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    Please retweet this link. I'm Josh Shahryar AKA NiteOwl - iran_translator on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources and have tried maximally to avoid listening to media banter. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my tweets to have happened in the past day and in the past week in Iran. Remember, this is all from tweets. There is NOTHING included here that is not from a reliable tweet. No news media outlets have been used in the compilation of this short brief as I would like to call it.

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Monday, June 22 in Iran. (If I cannot positively confirm, I have indicated that I can't.)

    1. Protests were held throughout Tehran today. The main protest was held at 7 Tir Square where 3-5 thousand people gathered to remember and mourn Neda – the protester killed on Saturday. However, soon hundreds of IRG, police, Basij and plainclothesmen gathered and violently tried to disperse the protesters. It took hours to disperse all the protesters. The security forces used batons and fired tear gas shells as well as firing weapons in the air. Dozens of people were injured, including many women. Helicopters were flying over Tehran for the second day. There were also reports of helicopters firing tear gas shells at people – they have not been fully confirmed.

    2. There was also a gathering of about 1,000 people in Valiasr Avenue, meeting security forces who sparked a confrontation. It was not as violent as the one on 7 Tir, but many people were injured there as well. There was a huge rally held by Ahmadinejad’s supporters at Valiasr for his victory speech. The participants were mostly people from the provinces, children and older Iranians. There were also a large number of government employees.

    3. News of protests around the country was not relayed through tweets much today; however, sources confirmed that at least some rallies and protests were held in Tabriz where protesters met with violent attacks by the security forces. Later in the night as people chanted Allah o Akbar from the rooftops, there were reports of clashes in northern and western Tehran between protesters and security forces. Chants of Allah o Akbar also echoed across the country. Candles were lit throughout the country in memory of protesters that have been killed so far. The number of confirmed deaths stands close to 50 now and there have been more than a thousand injured.

    4. Sources claim that the government is considering expelling some diplomatic missions because they’ve helped protesters or are accused of masterminding the unrest. The government earlier in the day alleged that the US had paid 400 million dollars to people in order to organize unrest in Iran. They also blamed the UK and Germany – saying the latter was coaxed into taking action by Israel – how Israel manages to coax other countries was beyond our sources… The Guardian Council has now announced that there were 3 million extra votes cast. Other information is unreliable at this point or various sources exist.

    5. The government is actively trying to suppress news from getting out. BBC and Al-Arabiya’s correspondents were told to get out in 24 hours, twitter sites are being hacked, people are being tricked into getting out late at night by others chanting in the streets who are actually Basijis and the spread of spam and propaganda on twitter. The government has also established dozens of sites with pictures of protesters, asking people to identify them. At least two of these sites that were based abroad have been taken down by hackers sympathetic to Iranians today.

    6. There are sporadic reports coming in from Qom at this point. Sources claim that Rafsanjani who was in Qom has had meetings with clerics inside Qom. It has been also reported – but not confirmed – for the past three days that Ayatollah Montazeri has declared a three days’ mourning period. It likely is a hoax because it has not been confirmed by anyone. What can be confirmed is that the Council of Combatant Clerics – which includes in its members Rafsanjani and Nateq Noori – have backed the protesters. Khamanei is going to lead Friday prayers in Tehran. If there was a speech, we'll have a translation availble here within the hour.

    7. Hamzeh Ghalebi, head of Mousavi's youth headquarters and Reza Homaye, another reformist and backer of Mousavi, have been arrested. There have been arrests of numerous other reformists and backers of Mousavi, Karoubi, Noori and Rafsanjani. The total number of people that have been arrested is still anyone’s guess. Reports indicate somewhere between five and ten thousand.

    8. Tuesday has been declared a national strike by Mousavi and his backers. Already close to half of the shops in Tehran were closed on Sunday. (Sunday is not a holiday in Iran; Friday is.) It has been reported that in the provinces, people are excited about the news and many important figures in provinces are openly or secretly backing the call. The government is threatening people that they’ll be fired if they didn’t show up at their jobs on Tuesday.

    9. Thursday, rallies will be held in Tehran. The location of the major rally in the city has not been disclosed. According to sources, this has been done so that the government couldn’t be prepared. In anticipation, the government has placed thousands of police and Basiji inside Tehran, turning stadiums into headquarters and areas for gathering for these security forces.

