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Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. I have it on screen now

    but you have to guide me how to post it or save it!
  2. guest VK

    I have it and if you guys tell me where to post it, I will or shall I send the email to some one like moderator or some thing!! do you want me to save all the pages?
  3. Hesperornis Member

    This page? (Google Cache - get it quick)

    EDIT: It includes full size images in it, not just text only
  4. To everyone: suggest saving everything including the text copypasta time nao
  5. Pressure Regime by Affecting Importation of Gasoline?

    Thank you for your work which is heroic and undoubtedly tedious trying to summarize all those tweets.

    Please consider running this idea past your Iranian contacts: Although Iran has about 10% of world's petroleum reserves, its refining capacity is limited and aging. Iran imports 40-50% of the petrol or gasoline that it uses for automotive transport. Iran spends about 8% of its GNP buying refined petrol on the open market and subsidizing its cost for its citizens - the ultimate consumers of petrol. (I believe these %'s are basically correct.)

    Can we bring more pressure on current regime by trying to diminish ability of Iran to import petrol? Can we identify companies / countries that are supplying petrol to Iran and subject those companies to boycotts in Europe and USA as long as they trade with the corrupt Iranian regime?

    Pressure on the pocketbook may incite less politically active Iranians to join against the regime, when higher motives like increased liberty left them unmoved?

    Anyone, please tweet me at "karmahunt" with your thoughts.
  6. Hesperornis Member

  7. ewok Member

  8. Hesperornis Member

    Excellent! Thank you!
  9. Protests outside of Tehran?

    Are there any rallys outside of Tehran?

    Thatz where the spirit will need to keep strong.
  10. My understanding is that there are protests in many cities, but most of the info getting out is coming from Tehran.

  11. Thanks guys/girls who posted the images and saved them. Love you all!
  12. rampant Member

    Iran imports of refined gasoline

    As above, Iran has 10% of world's oil but only a few aging refineries, so it imports 50% of the gas it needs. Of this, 25% is from other Arab countries, 15% from India, & remainder from France, Turkey, Singapore, the Netherlands & China. (You can bet France & Netherlands will be all over this - they have embassies in Tehran!)
  13. At this risk of sounding redundant, anyone got a clue what those saved documents say? Translation please!
  14. Yes I looked at it yesterday and appeared to be important information regarding the regime's method of attacking, strategies and name and information of people who have been suppressing and killing the protestors. I bookmarked the page but now its gone! I was too tired to translate it yesterday and was planning to work on it today after work. Now its gone! I feel so stupid for not taking care of it yesterday.
  15. Hesperornis Member

    Zip file of page & images. (MegaUpload)

    Google Cache version (with images) here
  16. ewok Member

    Yes, I have a very good idea what those are about. But passing them around and discussion of them here, I don't think is a good idea. They need to be passed on to some one that can really disseminate them and put them to the best use.
  17. Thanks much, got the page back. I will start working on it now. The info appears to be sensitive. Do you guys want a copy of English translation posted here? Or do you prefer I email it to one of you guys to see what you want to do with it.

    Please let me know.
  18. Hesperornis Member

    Why wouldn't it be a good idea? They can still be disseminated if the translation is also posted here, right? Also this page was on the Internet up until recently, and the cache is still available.

    Therefore anyone who knows Farsi can still access them, meaning your objection cannot possibly be because incriminating evidence will be 'dealt with' before media saturation, because (a)They think they've already 'dealt with' it, and (b) We have it backed up all over the place.

    Why is the harm to have the English translations on here? By that, I mean, why don't you want English speakers to know what it says?
  19. ewok Member

    Yes media is the key, some one should get it to CNN or another news media. I'm sorry if I sound paranoid but I have my reasons. I am an American who has spent some time in other countries, mostly communist countries and realize now what an easy life I really had.
  20. Hesperornis Member

    Okay no offence, but we kinda need more explanation than that. I have added more information to my previous post (while you were replying) outlining more reasons why it shouldn't matter.

