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  1. Has anyone else heard anything back yet? What do we do now! The people need our help
  2. “The Martyr’s Song”

    (To those who have died for freedom in Iran)

    I was born screaming into this world
    Wrenched from my mother’s womb.
    That pain is now forgotten
    But I shall die with dignity
    Because it is your hand, Oppressor
    Which annihilates me out of this world.

    You who have made the law
    Who stand above the law
    We who are oppressed by it
    Have no appeal except to expect
    Death by your hands
    Not of choice but by brute force.

    How will you answer for the red rivers of blood,
    Soiling the fair skin of mother Iran?
    How will you look into your daughter’s eyes
    When ours have been torn apart by rape and murder?
    How will you teach conscience to your sons
    When your hands are soiled with innocent blood.

    I have no revenge, only the will to be remembered
    I have no jihad but only prayers for my children
    That they may be spared this war of conscience
    And your ever present vengeance
    That my widowed wife find solace that today
    I will be in paradise

    But I leave you with one thought,
    That the vengeance of mother Iran
    For the blood soaking her garments
    Will come fast and furious
    Unknown on a dark night
    Then you will remember each of our names

    The names of Sohrab, Neda,Taraneh and countless others
    Then you will feel each blow
    Each wound, each cut, each curse
    For we shall return to see you cringe
    To see your eyes widen with fear,
    To hear your demented screams
    And at that time you will know terror,a greater terror than mine
    Then you will remember the dead children
    The raped women, the orphans and widows
    That is why I go contentedly to my death
    Knowing my sacrifice will be remembered,
    Knowing Iran’s freedom will come.

    @Erwin K. Syiem Sutnga

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