    10. Our sources have strongly denounced the commercialization of the Sea of Green (That’s what most of them call the protests) by various people around the world. They have especially disliked how some people put advertisements on twitter with #iran or #iranelection on them as well as #neda. They have also shown outrage over the fact that Nokia and Siemens were exposed to have supplied the Iranian government with equipment to help censor their voices on the internet and over cell phones.

    11. Finally, Mousavi has yet again called on the people of the world to rally in support of the plight of Iran’s people on Thursday. This is the second time Mousavi has called on citizens of Planet Earth to stand up and support the voices of Iranians.

    Read this if you want to help or get help!

    Iranians who are trying to connect to twitter or other sites and need a way to connect please try these!: AE4DE948A8F37F18D886C5545F375AB246647837
    (trad. tor port) AE4DE948A8F37F18D886C5545F375AB246647837
    (xbox live port)

    (Thanks to Alexander)

    Images and vids and instructions on how to send them to us:

    “Medici Cu Internet is a collaboration between, HackersWithoutBorders and trying to organize contacts with medical expertise online since there are problems in Iran with hospitals being monitored by the government. Join the IRC-channel at #mci-ir - WebIRC - AnonNet or send an email to us at embassy [at] for more info. Medical experts, Farsi-translators and people who know the medical situation in iran are welcome to join and collaboratively set up an index with common injuries and their best treatments.”

    People Outside Iran: This is as clear and concise as I can be. I have not included ANYTHING that I have sensed to be remotely fishy, but human error will always manifests itself in even the most flawless of non-mathematical things. However, this includes nothing from the Western media, including the BBC which I have been generously using to inform people and I laud them for their courageous journalism.

    People Inside Iran: Don't believe a WORD of what I am telling you. Do what you think is best, keeping everything in mind. I know LITTLE of what you know so make your decisions based on your OWN judgment.

    People Who Want to Send Me Tweet Links: You don't need to find me, I will find you. Don't hassle yourself. Your voice will be heard through millions of others like me.

    People Who Want to Hunt Me Down: I'm an Afghan. If you ever tried to attack me, you'll see my back only after your back has met the ground.

    P.S. Please post this around and tweet and retweet.
  2. #6. But keep up the good work, hero.
  3. What you are doing is so important, more than I could express in words. Thank you.
  4. patches esse

    Thanks for your dangerous work friend
  5. Green brief

    Thanks for your work. Many are watching, and praying for the successful outcome for the Iranian people.
  6. Location

    I've been advised to set my Twitter location to Tehran to confuse the police. I have done so. Can you confirm if this is helpful?
  7. translation

    i have came across a video of ahmedinajed speaking to clerics and im wondering if you could interpret it... it was posted on a site as follows ** RT ** IS AHMADINEJAD ASKING CLERICS TO END DEMOCRACY IN IRAN BEFORE VOTE? PLZ VALIDATE!!! VIDEO PROOF AHMADINEJAD ASKING FOR VOTER FRAUD FROM COUNCIL - no reply back from anyone... thanks for your information. and good work
  8. Comus

    Keep the information coming. If it benefits only one person, it has succeeded.
  9. IBM also was complicit in the holocaust. Do you think anyone there caught shit?
  10. This looks very interesting but i dont know what it is? Could it Help

    ??? ?????

    this seems to contain documents from the government?
  11. Can anyone make sense of this? looks like it could contain leaked documents

    ??? ?????
  12. NiteOwl Member

    Yes. It totally is!
  13. mang3lo Member

    yes, ive done the same (set my twitter loc to Tehran).

    Should I set it to "Tehran, Iran", or just "Tehran" ? or will either way accomplish both things (you know, keyword tweaking. if i just do "Tehran" i will appear on more searches for iranian citizens, than if i do "Tehran, Iran"?)
  14. Thanks

    Thank you for the update. Keep up the courageous work.