    Look at it from our point of view: So the blog was removed, which was written in farsi. Unfortunately for whomever complained, we still got the cache of it. Now apparently it's 'not a good idea' to publicize here the translation it into English? Again I state it should not matter, since you yourself advocate sending it to CNN or whoever.

    It seems very suspicious. (I'm not accusing you of anything of course, just trying to understand your POV). Unfortunately I don't think many people here can accept "I have my reasons."
  21. if this was forwarded to the media do you think theyll bite?
  22. This translation should be made readily available and widespread. If it was on twitter it was meant to be, and those on the ground themselves have asked for information to be spread.
  23. tim new Member

  24. AhangariJ Member

    Amazing Job

    Keep up the good work "Josh". As much as I fear more blood shed I think Iranians are doing an amazing job getting their voice heard, and I think the continuing protest is much needed.

    The comment about the US paying protestors 400million to do this rally, I think is funny. Have they not seen our trillion dollar bail out! haha. Its not us, its Iranian Citizens standing up for the truth.

    Khomeni came in over night and tore Iran up and had the Shah on a plane out of Iran, if we could only do the same thing with IMADINNERjacket and all the others who are being decietful in every aspect of the word, I think Iran would then have a clean slate. If you can do it once, you can do it twice.

    God be with you all as you all stand up for what is right, just and fair. Many blessings to you and your families. I pray for you all and my Family in Tehran everynight. God bless.
  25. Partial Translation of ?????

    Hello all,

    I translated two paragraphs of the ?????? document posted here. I don't have any Farsi/English dictionaries with me, so I had to do this by memory. So, I might be off a little bit here or there. Although, I believe my translation is 99% accurate. I kept true to the text and translated verbatim; unless, I had to change a little bit to stay true to the meaning of the text. I will try to translate two paragraphs each night when possible. However, please keep in mind I don't know how to enlarge those little fonts towards the end of the middle and end of the document. If you know how to, please walk me through.

    Of note, the entries appear to have been entered to inform the Crown Prince, Reza Pahlavi. So, here are the first two paragraphs:

    The happenings during the entrance of England's Minister of Defense

    We were informed that yesterday morning the Englands Minster of Defense entered the country via Dubai flight of Emirate Company at 9:45. This was done while the Minister was accompanied only by one bodyguard and the Dignitary Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, based in Khomeini Airport, did not treat him according to usual ceremonial treatment and only one person welcomed him. The Minister was transported out of the airport via Airport taxi to a place that unfortunately we are unaware of. This entrance was very secretive to the point that (missing word) did not become aware of his presence. According to our secret source, the Minister left Iran just in the same manner that he arrived at Tehran. His return occurred in the form of CIP ( I dont know what CIP is. It appears to be some sort of code), to the point that even the Airport employees assumed the Minister is a regular traveler entering and exiting the country. Now, what happened behind the scenes in regards to this trip is a task which should be left to the political analysts to evaluate.

    The picture and info of another thug

    The above picture is of Javad Tajik, who is an employee of the Division of Armed Forces who presently is working as a Specialist and a Planner within the Psychological Engineering Task Force of Tharollah Base. The above mentioned person is simultaneously holding a position as the Head of Martyr Affairs of the Division of Armed Forces. Also he is holding a position as the Investigator for the case of four missing Iranian Pasdars (for the readers: Pasdars are members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) in Lebanon. He is very influential in Lebanon. The above mentioned person resides at Shahrak-e Vavan, Motahari Avenue, Building Paradise 8. This person is responsible for transforming the universities to cemeteries and burying our unknown martyrs within the countries educational facilities. Telephone number: 09123873715

  26. Holy shit! :O Thanks for the translation.
  27. Hesperornis Member

    THIS ^ Thanks for all your hard work!

