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  1. Conan, if your relativesin Iran have computer access, you can help them to gain access to the internet. Please look atthis page forinformation on the TOR Network Tor (anonymity network) -
  2. A useful update. Thanks for keeping the world informed. Great work!
    We are with you.
  3. Mousavi held under Guard but not arrested

    Mousavi 'under 24-hour guard' - Middle East, World - The Independent

    Mousavi 'under 24-hour guard'
    By John Lichfield in Paris
    Tuesday, 23 June 2009

    The Iranian opposition leader Mirhossein Mousavi is under 24-hour guard by secret police and no longer able to speak freely to supporters, according to the film director Mohsen Makhmalbaf.
    Mr Makhmalbaf, 52, an informal spokesman abroad for the protest in Iran, said that Mr Mousavi was not under arrest but "he has security agents, secret police with him all the time. He has to be careful what he says."

    In a telephone interview, Mr Makhmalbaf, the director of the 2001 film Kandaha, denied suggestions that the protests against the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were losing steam.

    "The regime, arguably, is losing ground, not the protests," he said. "Ordinary Iranians are openly rejecting the legitimacy and power of Ayatollah Khamanei. That is entirely new, unheard of."

    Mr Makhmalbaf, a friend of Mr Mousavi for 20 years, said that there were reports from Iran that some of the militia deployed to suppress protest were "speaking Arabic". "That is unconfirmed but it suggests that the regime is unable to trust its own security forces to repress the Iranian people," he said. "It suggests that people are being used from abroad."
    Mr Makhmalbaf is touring Europe to try to explain events in Iran to the media. He denied reports that he had been formally appointed as a spokesman for Mr Mousavi outside Iran. "I am simply speaking on behalf of all the people who are protesting and dying on the streets of Iran," he said.

    Mr Mousasvi's means of communication had been cut off, or confiscated, just after the disputed election, Mr Makhmalbaf said. He had therefore been asked informally to make sure that a true picture of what was happening in Iran reached the outside world.

    Asked to explain where the protests might go from here, he said that Mr Mousavi had urged his supporters not to confront the regime directly but to "adopt the tactics of Gandhi, the tactics of non-violent protest and civil disobedience".

    "The problem is that the more people that are killed, the more angry people will be, the more protesters will want to come out onto the streets."

    The film director dismissed all hope of some form of negotiated agreement. "Within the last ten days, there has been a meeting between Mousavi and Ayatollah Khamanei," he said. "Nothing came of this meeting. I do not know of any further dialogue which is now going on."

    Asked to explain how a Mousavi-run Iran would differ from an Ahmadinejad-run Iran, Mr Makhmalbaf said: "The first thing to say is that it is now clear that Ahmadinejad is irrelevant. He is not the real power."

    If Mousavi was to become president, he said, Iran would invest in "improving the economy for ordinary people, not creating nuclear weapons or supporting conflicts abroad". Secondly, he said, there would be an end to the "constant harassment of young people which means that virtually every young person in Iran has been beaten up by the security forces."
  4. Thanks niteowl

    I was spending hours per day sifting through twitter and youtube trying to understand. I now read your brief and scan a few headlines on the BBC and google news. Thank you for your time and bravery.
  5. Strike or slow work?

    Slow work (follow work rules exactly, etc.) is almost as effective as a strike. Can/would they arrest you for being slow? Probably not (certainly not in situations where immediate replacement is difficult or impossible). Laying off (or arresting) a high percentage of skilled workers/employees would not be good for the economy. I think the government knows that. So what can they do?
  6. atmasabr Member

    WHAT? Sistani is in this mix?

    [Looks it up]

    ThreatsWatch.Org: RapidRecon: Regime Change Iran: Movement Seeks to Eliminate 'Supreme Leader' Position

    Yeowch! I remember him. Got in a big silent power stuggle in Iraq with the fiery al-Sadr, the one who was staging all the violence. Seems to have won it. Fairly moderate among the leaders, very well respected, advocated a participaition in Iraqi democracy, not someone who said many nice about the US, and so on.

