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Discussion in 'Green Brief' started by NiteOwl, Jun 17, 2009.

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  1. NiteOwl Member


    I'm Josh Shahryar AKA NiteOwl and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources and have tried maximally to avoid listening to media banter. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my tweets to have happened in the past day and in the past week in Iran. Remember, this is all from tweets. There is NOTHING included here that is not from a reliable tweet. No news media outlets have been used in the compilation of this short brief as I would like to call it.

    These are some of the happenings that I can positively confirm:

    1. During the last protest in Tehran, several policemen have been spotted by protesters who were wearing green bands which is the color of the revolution. The policemen have told them candidly that they support them.

    2. During the protests, on several occasions, Baseejis who have attacked peaceful protesters have been arrested on the spot by the police. This seems to have occured in several spots, yet it hasn't been a crackdown of sorts. A few cases only!

    3. Several Baseeji militiamen have been spotted laying down their arms and going home after being asked to interfere with the protesters.

    4. By far the biggest threat people are facing right now are plainclothesmen. They seem to be everywhere and are targeting people who are not in groups. These men have been mostly linked with Ansar e Hezbollah. They are responsible for beating people up, arresting people, threatening protesters, arresting reformists from their homes and such.

    5. So far, it has been confirmed that 15 people in Tehran and 32 people around the country have been killed. Hundreds more have been injured and in excess of 800 people have been detained. Among these there are dozens of reformists. Most of these arrests have been made by the notorious plainclothesmen mentioned above.

    6. During yesterday's protests, mullahs have been spotted joining rallies within Tehran and in several other cities. No one could confirm what the status of these Mullahs was or is within the clerical society, but their numbers have been very visible this time.

    7. Protests have occurred not just in Tehran yesterday, but in Ahvaz, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Qazvin, Shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz and EVEN Qom.

    8. Pro-Ahmadinejad protesters' numbers have been greatly exaggerated by the state media in comparison to Mousavi's supporters' numbers. In reality, Pro-Ahmadinejad protesters were only a pocket full of people. Most of these people have been identified by other protesters as either people who work at government offices or people who were brought from the countryside.

    9. After downplaying the protests for days, the state-run media has finally started to announce news of the events a little more accurately.

    10. Text Messaging is still down in Iran and internet is extremely slow. People are unable to get satellite channels on their televisions. At the same time, police and plainclothesmen are going door to door and taking away people's satellite dish antennas.

    11. Mohsen Rezayee, one of the candidates, is going to declare his support for a reelection tomorrow. The fourth candidate, Mahdi Karoubi openly joined yesterday's rally.

    12. A group of prominent officials within the Ministry of Interior have written a letter to the Guardian Council declaring that they have witnessed widespread irregularities within the voting and counting processes during the election. They have asked this matter to be investigated fully.

    13. As of today, not a single report of the military's intervention into the peaceful protests has been established. Not a single one.

    14. Khatami and Mousavi have both asked the Ministry of Justice to investigate the involvement of the plainclothesmen in the violence that has been sparked during the protests.

    15. Several eye-witnesses have seen non-Iranian Arabs waving Hamas/Hezbollah flags around the protests. These reports have been fully confirmed and are NOT a rumor spread by Israel.

    16. Finally, the big news. It seems that the Green Revolution has garnered the support of Hashemi Rafsanjani, Nateq Noori, Tabatabayee and other prominent clerics and politicians. The Rohaniyone Mubarez organization that which has in its ranks pretty much most of the clerics except for the ones in power and includes Mr. Rafsanjani and Mr. Noori has declared their support for the annulment of the election and holding of new elections. Ayatollah Montazeri has yet to declare clear support.

    Finally a few words to those who are reading this:

    People Outside Iran: This is as clear and concise as I can be. I have not included ANYTHING that I have sensed to be remotely fishy, but human error will always manifests itself in even the most flawless of non-mathematical things. However, this includes nothing from the Western media, including the BBC which I have been generously using to inform people and I laud them for their courageous journalism.

    People Inside Iran: Don't believe a WORD of what I am telling you. Do what you think is best, keeping everything in mind. I know LITTLE of what you know so make your decisions based on your OWN judgment.

