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Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. traffic dianna

    Agree, I sent it to Nico too! Anyone else it should be sent to? Open to suggestions? Sent parts already translated and entire Farsi document.

    Certain Twitter "persons' are in grave danger, pray that get to a safe place! Many accounts have been compromised. Nite Owl- u know who I am .. :)
  2. Hesperornis Member

    If you are using the Google Cache version for translating (the online one) then you just have to click on the image to view it. It should open in a new tab/window (it does for me) and then you get the full size image.

    If you have downloaded the MegaUpload zip file, there is a folder included called 'full size images' - they have been saved in there for you.

    Let me know if you still have trouble.
  3. Thank you. I just click on the one from Google Cache and it works. I do not want to download anything to computer. Google Cache is easier for anyone working on it. I also put in PDF.
  4. the above poster is a conspiracy nut spammer, hes been putting that crap on every thread
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  6. I hope so! There are a few people I think I can get it too.. but I am waiting to hear back from Night Owl.

    Accounts have been compromised, please be careful.... we must protect people who are risking their lives.
  7. Hello,

    Yes, I clicked on the images and now I can read them. After examining all the documents (now that I can see them) I do not feel translating them and placing them on the web is appropriate. This document appears to be sensitive and I believe should be routed to the proper sources. The information is such that if revealed to the lay person, it would not help the movement. However, if the document remains secret or not widely spread, it has a chance to help the movement. Fortunately the partial translations provided in the other posts are not comprehendible.

    So, please help by sending this document to those who can actually use and aid our people in Iran. If necessary and they need my assistance, I will translate it for the appropriate channels. I will not post my email here for all to see, but I can give you my contact info through a secure channel.

    Thank you,
  8. Hesperornis Member

    Thank you for your efforts! but some questions:

    1. Who are you suggesting we send it to? In it's current state (Farsi) are you saying we need to send it to specific Iranians?
    2. If not, if we should send it to media, or some other non-Iranians, how do we get their attention? We don't even know what it says or what it's about (not suggesting you post the translation here), but it's unreadable for these people to see how important it is, and I don't think they're going to bother getting it translated to see if what we say is accurate (ie. worth their time).

    Perhaps we need someone who can actually read it (no, not a google translation) to handle dissemination?
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  10. Hesperornis Member

    Oh right np. I'll shut up then :)
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  12. Yes, all major media outlets have Persian/Farsi, Arabic etc., translators. The Google translator does not work well, however, if you use it carefully, you will get a fairly good general idea about how important some of this information is.

    I asked my cousin to translate it for us. She told me that she read part of it, realized, this is not something she wants to read; it is too sensitive. She told me it needs to be sent to people who can help.

    It has now been sent to Nico by several of us. I would like to suggest that a few more people send it to him. He is getting tons of messages, we want to make sure that it gets through to him. I believe he will take it to Mrs Huffington and they will know or they will find out what to do with it.

    I am wondering if it should be sent to: Christiane Amanpour, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Copper? Thoughts about any of these people. I know Christiane was born in Iran.
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  14. Janus,

    The document, which is marked Top Secret, is consisted of a detailed plan of action for suppression of any uprisings by the government of Iran. The date of the document indicates that this set of instructions was planned a few years ago as a contingency plan. The document gives details in regards to the responsibilities of each unit and base and etc in dealing with the uprisings. It even gives an account of how many and what type of weaponry each unit or base is supposed to carry and utilize. There is a detailed instruction of how, where, and what and also which channels and/or base would be responsible for any part of this contingency plan. It talks about transportation of injured to the hospitals (meaning they knew they were supposed to injury people from day one). It talks about the various methods of identifying and arresting those responsible for uprising. It talks about the coordination with the Judiciary to make their job easier. They even talk about how and when to cut communication and which type of communication to be cut.

    This document was placed by the Unknown Soldier on that webpage to show the regime that the Princes soldiers have been implemented throughout the hierarchy of the regime. Mockery of the regime and showing that s/he has the upper hand appeared to have been the intent of Unknown Soldier.

    My concern is that, the document contains many, many logistical information that most likely have not been available in the past. A thorough study of this document, by the correct trained eyes, could be beneficial in being able to combat the regimes methods of suppression, for now or in future.

    I am sure Iranian protestors have seen this document on the webpage and are able to read it just like me and comprehend it since they do not need any translation for it. However, the protestors are mostly lay people and most likely are not aware of how they can effectively utilize such document.

    I am just like you. Even though I know most likely this document has the potential to be analyzed and used to combat the killing of Iranians, I do not know who to turn it to. So your guess is as good as mine. I just know this document has to be analyzed by those who have proper military background and knowledge. Even the fact that the regime is aware of the leak of this document will not take its value away. Since the document shows the basic hierarchy of their forces and much more which cannot be changed in short term.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  15. Hesperornis Member

    Thank you very much! No I have no more questions. I suggest we decide who we can best send it to, and then we can all send it - they will likely be getting many many emails, so they may miss it if only 1 or 2 send it.


