The Green Brief #45 (July 31)

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    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter. I'm a journalist and a human rights activist and NOT Iranian. This is a compilation of news from Iran that I've gathered through twitter and Iranian sites that were advertised on twitter. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC).)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Friday, July 31.

    I am writing a one time only special report on today's trials. Should be out soon as I want to pay attention to other matters in GB 46.

    In German:

    Protests / Unrest

    1. Hundreds of citizens of Qazvin have sent protest letters to Ali Larijani – head of Parliament – and to their two representatives in the legislative body. They have demanded the elections be annulled, fresh elections be held, all prisoners to be freed and the people responsible for violence against the protesters be put on trial.

    2. 12 prominent Iranian filmmakers also sent a letter to members of the parliament asking them to do their constitutional duty and help solve the crisis. The filmmakers have demanded the release of the detainees and a peaceful solution to the turmoil that has been plaguing the country for weeks.

    3. The government is now indiscriminately blocking access to satellite channels in a bid to stop the flow of news to the protesters. The tactic is reportedly an attempt by the government to stop the protesters from knowing about other protests being held around the country.

    4. In Thursday’s protests, Iranians burned a Russian flag. Picture:


    5. Reports suggest that the majority of Iranian Ayatollahs are conducting frantic meetings across the country, in an attempt to sway each over the conflict.

    6. Assembly of Qom Seminary Scholars and Researchers has issued a statement urging the protesters to continue their protests and that the protestors had the support of the Assembly. The statement called the violence against the protestors following the election, one of the worst acts that one could commit. The Association’s members include prominent clerics such as Ayatollah Mohammad Va'ez Abaee-Khorasani, Ayatollah Mousavi Tabrizi and Ayatollah Asadollah Bayat-Zanjani.

    7. The son of Ayatollah Beheshti – one of the founders of the Islamic Republic - Alireza Beheshti, said in an interview that the regime never thought the people would stand behind Mousavi. He also added that the real number of people arrested was unknown and hinted that the government was deliberately attempting to distort the facts about detainees, making it more difficult to obtain their release.

    8. Ayatollah Hojjati Kermani, today in an interview questioned the validity of the government’s claim that post-election violence was the work of foreigners. He said in the past 30 years the government had used ‘blaming others’ for too many problems. He added that the country’s freedom was at stake, people’s lives and their faith was in danger.

    9. During Friday prayers in Qom, Ayatollah Ebrahim Amini said that the youth wanted change and couldn’t tolerate tyranny, so they would always rebel against it. He said that their voices needed to be heard if their demands are legitimate. He also asked for prisoners to be treated humanely and within the law, welcoming the Judiciary’s order to complete investigations within a week about all detainees.

    10. Sayed Mohammad Khatami, today met with the families of protesters who were killed in the past few weeks, again. He met the families of Ashkan Sohrabi and Kyanosh Aasa at Sohrab A’rabi’s house. He also met with the family of Masood Hashemzadeh. He asked each of the families for details about the death of their loved ones and asked the government to investigate the cases of the protesters who’ve been killed as well as the detainees.

    11. The spokesperson for the US State Department on Thursday criticized the Iranian government for using force against peaceful mourners and protestors.

    Government / International

    12. A German firm which had warned its employees they could risk getting fired if they protested in Iran, in any way, has withdrawn the threat. Knauf Gips KG had issued a letter – written by Isabel Knauf – threatening all employees in Iran they would be dismissed if they took part in political demonstrations. German Firm Withdraws Threat to Fire Employees in Iran:

    13. Khamenei has supposedly ordered a commission to be formed to meet with the families of protesters who have been killed and detained in the past weeks. The commission will address the families’ grievances. To date the commission has met with the father of Mohsen Rohulamini.

    14. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad yesterday said that his relationship with Khamenei was like that between a father and a son and that it will not deteriorate. Ahmadinejad who is in Mashhad also said that Ejaie had reportedly not carried out some of his orders and indicated that it was part of the reason why Ejaie had been dismissed.

    15. Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki, yesterday claimed that the West had directly interfered in Iranian affairs during the election. It blamed the UK especially and said that foreign countries had used their media outlets to instigate protests, which had shown protesters how to make explosives and commit violence.

    16. In his Friday Sermon, Ayatollah Jannat warned those responsible for the protests that they will be prosecuted and that the situation was not going to remain the same forever. He blamed Mousavi and Karroubi for the death of protesters, asked them to apologize to the families of those protesters and to take the blame. He said that protesters who had committed violence will not be released and yet again called the elections free and fair, adding that the opposition couldn’t see a man like Ahmadinejad be elected by the people.