    I am unclear on what text you are talking about. Are you talking about the images? (the scanned pages) or some other text?
  28. ......................
  29. rough translation

    This is a very rough translation of paragraph 3 it is as close as I can get...sorry...maybe this will help a bit those translating

    Sunday, June 21, 2009
    Severe security measures for the preservation of the Pasteur Khamenei to the Postal Code Postal Code beings outside Tehran
    In the first hours of Saturday's news received on the matter, but it forces the Corps to recognize and feel the risk of gray according to conditions specified by pre-program command station martyr Motahhari Khamenei Supreme Leader of the Pasteur Square garden in the Postal Code transfer data to and forces loops 1,2 and 3 along with team and family protection and physical protection battalion of Czech and neutralized completely Pasteur have also moved on news that still has not been confirmed as authentic to the point garden Postal Code Unknown other have left. News
  30. rough translation

    paragraph 4 - tomorrow I can possibly get more accurate translation. Much of this in in code and it is sensitive.

    Additional News subsequently fellow compatriots width will be
    By unknown soldiers in 1:43 PM
    Phone and features a number of turbulent noise and cry
    In a number of names under the regime's security forces Mynvysm to you this time I know the regime in his home Pstvhay troops have influence Half addresses announced later will also
    Follows with a list of names, job responsibility and phone numbers- this is very sensitive information.

    The page that Richard postws.

    Partial translation of Richards page...Re the photo on that page.
    Javad photo above image Tajik armed forces General Staff employee who is currently a programmer and expert in psychological operations management station Sarallh Tehran engineering activities with those with the responsibility to maintain Affairs Martyrs General Staff of Armed Forces and is responsible for the simultaneous responsible for follow-up 4 guard missing in Lebanon is Iran's influence in Lebanon, many of those living in town Vavn Motahari garden complex is eight. The person responsible for the University to become martyrs cemetery and burial unknown in this country are the educational centers.
    By 6:42 AM 4 soldiers in anonymous comments
  31. LOL 4 soldiers wtf
  32. yes, 4 soldiers.
    I am not sure exactly what this document is and I do not feel comfortable putting names and phone numbers of people. I was not sure I even wanted to put the name it gave of the person in the picture.

    This is not a game, people's lives are at risk here and one must be very sure of things before one posts. You may laugh, I will not risk the life of my people until I am sure and have entire doc translated and authenticity known.
  33. np just do your thing i kinda get the feeling this document should get kicked upstairs or something tho
  34. The Torrent Member

    Wow, I have got to say, you have one of the most importaint jobs out there right now, it must be hard.

    Keep it up, and thanks!
  35. ////////////////////////
  36. Sorry, I am not computer savvy. Yes, I am talking about those images of the documents within the ?????? document. They look like images of pages of documents. I don't know how to blow them up to be able to read them and translate them. If you can walk me through and teach me how to blow them up, it would be helpful.

    The totality of the circumstances of the ???? document indicates its a piece of intelligence helpful to the protestors. The "Unknown Soldier," (the author of ???? document) posted the document online for all to see to help the movement. So I will try to help him/her out unless I am convinced otherwise. I am open to any suggestions.

    I will continue my translation of the rest of the document tonight after work. Should I continue posting it within this thread?

    Thanks, Zende bad Iran

  37. It looks like they are names of military personal who are assigned to specific tasks? Plus it looks like phone numbers are included. The documents can be put into open office and made into a PDF , the entire post can be made into a PDF. There are many things included here... would like some guidance on what u want done?

    Thank you night owl for all you are doing, bless you. This is a sad day for Iran; the brutality and savagery, of Basijii; reminds one of Rwanda and the SS in Warsaw. :-(

    If these papers are from unknown soldiers and need to get out , it needs to get to CNN or Nico @ Huffington Post, Arriana Huffington will know what to do with them.
    God Protect the people of Iran, this is a day of mourning.... :-(
  38. Video from today.

    Shocking YouTube Video from today in Iran... - Hans Kainz - FriendFeed

    Warning- brutal - upsetting video.. what can we do to help...
  39. .................

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