The Green Brief #8

Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. New website for our brothers & sisters in Iran

    From Canada _ to all our brothers and sisters in Iran. A block-proof website has been set up for you to send out your news, photos, etc to the world. The site is setup by by are canadian brothers and musicians soheil and sepehr. It will help you get out your news safely.

    Please see It's Your Turn to Fight Back or OUR BROTHERS & SISTERS OF IRAN

    Pls. spread the word!

    In Unity and peace!

    from Canada
  2. Doesn't axe-wounded victim corroborate axe use?

    How can you say axe use cannot be corroborated? Here is a picture of a victim. Check the surrounings--blood on the pallet. If staged, how was it that frantic call by woman to CNN, who talked about axe wounds, as well as tweets at the time and this picture all surfaced within an hour? Staging would have taken longer.

    I don't understand why this hasn't been accepted as confirmed.

    Look carefully at surroundings and victim, who appears to be dead.
  3. Medical alert

    Watching from USA old combat nurse very concerned head injuries! Must try to protect your head! if using hoods to protect exposing face can use foam to try to prevent some injuries severity!!! Brain injuries among most severe please guard agains prior planning protect heads!!!
    Emerg assess by those at scene...pupils key if dilated fixed large no if unequal response.

    other areas of body to protect head, lungs&heart, Liver,spleen-- kidney Pad your bodies!!!
  4. I see three battles. Winning the war does not mean winning every single battle. Every time the basiji use force the opposition gains ground in the other two battles.

    The young of iran fight to have a voice in their own lives.
    The clerics and revolutionaries fight for control of the the government.
    Shia islam fights for it's dominant identity (spiritual guidance or physical enforcement).

    In the ultimate irony Neda was martyred for the same reasons as Hussein Ali and none of the Iranian Mullahs seem to care.

    At any rate, I don't think US should get involved. We should work to keep the fight fair and humane but not to influence its outcome.
  5. the picture you're giving the link to is several days old and was first presented as a student killed during the raid against the dormitories of Tehran university.
    Whether it is staged or not it is completely unrelated with the disturbing testimony.
  6. Doctors, nurses and the Red Crescent Society in Iran hot spots should setup fist-aid stations in local Mosques
  7. If the truth favored Khamenei then he would pursue it rather than avoid it. Why 10%? Why not 15%? Because with 10% there is no chance of result being changed.
  8. Go green traitors!

  9. Axes

    im pretty sure this is also a translation problem, i think Pkiwi meant to say they chopped as with axes (like a worker /repetativ motion)
  10. hangerhead Member

    err, you mean put all the vulnerable people in one spot - exactly where the basiji members are based?

    mosques weren't even allowed to give neda a funeral, i hardly think they will be granted permission to allow 'enemies of the state' to be medically treated.
  11. exactly so the best bet for medical personnel is to move from house to house discreetly as they can

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