    People Who Want to Send Me Tweet Links: You don't need to find me, I will find you. Don't hassle yourself. Your voice will be heard through millions of others like me.

    People Who Want to Hunt Me Down: I'm an Afghan. If you ever tried to attack me, you'll see my back only after your back has met the ground.

    P.S. Please post this around. I will be writing one brief of this kind everyday until this ends.
  2. Thanks for that great report.
  3. Awesome; thank you so much!
  4. sina12345 Member

    Thank you for the sum up. This is the first time I've read about Rafsanjani actually supporting Mousavi, so I'm a little skeptical, BUT, if it is true, then we just made a strong ally.
  5. Maverick-IRAN Member

    Your report is very much appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Prestwick Member

    Bloody brilliant mate, keep it going!

    It is interesting to note that the UK's Channel 4 News reported that Hashemi Rafsanjani's daughter a "prominent womens rights activist" was addressing the crowds yesterday. I'm guessing Rafsanjani gets it in the ear every morning at breakfast, I know my Dad does! :D

    But still, brilliant, back the buggers in Iran up mate!
  7. Liela Member

    Thank you very much.
  8. Noobfag Member

    Welcome to iran.wwp, and thanks for the great report.
  9. Video Gamer Member

    Very nice summary. Keep it up.
  10. WOW that is an excellent report...and fantastic summaries of the situation from the Iranian posters. Pass this link around...let's get the word out!
  11. video of photoshopped rally


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  12. thank you

    this is great, keep up the good work and stay safe
  13. Thank you

    Thank You.
  14. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    Thank you very much
  15. linuxrebel Member

    To quote someone from my country's past

    Eisenhower once said about the Soviet Union (in paraphrase) that their downfall will be that in order to grow, they will need to educate. When they educate people, people think, when people think they want to control their own lives.

    Now we are seeing what happens when people think. God will be with them.
  16. thanks for the update...more power and be safe..
  17. leroux Member

    From what I know, this is good right? I mean, its good to know that policemen over there are still holding dear this cause.
  18. The Whole World is Watching

    As the brave man and woman of Iran revolt against tyranny and fanaticism. Their brave voices are being heard around the world. The struggle to bring their country back into its rightful place as one of the leading countries and cultures of the world, is being cheered on. The whole world is watching and praying that this Green Revolution can bring the Persian empire back from its current 17th century mentality and into the 21st century. When that happens then all countries will benefit from the intellect, passion and creativity of the Iranian people. Once again Iran will be a hub for science, literature and theater. Once again the streets and public parks will be world class and once again beautiful Iran will beckon the tourists of the world to see its splender, its happy, productive and free people. The Whole World is Watching. The Whole World is praying.
  19. Many thanks

    Thanks Nightowl, I appreciate your thoroughness and honesty.
  20. Thank You! Best summary of events I've heard yet.
  21. Russian Involvement in Iran Election Fraud?

    It is highly suspicious that Ahmadinejad was warmly welcomed and congratulated for his election victory by Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Ryabkov, on his arrival in Russia while the election result was in dispute. The Russians have been steadily strengthening ties with their Persian neighbour, most notably in Iran's nuclear and aerospace development. Ahmadinejad's fiercely anti-Western position pleases the Russians who seek to restore Russia's Soviet-era superpower status. Mousavi's promise of better US relations for Iran would potentially undermine a Russio-Persian alliance and Russia's empire building, superpower amibition. Could Russia have been complicit in Iran's election fraud, either through prior arrangement with Ahmadinejad's camp or directly helping out via Russian involvement in running the election? It seems like a credible possibility and one that should not be dismissed.
  22. IranPetition Member

    NightOwl, why would you go out of your way to make it harder than it already is for Iranians to contact you. They're under many so restrictions, and access the internet with such infrequency, that saying
    only alienates you from sources. I understand you've compiled a list of sources you consider reliable, but why not be as open as possible to new ones.

    Also, just to point a quick fact, the subordinate militia to the republican guard is known as the Basij militia, not the Baseeji.

