei to use extensive force if necessary to quell the protests. The police have this time also been active in the suppression of the protests but not to the level of the IRG and the Baseej. The remainder of the military has so far taken no action.

    8. It has also been claimed that IRG is soon to take complete control of the capital and possibly the major cities where protests have taken place. This is said to be a measure in order to stop protests from happening in the first place. Confirmation is still not as positive as it is in other cases reported here.

    9. Mousavi was present during the protests but was unable to deliver his prepared speech. He said that he is ready to be martyred for the cause of people. Reports of his detention and freedom have come from various sources but it seems that for now he is safe. He has called for a general strike throughout Iran.

    10. Reformists and high-ranking Mousavi supporters are now being arrested in massive numbers. Sources claim that the Iranian government wants to completely isolate Mousavi so he has no way of contacting the outside world. However, Mousavi continues to manage to get messages out using his sources.

    11. As the injured were shipped to hospitals, many were directly taken away into custody without even reaching the hospital. Sources also confirm that government forces then went to hospitals and picked up the injured, hauling them out and taking them to undisclosed locations. The arrest of injured protesters is so massive that our sources have pleaded with everyone inside Iran to NOT go to hospitals.

    12. Several embassies in Tehran opened up their doors to injured protesters. They include the embassies of Slovenia, Dutch, Italian, British, Australian, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark and Germany. There are rumors of other embassies opening their doors to injured protesters as well; however, they cannot be positively confirmed. It has also been confirmed that the Canadian Embassy has closed its doors and turned away injured protesters and told them they are not accepting anyone. (Edit: However, now - 4 hours after the writing of this brief - some secondary sources claim Canada is accepting them and have put on a request for more doctors to come and join them in helping injured protesters.)

    13. It has also been reported that Baseej, IRG and police have been stationed around the embassy to intercept any protesters who try to enter the embassies. Many people have so far been arrested on route or close to the embassies and taken to undisclosed location.

    14. Sources confirmed that the government is taking forced confessions from arrested protesters and linking them to Western nations. The Iranian TV showed confessions of several protesters. One protester claimed that he had been taking orders from sources in the UK. The TV news stories have been so far blaming the UK and Israel for the violence and have hinted at possible involvement by the US government as well.

    15. The Iranian Ministry of Interior has taken extreme measures in order to protect its internet services and data from hackers trying to sabotage their systems. Most websites helping Iranian online protesters have pleaded to all hackers not to DDoS any government-run websites or internet services as this would also create severe problems for Iranians using internet as well and quite possibly might cut off connection to them.

    Finally a few words to those who are reading this:

    Iranians who are trying to connect to twitter or other sites and need a way to connect please visit this website: - Using Tor in Order to Surf Anonymously

    Images and vids and instructions on how to send them to us:

    For my announcements, see @iran_translator

    People Outside Iran: This is as clear and concise as I can be. I have not included ANYTHING that I have sensed to be remotely fishy, but human error will always manifests itself in even the most flawless of non-mathematical things. However, this includes nothing from the Western media, including the BBC which I have been generously using to inform people and I laud them for their courageous journalism.

    People Inside Iran: Don't believe a WORD of what I am telling you. Do what you think is best, keeping everything in mind. I know LITTLE of what you know so make your decisions based on your OWN judgment.

    People Who Want to Send Me Tweet Links: You don't need to find me, I will find you. Don't hassle yourself. Your voice will be heard through millions of others like me.

    People Who Want to Hunt Me Down: I'm an Afghan. If you ever tried to attack me, you'll see my back only after your back has met the ground.

    P.S. Please post this around and tweet and retweet.

    Previous Green Brief here:
  2. How are the shouts from the rooftops tonight compared to other nights?

    Is this the end or just the beginning? (I know this is a remarkably difficult question to answer, but what is the sense of your sources as to whether this will continue and on what scale).

    Thanks for everything.

    Prayers with all in Iran.
  3. Deranged Member

    We need this stickied
  4. I saw a video on You Tube where, after a minute or so, you could briefly see two helicopters flying over the crowded street, and you yould see clearly how they are dopping a liquid. Please could someone find this video and reenter it on You Tube in slow motion, so as to document this act for the press and maybe future procecutions.
  5. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    excellent brief

    thank you for your continued hard work and sacrifice
  6. kel Member

    "3of5 Updated 2 minutes ago
    from a Twitter i completely trust (DunverganSF from Frisco) (3 Posts):

    Reports: Canadian embassy seeking doctors so that they can accept more wounded en masse. That sounds like the Canada I know. #iranelection
    Doctors and Medics in Tehran: Call the Canadian Embassy and offer your assistance: Canadian Embassy (011 98 21) 8152-0000 #iranelection
    Disinformation from gov't agitators try to stop you from seeking care at embassies. They want to hide the human rights abuses #iranelection

    in case of doubt between Tweets i am quite sure the embassy is open."