    The Sea-of-Green is praying for the Iranian people, their safety and freedom.
  15. i agree, can you help niteowl?
  16. nebraskanon Member

    please clarify item #10

    excuse me, but i am slightly confused about the first sentence. while i totally understand, and share, their outrage about tagging advertising twitters with green-alligned tags such as #iran, #iranelection and #neda, i do not understand outrage at global protests meant to express solidarity with and support of the Green goals and struggle. please explain what this means. are they actually offended by our agreeing with them and protesting to show this worldwide, or is there a meaning which i have missed?
  17. Message to Basji, Revolutionary Guard, Army

    What happens to you when Rafsanjani takes over? We have your photos. You murder your people. Lay down your arms and choose freedom instead. Some of your Generals already refuse to take orders. CHOOSE FREEDOM not murder!!!!
  18. Thank you for all that you do

    I wish that there were something I could do to help, but I know that my knowledge of computers is severely lacking. I, too have changed my place and tz.. and that is about all I can think of that might help.

    If you have any other suggestions for someone that is computer illiterate, please let me know.
  19. I believe the outrage is that there are posters who are using the hashtags of #iran, #iranelection and #neda to promote their businesses, websites, and even pornography. (I've clicked on more than a couple of links only to be sent somewhere I didn't want to go, if you get my drift.)

    Of course, that's just my take on what was reported...
  20. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    Thank you for your continued efforts. Your dedication affects all of us.
  21. alixandra Spammer

    Thank You, Night Owl,

    And, thank you all, Persians, for your courage and your bravery; your graciousness and diplomacy; your strength and your heart.

    The way some of you are able to write, and in a foreign language, the bitter and the sweet is beautiful beyond belief.

    On number 4. - this is ludicrous beyond words, the Israelis helping the Germans? Has no one heard of WWII? I mean really, the world is reaching for healing, forgiveness and strength but that far we have not yet come, I don't humbly think. I wish it were so but it boggles the mind to believe that other than a few exceptional individuals they have reached into the mind and heart of Rumi to be that evolved.

    I am here as just one, there are many ones, there is no anyOne, but there is everyOne, like molecules of water in the ocean, all the molecules together can make a tsunami of strength to wash over tyranny and bring strength and freedom to people.

    In their (your) great strength, you give hope and vision to oppressed people the world over. People who are oppressed in China, children who have been sold into slavery; the untouchables of India, those who are victimized and tyrannized by the victimizers, those of greedy consumption that the poor in unknown lands and distant places pay for without having caused the pollutions, the sufferings that they have to endure.

    So, we thank you for your strength.

    We bow to your courage.

    We salute your wisdom.

    We embrace your hearts.

    It is late here, perhaps I say too much, or perhaps not enough, but from our hearts, we thank you.

    If I can help upload videos to YouTube, or instructions on medicine, manuals on strategy, freedom, provide linkages outside the country, anything and everything I do from my heart, at your service, just ask. I am alixandralove on twitter but because of all the government interference (who have tried to hack me now four times) you have to come recommended to me from an Iranian I trust.

    It is with an ironic note, I add, my grandfather was head of the Dutch underground, a neighbor sold him to the Nazis. My mother was eight when he was taken. She carried messages scrolled on newspapers, stuffed into her socks, riding her bike in the bitter cold between stations in the night. I am not Jewish but he helped get Jews out and the Americans into the Netherlands. We spent a 700-year old family fortune helping that war.

    So, I do not want to see another people oppressed. But, I have spent my whole life looking to see, "who amongst my friends, my associates has real integrity, real courage, who can be trusted?" I am very cautious with this, because real lives are involved and it can effect people 100 years into the future, children who are not yet born, whose parents may have died, or whose aunts, grandmothers, children, died.

    People like Neda.

    To Neda, with Love,

  22. alixandra Spammer

    P.S. I have added videos to one of my websites (which has nothing for sale) at:


  23. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    regarding point #6, i have heard rumors Grand Ayatollah Mantazeri has in fact declared 3 days of mourning. these days are different from Mousavi's, but have the effect of lengthening the strike into the weekend (Fri & Sat). i cannot vouche for the veracity of this Grand Ayatollah Declares 3 Days of National Mourning – Tehran Bureau article which purports to release a statement from the Ayatollah.

    rather than confirmation, it is perhaps more signifigant that no one is officially denying his statment.

    thank You again for your truely excellent work. be well & be happy, my friend
  24. I hope you don't mind, i've reposted this as this blog has been growing more and more popular, ...
    I am responsible for hacking several of the websites, but not alone- - several people around the world are helping.

    if you want to join the cause... all are welcome.