    Don't mean to sound pretentious, just want to keep everything as factually correct as possible.
  23. baradare afghani, to eftekhare maii

    بردار افغانی، تو افتخار مایی
  24. NiteOwl Member

    I'm not making it difficult for anyone. I really am not. I have most of the reliable sources already. However, if you do find new sources, you could give it to your forwarding contacts and I'll get them. The problem is, if I tell them to contact me, soon everyone else will ask them to contact them too and who knows who they divulge their identities to.
  25. Yep

    I now know a bloody lot more than I did before reading your message,
    keep it up mate.
  26. Respect!!

    Thank you dear friend.. i have alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllot respect for anyone who support my people, my country and my colleagues. a big thank you from Los Angeles and Tehran!!
  27. Hizbullah cannot be a part of this

    Very helpfull to keep the rest of the world updated, thank you for doing this....greatly appreciated.

    Altho as "everyone" knows lebanon and iran have been on the same side for ages, now when i say lebanon i mean Hizbullah. I dont want to go into what Hizbollah believes in and what they do for their people becouse there is too much fake information available online about them that it makes this whole argument worthless. I just want to comment what niteowl wrote

    " By far the biggest threat people are facing right now are plainclothesmen. They seem to be everywhere and are targeting people who are not in groups. These men have been mostly linked with Ansar e Hizbollah "

    In short these so called plainclothesmen are capturing and torturing people who they suspect might have a large impact on the rebels. They get beaten up badly and information is gathered. I know this is a true statement....but
    i have to disagree that Hizbollah has ANYTHING to do with this. Our beloved Sayed Hassan Nasrollah would never order any of his freedom fighters to join such an evil act that is ongoing in Iran as we speak, Hizbollah are people of peace....they fear the allmighty.
    So your statement cannot be true, im sorry if im pointing out that one of your sources isnt 100% correct
    Also i havent given out any sources myself, nor have i given speaches of important people in history to back me up....there are some things that you just know in your heart.
    So you must understand that i have to defend my own people
    ( No im not a member of Hizbollah, so dont try to " hunt " me down )

    Thank you for your time
  28. anonymous612 Member

    PLEASE stay on track here.
  29. you are absolutely corect.

    you are absolutely corect. if is not today it will happend tomorrow
  30. 10chan Member

    Thank you tons for the summary and subsequent other things.

    I'm in Canada, CBC is insisting if anyone sends them videos, they will do their best to air it. Not sure if that means a blessed thing, but i was following tweets when apparently videos were being taken down at an amazing rate from youtube (now blocked)
  31. Thanks for the info man, much appreciated.
  32. Thank you.

    Thank you for your report. God bless you.
  33. /<(*_*)>\ Member

    We admire and are inspired by you courage and determination to fight for your freedom. Our prayers and cyberspace support are with you. Be well stay safe and keep ya wits about ya.
  34. NiteOwl Member

    Oh, I'm just a Guy Fawkes helpin out Iranians. :)
  35. Confusion over Hezbolllah, Baseej

    Quote: "i have to disagree that Hizbollah has ANYTHING to do with this. Our beloved Sayed Hassan Nasrollah would never order any of his freedom fighters to join such an evil act that is ongoing in Iran as we speak, Hizbollah are people of peace....they fear the allmighty."

    Ansar e Hezbollah, in Iran, is not the same as the Hezbollah in Lebanon. They both use the phrase The Party of God to identify themselves, but I do not believe they are in any way related. They just chose similar sounding names.

    Someone earlier had said that NiteOwl had misspelled "baseej." Its really only a matter of transliteration from Farsi to English. There's a long "I" sound between the s and the j. Whether you want to make that with one i or two ee's is up to the writer. Its similar to the multiple ways the party of God is spelled (Hezbollah, Hizballah, etc.).
  36. Excellent Report

    Thank you soooo much!!! I've been hoping someone would do this. Bless you!
  37. The Green Brief 2 - NiteOwl

    This was just posted on Mousavi's official Twitter account. "Mousavi & Karoubi ask supporters NOT to attend Friday prayers (which is being delivered by supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei)." This
  38. I Ran Hubbard Member

    thread close, go to the Green Brief II thread.
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