    Link to maps if you need them NightOwl::
    Embassies open to injured Iranians - Google Maps

    and thankyou
  7. hang in there

    may god bles u all pease to you iran

    be strong better times are ther
  8. Such precious informations

    I'm impressed by the quality of your informations. Sincere and real congratulations. Take care and continue. That's such a lesson to see you fighting for your rights and freedom. Bravo.
  9. Halfwits you created the monster yourselves

    did'nt you support and create this monster dictator yourselves

  10. Good post.
    You are really contributing...

    What you're saying is that a man that has fallen into a well shouldn't be helped out because he wasn't suppose to be there to begin with. (Shamelessly stolen from maddox)...
  11. USA supports uprising

    Even though our president here in the USA is too much of a coward to 'meddle', all of Iran should know that the majority of the USA population supports your uprising against the illegitimate dictatorship and that sham election. FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. "Meddling"

    The US government has meddled in the affairs of the Iranian people too much. More intervention would not be helpful. It is their country, it is their fight. We as human beings have a duty to help those who need it, but it would be counter-productive for the US government to become involved in any capacity.

  13. Perhaps the favourite middle eastern ploy suicide bombing may well rid Teheran of the dictator 40 virgins and all that eh!!
  14. Be Strong!

    Friends in Iraq! Do not waver in your strength> Never, ever, never give up. Push harder than you've ever imagined. The WORLD IS WATCHING! We send our prayers and energy to you!
  15. Thank you, NiteOwl

    Thank you, NiteOwl. Your efforts benefit everyone. Our prayers are with the brave people of Iran.

    Iranians, keep fighting! The whole world is with you! The longer you fight, the more time the rest of the world has to help you. Your cause is just. Allahu Akbar.
  16. Dear Shahryar,

    A sincere thank you for all your hard work. You are also a freedom fighter and dear to me just like our freedom fighters in Iran. Please pace yourself and do get some rest and eat. You need your energy to keep up with the news. Unfortunately we are living at a time where CNN and other such news agencies have turned into a sounding board for IRNA. So, your cite and your efforts have become that much more important and vital. Both for those of us outside Iran and of course for Iranians who need to distribute the news outside the country.

    Again thank you for your all you do.
  17. atmasabr Member

    Don't get me wrong, it's important, it's appreciated, but these disgusting bastards make me sick.
  18. Canadian Embassy Never Open


    Thank you very, very much for your efforts here.

    Canadian TV is reporting that the item you reported above in #12 is not true: | More than a dozen killed in Iran protests

    "The Embassy was closed Saturday and there were no Canadians at the Embassy when the protests began. Reports that we were providing shelter to Iranian demonstrators are false," foreign affairs and international trade spokesperson Simone MacAndrew said in a statement to"

    Please consider this article when composing your next update, as you seem to be one of the more regularly relied-upon sources for the West's MSM.
  19. DeiBellum Member

    Thank you very much for the reporting NyteOwl!

    If there is anything we can do to help, just drop a line. :)
  20. That would be a favorite Arab ploy. The Persians have more self respect than to ask their women and teenagers to blow themselves to bits while they sit home safe.

    And please don't tell me they all look alike.
  21. Basij headquarters exploded?

    This is the top story on Reddit. Can we get a confirmation?

    From You Tube Link.
    Natural gas lines of Basij Head quarter was set on fire after Basijie's locked themselves inside .
    at 0:05 you can see the whole building exploded
    at least 5 from Basijies were killed
    you can see fire in different parts of city
    location : Eastern Tehran

  22. Thank you for your guidance, perhaps they all think alike.* As I said before the situation and creation of the monster dictator was self inflicted. Dont be surpised if this guy takes to Chemical Ali style tactics to quell the riots.
    Allah Akbar !!!!
  23. reform Member

    NiteOwl - you are helpful, but

    the information in this link is very overstated. there are seeds of facts, stretched and wrapped in propaganda. NIR represent another minority, with more overarching and anarchistic ambition than the greens. NIR probably are some of the idiots that bring a violent edge to a peaceful revolution, as due to their business model, they would see this moment, and these communications mechanisms, as a means to advance their cause.


    here's another tip -- green campaigners (bottom to top) go out each day 'prepared for martyrdom' for their reform cause while these people go out and 'risk their lives' to hurt people -- I see a difference.

    see anon reply to

    NiteOwl, keep the information from this source, fine, just treat it more conservatively if not followed with videos and pics.
  24. Polish Solidarity
  25. NiteOwl,

    Please be aware of Mek/PMOI or Council of Resistance. They are all the many names PMOI employs as a front for their organization. The PMOI divided its organization into three branches: the National Liberation Army (NLA), The Nation Council of Resistance (NCR), and their support network. Through the establishment of the National Council of Resistance (NCR), Mariam Rajavi , Masoud Rajavis current wife who is also the President of the PMOI, leads the political body of the organization.

    During the early years after 1979 revolution, the PMOI members had legitimacy with Iranians mainly because they were hunted down and brutally killed by the clergy regime. However, this legitimacy evaporated when POMI changed its direction and betrayed Iranians by siding with Saddam during Iran/Iraq war and giving intel to Saddam which led to the killing of many Iranians. By doing that they simply lost their innocence and credibility. They are now ran just like a cult and their leaders, although appear metropolitan and modernized, treat their own people within Ashraf in a brutal manner. These people have become fossilized in time and have ended up in entropy. They are obsolete within Iran and not trusted.