    Iran Revolution / InfoWar 2009
  25. nebraskanon Member

    Of course, i agree with your sentiments regarding false linking and non-iran related use of the hashtags on twitter, but i beleive that the following quote from the brief makes a clear distiction between three separate issues:

    1. protests
    2. false usage of twitter hashtags which are normally used to relay information related to Green issues.
    3. the usage of nokia/siemens equipment to hinder and oppress the people of iran, specifically, the Greens.

    it is item 1 that perplexes me, and item 1 which i would like to have explained if it were possible. please read the first sentence in the following quote to see my point, paying attention to the clause i have bolded.

  26. MerlinTKD Member

    Wow, excellent summary! Thanks for your incredible work! It's not much, but I've been posting info and a link to this site on my Facebook and Myspace pages... trying to spread the information as wide as I can.

    You do a very good thing... my thoughts are with you.
  27. Ver Greeneyes Member

    I think what he means by 'they' is 'our sources', not people around the world.
    i.e. 'Our sources have strongly denounced the commercialization of the Sea of Green (Thats what most of our sources call the protests)'
  28. thanks

    thanks for all your work and keeping everyone informed
  29. I had my mom, who is from Tehran, listen to and translate the video for me. She said Ahmadinejad was not asking the council to rig the vote. He was talking about how the entire world is "thirsty" for Islamic law. The young people are ignorant about Islam, but when they get to know Islam, they will understand how great Islamic law is. This was the gist of his remarks in the aforementioned video. She also noted that the entire 12 minutes of the video was Ahmadinejad spewing out other similar types of bullshit remarks.
  30. They call the protests the "Sea of Green", they don't call them the "commercialization of the Sea of Green".

    Hmm... Did I word that well? I can't tell.
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  32. i for one think you should translate @IranTactics. i think he's speaking english to avoid being caught, but some of his stuff is real good.
  33. Keep up the Support for the Iranian ppl

    Hey, Great Information. Please please keep it up. And to any that read this, We must all keep up our support, rally in our cities. Send letters and emails to your officials and the UN. We must stand with the Iranian pll in and for Freedom.

    Also, can anyone tell me a safe plave to post proxy info (i saw some posted above, is here safe and will the right ppl see it???). Thanks
  34. Also change your time zone to tehran, +3:30

    an american antifascist
  35. We Stand with You

    We are calling the Church in America to pray for Iran. We stand with you! Pray4Iran

    Looks like is back up for protester-identifying business. What can be done? A 2nd hack?
  37. Use farsi, its possibly more likely to throw them off just a little more. .تهران == Tehran. But maybe not, Niteowl or someone else should verify that. It can't be any less useful than setting your time zone, which apparently only affects the time you see your tweets, does not show in your profile, and you can't search for people by time zone.
  38. might help

    Use grease cooking grease on streets...make cycles slide...

    use rope across street and pull up when cycles comes

    use invisible fishing line to do same...

    maybe violent retaliate baseball bats or word to knock down cycles...

    know you are peaceful resistance but if attacked...

    get scouts out to be on top of buildings to spot bastik setting up

    to schedule rallies use like number code for locations.....
    or schedule week and have protestors know to reverse order of locations.

    do multiple locations!!!! smaller but keep bastik going all directions....

    assemble then disassemble to assemble at another location etc

    must have means to get more involved........communications keep neighborhood organizer...
    etc etc...

    Keep it in for long not give up..........
    World is watching...........

    you need team structures if you dont have...
    Comm team getting word out
    comm team re videos and distribute
    etc....medic team, medic supplies re gauze or clean pressure and ace bandage not tourniquets unless very severe...only on enough to slow active bleed...
    they cannt stay on forever.

    Info re guy on video yesterday head would carried inside did he make it?

    Are embassies helping???
    Heard UN working on measures.

    Have all taking pics hold piece of paper re date..location in city...time include in pic or tape.. English
    if posting on you tube place that in description......

    fax team at Chicago set up to help you
    The Iran Fax Project
    Fax: +1 773 321 0202 Email: [PGP key] We have updated, safer instructions for sending us faxes! They are posted here on the site as well as on our blog at
  39. JOY2U24 Member

    Thanks so much for all your hard work.
    Stay safe.
    freedom for IRAN !!!!
  40. am reposting your info here

    Free forum : Sea Of Green

    I left out the info on the TORS.There is a place you can send that info to privately and it is passed on.
    If anyone wants to know more about TORS(how to set one up)get in touch.

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