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Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Sorry everyone, I tried to send links to the document to several places but kept getting error messages back. Very strange, as some of them said that it never even received typed text from me... if that makes sense. Said, "in order to send this, you need to fill in the message box," which I did. Many times. I left no data fields that were required unfilled, but upon sending the site said it had not received the information.

    Maybe the rest of you will have better luck. I hope you do. I am going to run some scans and updates on my computer now...

    Good luck.

  2. Thank YOU

    Thank you! I am grateful! I have now sent the document to the Blackberry of an influential Iranian American, who is very intelligent, Pro Green, an internationally acclaimed writer, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and he has been on several TV shows the last week. I was impressed with what he had to say. I do not expect a reply, I pray he reads it and knows what to do with it. Lets just keep sending it out to as many people as we can, sooner or later someone will read it. Hopefully it will be of assistance to the Freedom Fighters if it gets to the "higher up"

    If someone else want to send to CIA ... this is something I am not willing to do. :) I just do not trust them. Sorry!
    It touches my heart to see all the caring and hard work so many are doing for the people of Iran.

  3. Thank you and Godspeed!
  4. I am not giving up; if this is all I can do to help the brave people of Iran who are risking their lives, then I will try 1,000 times more.

    "a," I understand your distrust. I will try other sources/avenues as well.

    take care,

  5. I read your response and tried to reply and the site said I was logged out. I used my tried to log in and it will not let me and after the 5th try it locked me out.. :-(

    I will try again tomorrow. Is there anyplace where you can retrieve your information and have it sent to you! Thank you

  6. Hesperornis Member

    I just deliberately typed a wrong password to check the time limit. I got this message:
    So 15 minutes after your last attempt (#5) you should be able to log in again.

    If you forgot your password, use this link first:
    Why We Protest - IRAN - Lost Password Recovery Form

    Let me know how you go
  7. mrcruzi

    Keep it up nite owl, i think that once this has cooled a little, your information will keep it alive at level beyond the goverments grasp... the iranian people need to feel that there is a hope beyond these days.. my family is there and im sending this information to them..

  8. Well, I got in, wrote a reply and then it bumped me out and it is not allowing me back in. I think there is a problem with my username. I wrote you! :)

  9. I sent the doc along to several sources who will know what to do with it. They are trustworthy and secure. Has anyone had any responses?

    Let us not give up on getting the truth out. Let the people of Iran know that others in the world are with them in spirit, even though some of us have to go to work now... :)

    Take care, be safe. Let us not let down the movement. I noticed that it wasn't even mentioned on the BBC news' front page this morning (international version); it was all about Michael Jackson until mid-morning, when the only mention was the tit-for-tat war of words going on between Tehran and Washington.

  10. could you link back to whatever you are trying to deliver if it is public?

    i do not have time to read all this,but if appropriate i could get this hand delivered to a US congressman today and onwards.
  11. tim new Member

    How about Oliver North - connected with media and Intel community or Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo loves this kind of stuff
  12. Hesperornis Member

    My vote is yes to both of the above.
  13. Dear Friends,

    Please let’s get those people involved who have a good reputation regarding Iran. Mr. North does not. I don't know about the other congressman.

    Obviously Michael Jackson's death has over shadowed the Iran's issue. Posting, reposting, directing important documents to proper people, twitting and re-twitting is great but I believe we have much more and s greater potential that we can use to aid the demonstrators in Iran that we have not tapped into yet. We have the power of presence! I mean we should actually get out there on the streets of our cities and countries and unite the world in opposing the vile regime of Iran. We need to organize demonstrations in our cities in huge numbers to push our governments to come to a stronger opposition to Iran. Also to push UN to send an investigation team to Iran. The least is that during that period that UN is in Iran, the regime will not kill anyone or they will not kill in plain view on the streets. I know Iranians are demonstrating outside Iran in the large cities but that is not enough; their numbers reaches max to 2000 people.

    Let’s face it; a free Iran means a more carefree world. A free Iran means a more stable Iraq and Afghanistan. It also means the beginning of the end for Hamas, and Hezbollah and such. So my dear braniac friends lets concentrate on organizing people around the world to shout at the same time in unity with our Iranian friends inside Iran. Obviously, the Iranian regime cannot suppress us with batons, axes, bullets and etc. Our demonstrations outside Iran not only boosts the spirit of our Iranian friends inside Iran; it also gives the movement a more robots and stronger existence. Ayatollahs cannot shut us all!

    I am open to any suggestions and again I am just throwing ideas because I was a teenager in Iran during 1979 revolution and can see how things can help the current movement.

    Thank you for listening
  14. irisclara Member

    robot army?

    That's the best typo I've ever seen. I wish we could send a robot army to strengthen the movement.
  15. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your insight. I will try to spell better in the future even though English is my second language.

  16. as i said 4 hours ago, i can hand deliver this document to a US congressman today

    there is no reason to trust me. you dont know me. and i dont know what you have that you want delivered.
    i will check back one more time in 2 hours for a link to it.after that the office is closed till monday.

    if you consider rivera a better idea,fine.
  17. My vote is NO to the above. :) sorry J...