    Of note, PMOI is very savvy and I am sure it will try to some how find its way into the new developments within Iran in an attempt to steal the leadership of the movement. So, the people, especially individuals like you, have to be smarter than them and aware of the PMOI sneaky ways. We need to keep the movement legitimate.

    Thank you for listening.
  26. creating teh monster ourselves

    how can you say that you are naive and uneducated the revelution took place in 79 yes but it never had a chance to go thru stages and change and evelove and have the people be able to pick their own regime because these theocratic dictators dug in because of the long war that iraq started. now 30 yrs later a complete new generation is saying this is unacceptable how long do they have to put up with this opression.
  27. How very brave of you

    If the French had had your attitude, the U.S. might still be under British rule. Stop laying blame and get in the game.
  28. austinheap Member

    thank you nite
  29. iranonimous Member

    Thank you for the your sacrifice.
  30. Secure servers/links

    If you aren't already using psiphon to connect to secure links, check out:

    Psi-OPS: Resource Centre | Psiphon

    OTTAWA Canadian technology is playing a key role in the current political upheaval in Iran and an Ottawa man is leading the charge.

    Rafal Rohozinski, CEO of Psiphon Inc. the man who recently led the team that busted an international cyber espionage network known as Ghostnet [PDF] and his team have been flooding Iran with secure network connections to servers located in other countries.

    The Iranian government strictly monitors and filters Internet connections within Iran, blocking websites such as Youtube and Twitter as well as foreign sources of news.

    Psiphons unfiltered connections are allowing Iranian citizens to get news from outside sources such as the BBC and to connect to online social media services including Twitter and Facebook, which are being used to arrange demonstrations against the Iranian government.

    We have gone on the offensive, said Rohozinski. Ensuring that Iranians have access to the information they need and deserve so that they can make informed decisions for themselves during this time of crisis.

    Psiphon was well received by irate Iranians who wanted to surf the Internet without restrictions in the days following the June 12 election, which saw president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad win a disputed victory.

    The service has become so popular that it is now adding a new user every minute.

    These guys (Iran) just came alive. There were over 4,000 right away, said Rohozinski. Now we are seeing one every minute, in terms of new people coming onboard. Its quite a surge we are seeing.

    On Wednesday, Canadas envoy to Iran was called before Iranian officials who expressed displeasure that Canada would be helping to destabilize Iran by supporting social networking sites such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

    A spokesman for Canadas Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade would not comment on the meeting or Psiphon specifically. However, the spokesman said Canada is committed to freedom of speech and does not condone Irans Internet filtering technologies.

    Ron Deibert, Psiphons vice-president of policy and director of the Citizen Lab at the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto, said while Iran may be Psiphons first real battleground there are other countries (where Internet filtering takes place) that should be concerned.

    Our aim is to ensure that citizens can choose for themselves what information they access, he said. The Iranian media space is the latest, but it will not be the last, forum within which we actively engage in that mission.

    Psiphon works by pushing out hundreds of links to content that the Iranian government doesnt want its people to see.

    If a person in Iran searches the Internet for BBC news, one of Psiphons links will pop up in the results saying something like, for BBC news in Iran click here. When the person clicks on the link they are automatically connected to the content through a secure server located in a country where no filtering takes place.

    The company works quickly to stay ahead of Iranian officials who are blocking Psiphons links. The idea is to flood so many links into Iran that the government simply cant shut them down fast enough. Psiphon is employing people both in Iran and elsewhere, working 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    While there are other services and programs that help people in countries like Iran to surf the Internet without government filters, Psiphon is the only one that doesnt require any technical expertise. Simply clicking on a link takes that person to the content they want. According to its creators, Psiphon is also the only service of its kind to work on cellular phones.

    They have been turning to the Internet to voice their displeasure. In response to increased demand from Iran, both Facebook and Twitter rushed out Farsi versions of their websites Friday.

    Google also announced that it has upgraded its online translation tool to include Farsi, so Iranians can access blogs and news websites from around the world.

    While this isnt the first time social networking platforms and Internet technologies have been used to challenge a government, the protests in Iran have raised the bar.

    I think weve seen bits of this in the past but this one takes it to another level, said Michael Geist, a professor with the University of Ottawa and Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce law.

    This is a global environment in which the lessons learned in one place can immediately be used and adapted in another place, said Geist. What weve seen in Iran isnt going to stop in Iran. We are going to see this replicated in other places.

    With special thanks to Crowdeye.

    Hope this can be of use to you in your fight - we are all thinking of you here in Canada.
  31. The meek shall inherit the earth, God bless those that stand for freedom, peace and love.
  32. SomeRandGuy Member

    And may god curse necromancy...
  33. SanguineRose Member

    Necro Posting for the Win!
  34. Srpska Member

    can't... sage...

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