    Arrests / Releases / Deaths

    17. Three American tourists were arrested by Iranian border guards in northwestern Iran after the tourists, who were on a hiking trip in Iraq, mistakenly crossed the border into Iran.

    18. The government has confirmed the arrest of at least 50 mourners from Beheshte Zahra on Thursday. Detainees include at least one cleric, Hojjatul-Islam Dr. Soleimani – a member of the Assembly of Qom Seminary Scholars and Researchers.

    19. It has now been confirmed that Ali Asghar Hadizadeh, a gold medal-winning para-Olympian and a former MP, has also been arrested from Enghelab Square on July 15.

    20. The parliamentary commission assigned to report on the condition of detainees and their cases has not been allowed by the government to meet with political prisoners. The spokesperson for the commission, Mahdi Sanayee told ILNA that as of yet, he wasn’t sure when the government would allow them to meet with political prisoners.

    21. A political prisoner who was recently released from Evin recounts that they were interrogated specifically to get confessions that implicated a foreign hand in the recent unrests.

    22. Maryam Khazayee, a children’s rights activist, has been detained by intelligence agents. Her whereabouts are unknown at this point. Seema Nasrati, blogger and reporter, has been released from prison.

    23. Mohammad Aowlyaee-fard, an prominent Iranian lawyer, stated in an interview that there are other clandestine detention centers where prisoners are being treated the same as they were being treated at Kahrizak. He said that they were looking into the matter and details would be released soon.

    23. Fars News has asked the government to detain and prosecute Rafsanjani, Khatami, Mousavi and Karroubi for instigating violence and disrupting the country’s peace.

    24. Keyhan Daily criticized Shirin Ebadi for her statements and actions during the post-election violence and called her a ‘murderous hag’.

    25. On Friday, IRIB finally stopped playing Shajarian’s patriotic songs after several complaints by him and other organizations.

    26. Fars News has published an outrageous report. It is so shocking that you just have to read the source: Fars News Agency :: Thousands of Inmates Freed in Iran after Amnesty by Leader.


    27. Statues in Italy, adorned with green ribbons and bands: ~

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    **If you wanna republish the Green Brief, please visit this page: For Bloggers, News Sites and Forum who want to republish the Green Brief Plesae Read! - Why We Protest - IRAN

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    ****(A list of all the Green Briefs:[/url]

    *****A hearty thanks to Sahar joon and S joon for helping me out with proof-reading and very valuable tips. Also, a BIG THANKS to all the translators who're spending their precious time on getting this to as many people as possible.

    Read this if you want to help or get help!


    A. You can retweet this link and help others know what is going on in Iran.

    B. The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:

  2. leo-IRAN Member

  3. JohnDoe Moderator

    Just when you think they can't get any worse . . . such evil, warped, twisted minds.

    Thanks as ever Niteowl - I don't know how you do it!
  4. The "powers that be" in Iran keep being more unbelievable with every move they make.

    Thank you, again and again. We look forward to the Green Brief and all the gathered information in one place.

    Please keep well, it must be SO stressful to read and see the atrocities being committed by the Iran Gov. on these brave protesters.
  5. ...Ayatollah Jannat said that "the situation was not going to remain the same forever".

    Well, he's right about ONE thing at least...the status quo of this regime being in power is definitely NOT going to stay the same forever!!!

    Keep up the great work NiteOwl!! :)
  6. 26. Fars News has published an outrageous report. It is so shocking that you just have to read the source:

    farce news?

    Thank you for your hard and intelligent work
  7. The more they do, the more mistakes they make.

    Thank you, Niteowl & helpers.
  8. Kat-IRAN Member


    OK - I know you said the "Thousands of Inmates Freed" story was outrageous - But when I saw the number 17,000, my morning coffee came spewing out of mouth onto my computer as I gagged on laughter, LOL - HOW CAN THEY, no shame! :D

    Thrilled to see that you were doing a special report on the trials, Josh!
    Read the morning news on the trials as soon as I opened my eyes - I'm worried about hangings - I'm hoping that you have more info than the regular media - hopefully some of it will be encouraging!

    Pleased about Kermani's statement on blaming others and questioning of the validity of the government's claim!!! Covering Your Ass and Laying Blame has always been indicative to me of the "weak, charming weasel".