  18. Thank you , we are having another demonstration tonight in my city, second this week! I agree with the line I put ***
  19. Last three messages have been from me A

    I just spoke with Rachel Maddow's assistant and she has agreed to take the email and give it to Rachel for her to look at. I sent it a few minutes ago. Janus I would like you to send a copy too, for your are a better writer than I am. Lets brain storm and then get it out to her.

    God bless all of you!

  20. Agree more protests are needed outside Iran

    From past experience, I know protests are not easy to organize. but they are effective. They convey strong messages to governments and effectively slow down embassies.

    So protests outside in major cities are a good thing to maintain.

    I am in London as of yesterday and would love to see some protests and support them. I may just swing by the Embassy of Iran to see if anyone is outside, but I really would like to suggest the sizable community here schedule something.

    Protests need to be sustained. You may have only a dozen people the first time, but word of mouth spreads. Plus, outside Iran, no one is going to hurt you. It will help convey a message to the media and to other nations that the Iranian topic remains central to people, especially students & young people.

    if anyone gets busy on a protest in London, let me know! will also be in LA later in July, and hope to see some people being busy & vocal there...
  21. blitsing Sales

    There is already a link to the document on page number 10 (by Janus) in this thread. You can download the document. It's in cache version or something like that. I am not computer savvy. There is also the first two translated paragraph of the document which I posted shortly after that post. And of course I did post an analysis of the document. let me know if you need my help.

  22. do you guys not have copy of the one that you do not download?
  23. put in .txt file and put here anyway just in case
  24. $70,000 torches

    Yes, you are right on the target. Let's get celebrities involved. They have a global podium, and people listen to them. Plus this is an honorable cause and would be good publicity for them which probably makes them more eager to get involved. We need some way to get this thing organized in a global manner. Anyone knows anyone who knows any big wig celebrity who is interested in doing this?

  25. three tasseled

    I have a copy on my laptop, but I do not know how to post it here or anywhere. It's different than the regular docs I deal with. I some how turned it into a zip file but don't know how to post it here.

  26. good deal........
  27. ok,i have zip and will deliver to US congressman

    i didnt know it was in farsi,but he will send it on to intelligence. iwould hope they already have that and far more,but who knows
  28. Hi, all. I agree that we should ensure the general public learns about this if it is, indeed, legitimate and what it seems to be. I have no reason to doubt the document's authenticity, but I do try to remain guarded.

    I sent it along to intel but also media, as intel would no doubt keep it classified. I have been responsible and choosy, rest assured. I have contacted British and American media (BBC, Guardian, Christiane Amanpopur). I have asked them to have the document translated and, if they feel it is legitimate, to please get the information out in a TIMELY and responsible manner. In other words, to investigate it and get it out ASAP.

    Protesting is good; keeps the movement alive. I know a few people in LA who are very interested in political issues and will speak with them about organizing protests or pushing the issue in order to assure that it does not become "last week's news." As they are very busy people, I do not know when I will hear back from them. I do not think I will mention to them about the document, unless you all think I should? Otherwise, I will only talk to them about keeping a light on the issue. Please note that those I know are not hugely famous, but are well-known and pretty widely respected.

    This is all I know to do to be of assistance to the movement. That, and pray for the safety of the people of Iran. Take care, everyone.

  29. Thanks e and God bless. All media is talking about right now is the passing of MJ.
  30. Hesperornis Member

    No problem. I know for a fact that Faux news will NOT run with this but I think we should send it to them anyway. If/when the story actually breaks then they will have the documents already (because we sent them) they will be one of the last to address the story (they always are). heh. We can skip riviera though if you want - heh leave faux news in the dark haha..

    will do!
  31. also saw link to document on "revolutionary road" blog by a guy really in iran.
  32. CIP Airport Language

    VIP-Very Important Person: Senior executives of Public Establishments, the titles of which are listed by the Prime Ministry. Persons determined as VIP can benefit from the special lounge.

    CIP-Commercial Important Person: Businessmen, state artists, artists, passengers of tour operators, passengers of airline companies and passengers with reservation can benefit from the special lounge
  33. Finally Response back from a journalist re Document!

    I received a response from one of the journalists explaining why the document was not of use to a journalist.

    XXXX I reviewed your Email thoroughly and this is my take:

    As true as this information could be there is NO WAY of proving it and to make the matter worse even scanned documents coming out of Iran are not reliable these days. As a journalist (and I assume you are also looking at these with a journalistic view) we cannot rely on such information. Usually Emails and blogs like this are a mix of true and false information (right name, wrong position and etc)
    The translation is almost accurate but the script itself specially because it's from a blog is not reliable at all and as I said unfortunately there is no credible way to prove the authenticity or veracity of the information other thing, this does not mean the information is wrong, it could be true but again without any journalistic value.
    regards xxx

    Well, at least we got one response , so , were do we go from here? Any suggestions?
  34. gales Sat

    So, what can we do now, the people need our help.
  35. Lets see what the others say before deciding anything else.

    Maybe its possible to bump it even higher upstairs?
  36. Still praying...

    Just looking for more news from inside. Still praying for you and your country.

    In Christ

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