    If Sistani's truly against Khomenei, then he's in trouble, because Sistani has proven an excellent politician and leader in a very volatile situation, and he's balanced the specter of the West before.
  7. What news do you need from us?

    Your brief is very helpful - is there anything in terms of information that we can provide to you?

    The protests continue to be followed on CNN, Huffington Post, and network stations, as well as newspapers here in the USA.

    Al Jazeera reports that Shirin Ebadi, a prominent Iranian human rights lawyer and Nobel peace prize winner, is prepared to represent the family of a young woman shot dead during a protest in Tehran [Neda].

    When President Obama was asked about Neda during yesterday's press conference, it was very clear from his facial expression that he had actually *seen* the video of her dying, which might be in part responsible for the escalation in terms of his tone.

    Tell folks in Iran not to worry about what the state media is saying too much - no one here is believing any of it, including MSM. In the USA and other countries, we are relying upon direct sources for information about what is happening - including the social networking resources.

    Stay strong, stay brave, stay resolute and know that we are witnessing your actions and the truth is being reported.
  8. Election fraud facts? Khomeini shrine bomb?

    Great work!
    I have a two questions that don't seem to get answered in news (or twitter):

    1. was there any credible confirmation/refutation of the bombing of the Khomeini shrine?
    Can nobody make a photo or video of the damage, or absense thereof?
    2. are those complaints about election fraud being made public, or are they kept secret?
    Could this be a reason for Khamenei to alow 5 more days of submitting complaints that
    will then not be made public? I am confused that we hear about statistical analyses
    done in the west, finding circumstantial evidence, but very little evidence from Iran
    about what was actually done.
    .. in the mean time the protests seem to have moved on, and these questions are
    being forgotton. But I'm still curious about the truth.
  9. Candy Member

    Help Iran

    Great ideas. I'll RT,RT and RT all over the world. Thank you.
  10. Candy Member

    Great ideas. I'll RT around the world. Thank you for all you're doing to change Iran.
  11. Candy Member

    Great ideas.
  12. Candy Member

    Change Iran - Yes We Can

    Great ideas.
  13. bullet fee

    I believe I heard the "bullet fee" story on Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) last night (Tuesday). It may have been on Olbermann. Does this count as MSM?
  14. The bullet fee story is true. But now apparently they might be just taking the bodies altogether. The CNN video is up on International Post.
  15. thanks for your facts & bravry

    Just wanted to thank u for the clear info! I'm trying to follow as best as I can to whatever is happening in Iran & spreading the word! Would a move 2 rally OPEC against IRAN be plausible, pressured by EU, US, UN etc, in order to stop the violence? Keep safe and hope you keep us updated!
  16. مادر بزرگ

    من فقط می تواند برای شهدای ایران به گریه کردن.
  17. Translation from Google Farsi:
    "I can only cry for the martyrs of Iran."
  18. what you do is extremly valuable. Thank you so much for keeping people informed all arround the word. Keep on informing and take care !
  19. tim new Member

    Yes Sistani is one of the shoes yet to fall on Khamenei (NOT Khomenei). Many of the merchants in Tehran supposedly send their 20% tithe to him and he is friends with Rafsanjani, not Khamenei. Rumors that Rafsanjani to drop the shoe soon
  20. Agreed

    I completely agree with you. this must only be the beginning
  21. Agreed

    Coallition building is important
  22. New chapter

    the end game is public freedom, proper justice and national sovereignty. a new leadership and a path towards democracy and legal freedom of expression.
  23. The more they try, the more the mardom will resist. this time they mean business. the more they kill, they more they infuriate the people.

  24. Lets hope for the best

  25. Lets hope for the best

  26. Your country is messed up right now. Holy hell. I can't wait until the suicide bombings begin.
  27. Slow work is almost as effective as strike

    Don't fight the beast, starve it! They are vulnerable (dependent on oil/gas revenue)! Work slowly!

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