    Here's the link for the German Firm's emails for those of you that are interested:
    Knauf Gips KG � Knauf weltweit

    Love the pics of the statues with green ribbons - The artists that created them would have also :)
  9. JKShalmani Member

  10. knauf

    the german corporation knauf had to change his company policies towards his employes who participate on demonstrations. Knauf did threaten his employees who interferring with the IRI, to fire immediately. after angry mail and phone protest of iranian residing in Germany, Knauf regreted the letter with this threat, which was signed by isabel knauf personnaly.
  11. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    thank you, NiteOwl
  12. JKShalmani Member

    Just for the records: it was reported in the Wall Street Journal that a dual national employee of Knauf in Iran had been arrested and Iranian authorities had urged the company to release such a statement, using the arrest of the employee as a means of pressure.
    Or has that turned out to be not true?
  13. Picture of Isabel Knauf signing the letter

  14. JKShalmani Member

    @ unregistered:
    Why has there to be this picture of Neda? I feel a growing unease seeing this picture - her, the daughter of her parents - becoming instrumentalized in all kinds of possible and impossible contexts.
  15. i agree, it seems a little too soon to start shaming others with gruesome images. how do we know that she wasn't pressured to write the letter?
  16. Visionary Member

    Thanks for the news and updates!
    Very interesting stuff.
  17. Great Job

    Great work as always NiteOwl!
  18. Thanks, NightOwl. Another great piece. (osumom311)
  19. suggestion

    Especially for the Green Briefs, why not put the date of the Persian calender that's used in Iran along with the date of the world standard calender?
  20. 17000 prisoners freed!

    I strongly believe that none of these prisoners have anything to do with the post-election unrest. These are prisoners that were already jailed, for crimes such as, robbery, drug posession or use, etc. before the election. I got to this conclusion because, first the jerk off on top usually pardons some prisoners every year for the mentioned holiday, and on a second note, I doubt 17000 people have been arrested after the elections, and even if that was the case, the government would have never admitted to it.

    Thanks again Nite Owl...(it's embarrassing to mention this after reading 45 of your GB's, but I just noticed the section in which you say : "I AM NOT AN IRANIAN", and in the past I've used Farsi words to write to you...)
  21. Pressure?!? Pressure is when Nedas professors is using his bare hands trying to stop her from bleeding to death. Every single individual in Iran is in a sence under pressure, even the basiji boys. The difference is that the pressure Isabel Knauf has possibly been under is that she was facing lost of millions of dollars and not her arm or leg or life! Poor Nokia Siemens, maybe they were under pressure too??
  22. And where is the right context in you opinion? The regime is partially alive because of investments made by firms based in democratic countries and nobody takes responsibility of their actions and its consequences. The regime is itself like a filtyh firm dependent of money flowing in & out from Iran.
  23. JKShalmani Member

    With the "context" I was referring to the usage of Neda's picture to illustrate everything, just everything that is going on. I imagine to be in the place of her parents. Neda is not just a picture we can use in whatever way we like. She was a human being. We all said "Neda rest in peace". Don't instrumentalize her, thats' all I am saying.

    Secondly, I do not approve of Mrs Knaufs letter in any way. I just found it worth mentioning that the letter had a "context" , i.e. an arrested Knauf employee facing detention, and Iranian government apparently requesting from the company to release such order as a precondition to release him. - well, it's all in the Wall Street Journal.

    We all are under pressure, and it is natural that we become emotional. Nevertheless we should always try to be aware of the facts as well. Mentioning facts does not mean taking sides.

    Let's stay focussed.
  24. NiteOwl Member

    I read Farsi.
  25. The Gardener Member

    Just joined up. The lack of solid reporting from the general media is rather apalling. I'm glad to find a site where the blog bla is stripped away and the facts are so clearly presented. Thank you.
  26. JohnDoe Moderator

    Welcome on board Gardener. Good to know that there still people looking for real news about Iran;)
    All such people end up here sooner or later!

  27. About Nedas pic : I'm sorry but I dont agree with you. We have to use (note NOT abuse) means to describe the whole chain, from economical investments to death of an innocent young girl caused partially by their actions in the past, present and the future. A company active in Iran HAS to take responsibility for the consequences of it's envolvment in the country and proactivly engage itselt in the circumstances BEFORE these things happen. Iran is NOT an EU-country which you can simply set up some investments in without having to worry about what it will do to their people.

    About Knauf employees facing detention : More of a reason NOT to write such a letter.

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