    (thank you again for looking at it and letting us know I really appreciate it). I may have seemed a bit 'pushy' in this thread, but I just did not want it to be pushed to the side and forgotten about.

  16. Kick the thing upstairs, if you get what I mean. Do what you think is right.
  17. No problem. I am glad to have been able to help. I think your plan sounds good and we should all send the document to the correct source. I will keep checking this thread to get instructions.

    Ultimately, if we cannot find anyone to help us, we can analyze the document ourselves (hopefully with the aid of some military veterans) and send helpful tips to the protestors. Just a thought.

  18. could prolly get u guys some vets if that happens, no promises tho
  19. Plan of action

    As stated by Janus we have to put together a plan of action.

    What variables are we to use to determine who is the best person- persons to send this too?
    It sounds to me as if this needs to be pushed "high" up.

    We then need to find the right person in the media who could get the document into the proper hands once we determine who that person is?

    I , too, can help with finding veterans.

    Let us brain storm together on the best actions to take.

    Once we decide, another possibility might be to use Hollywood connections certain people have to get document to the right person or as stated earlier news media. Rachel Maddow would be a good resource and I believe I can get to her. However, before we ask anyone for help, we must target who will be able to use this document efficiently.
  20. im for shotgunning this doc everywhere tbh, but if there are ppl who can actually use this doc then we better find out
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  22. might as well assume they didnt get it, not safe to think they received it
  23. Hesperornis Member

    can you clarify this please? What do you mean? (ie. who?)
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  25. Well, I sent another message to Nico and as soon as we come to a consensus of the best action to take, then I am ready to move on it.

    I wish more people had an open DM on Twitter, Anderson Copper, Ann Curry etc.
    The moral of the people in Tehran is very low and there is much fear- and with good reason.

    Once we decide I will find a way to get this out. I will make calls, do whatever it takes to get this to the right person.

  26. Recently I have been thinking of the power of Hollywood celebrities and how they can help this cause. If we can get the big shots like Brad Pit and the Mrs. talk about the situation in Iran and request the UN to send a convoy to Iran, probably we can help our guys in Iran tremendously. Not only in spirit but also get the regime to back off axing people and shooting them. The UN convoy can look into the allegations of human rights violations which makes the regime back off for at least the period of time the UN convoy is in that country. Time is also an important factor in this mixture. This could give our guys some time. Just another thought probably worth contemplating.

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  28. I have sent, not the document, but information about it and the analysis that was written by "anonymous" to someone very important, connected, educated, on the side of the protesters, and he is an Iranian American. I got the email address that goes to his blackberry. If I do not hear back from him in 24 hours I will send the document itself. He is a brilliant man, I have heard him speak and he will understand the value of this document and be able to tell the authenticity of it. I know from his secretary that it goes directly to his blackberry. It is how his office gets in touch with him. It is amazing what you can get done by being nice to Secretaries!

    Yes, Ms Milano is a supporter and very active on Twitter. It would need to come from Night Owl or someone she already knows to get her to look at it. Plus, what do we want her to do with it? Who do we want her to get it to? Just some thoughts.
  29. Go green traitors!

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  31. Makes sense, sounds good, however, what do I do if he reply's and wants to see the document? Do you have PM so I can explain what I am talking about in private?

  32. Posted a link

    Posted a link at Defeat Theocracy Now! and sent that link to a friend with the language
    skills and technical ability to work with his own private network of friends.

    Post any advice to him there.
  33. ok, so, many of you may not like the sound of it, but you could send the document along, up the "food chain" to people who actually have the intel officers to deal with sensitive matters and the power to DO something with the information. What are your thoughts on this?

    If you agree, it should be done ASAP, no waiting around to see what the murderers do next, in my opinion.

    Take care, be safe, everyone.

  34. Hesperornis Member

    I'm not expert, but my opinion is that we should send it to everyone we can think of - in order to increase the chances that it will get to someone who can actually use it.

    The only alternative is to send it to a select few and *hope* they do something with it or pass it on to the right people.
  35. I agree, Janus. Please, those of you who have copies of the doc., consider sending it out to members of the intelligence community. It's ultimately up to you, though, as I will not personally interfere in this matter. However, let me know if there is anything that I, as a computer-illiterate fool, can do to help. I believe strongly in this movement.


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  37. Good idea on the link, Dic-- erm, RichardCranium. If those of you who have copies of the doc fell comfortable with it, I think that would be a good start. If you don't trust them, then think of another agency --perhaps in another country? -- that you DO trust and send it out to them. Surely, they will take the information seriously (?).

    Just a suggestion. Beats sending it to reporters (Christiane is my hero) who probably already have 1,000 messages in their inbox and may delete yours without reading it.

    Good luck. God bless the men & women of Iran.

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  39. It is being sent to many places now. Hopefully the right person will read it and know what to do with it.

    Can someone get a msg to Iran Tranlator- ie Night Owl... to be careful, an account he/she is trusting may have been compromised on the 21st June. All I will say on open board.

  40. Hesperornis Member

    I have sent him a PM with a link to your post :)

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